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past life, Akashic record readings, karmic relationships, Soul scar clearing
"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye."

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

"There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies.

My brain and my heart are my temples;
my philosophy is kindness."

(The Dalai Lama)

Dying is easy. Comedy is difficult.

Edmund Gwenn,
last word

Never take anything for granted.

Benjamin Disraeli

Multi-dimensional awareness, plant spirits, Devic energy, activates portals



Blessed To Experience

This Sacred Transformation

Transforming Dense Emotions and Energies of...

Hatred, Anger, Fear and Self-Serving Choices

To Be Transmuted into Higher Frequencies of...

Love, Compassion, Kindness,

Service for the Greater Good of All!!!

This Shift in Consciousness,

Rising of Vibrational Frequency,

Union of Higher-Self/ Soul into a Light Body

This is The Ascension both Personal and Planetary...

---A new Garden of Eden

Unity, Love, Peace and Co-operation are the Norm

And Miracles are everyday occurrences!!!

Past lives, resolving karmic issues, transmuting dense emotions

This process of Evolution at times might feel like being in a pressure cooker

Polarities will be in great opposition.

Every feeling of fear, anger, resentment,

and belief of limitation, will show itself

Maybe rendering you into states of hopelessness, paralyzed, doubtful and distrustful of the future. Abandoned in the “Dark Night of the Soul”. There will be many voices to distract, lead you on false paths to reject this quest.

My gift of service is help you resolve

the baggage of limitation you carry, by awakening greater possibility. Helping clear blocks to learn how to yourself, and others to activate higher vibrational frequencies. Mentoring you to access and discern your Guidance from your True Source Empowering your authentic self to be Soul actualized. Shining the light into the “Dark Night of The Soul!” So you find your way out!

My service as a light worker is to illuminate the path for others. I am a Mentor to many on the Spiritual path of self-discovery. People find me to be approachable and very non-judgmental, and truly compassionate, so they feel safe and supported to take an honest look at their life, relationships, career, beliefs, addictions, short comings, repressed feelings, deep dark fears and secrets.

My optimistic nature and infectious laughter is very disarming and encouraging. I am very sincere and thoughtful with my guidance to assist in discovering the answers that can heal, resolve and evolve you to a new level of awareness. I illuminate with insightful observations, from an eschewed perspective, touching you in a manner that you just might find yourself laughing and crying at the same time.

Past lives, Soul mates, karmic relationships

So Come In
And Enjoy The Adventure With Me!!!

Metaphysical author and intuitive mentor

clairvoyant psychic intuitive guidance by Deborah Edson

My pedigree was from a very dysfunctional lineage to say the least. I think the circus clowns kidnapped me at birth. The first half of my life was spent traveling an obstacle course of challenges through a house of cracked mirrors. Needless to say the flawed, distorted and corrupted reflection was the only mirror in the house that I had to look at myself with. So naturally I grew up believing that was a true representation of my identity.

Then one day turning left at an intersection a truck carrying mirrors passed by and I glimpsed a different reflection. I made a quick u-turn and went in hot pursuit of that vision, and have been ever since. That was the day I ran away from the circus.

Would you like to hear or read my story for you to get a sense or feel of who I am, where my path has taken me, what influenced me, what I've learned, and what I am doing with what I learned.

Past lives, karmic clearing, soul purpose

In my pursuit of discovering myself, my connection with Higher Self / Soul / Source has strengthened and expanded which allowed me to earn my "Explorer badge" for tracking and hunting. I have gone on to earn many more "Explorer badges" as I ascended up the ranks of consciousness taking responsibility to be a co-creator and steward in the garden. I have earned my degree, passed the bar and paid my dues to be given the clearance to enter the "Great Halls of Learning, and the Chambers of Akashic Records."

I have spent years in night school, working to earn my "Explorer badge for service," studying to learn how to connect, decipher and translate the various languages of Beings from different dimensions and species, as well as, interpreting messages from Nature and the harmonics of Soul.

I really don't know why I originally signed up for such an intense course of study that has at times consumed all of my attention and energy in the sole pursuit of "knowing". I do know that the rewards have been a great incentive for staying in the program. There have been times that I wanted to and tried to drop out but that "Covenant with God" is a stronger contract than any "bargain made with the Devil."

You really don't want to be late for class because you can get lost wandering on your own through the "Halls of Records." I learned early in the program the importance for having the correct permission slip signed to grant me direct access into the proper library of Akashic records and other templates and blueprints to explore through and find the buried seed or root of the original distortion that might be expressed in as beliefs, feelings, energy field, bodies and spirit that limits, blocks, distracts or maybe creates a bond to someone, something or someplace that causes a repetitive pattern to play out over and over in life.

At first I was only granted permission into my own records but I have graduated and been granted an all access badge to explore the library's of others when I have their or your permission. Often at times it is a tedious endeavor to investigate and research through data banks: Cross checking data for - integrity, missing, corrupt, miswritten, misfiled, duplicated and triplicate files, and then having to match the authenticity of energy signatures of all parts, programs and karma through all: Bodies and minds, directives, and councils of various incarnations (past, present, future and parallel lives).

To earn your degree you have to be certified in various fields of study such as: Spiritual Forensic Anthropology, System Data Administration, Linguistics, symbolic and abstract thought, reason and logic, mythology, history, cosmology, magic and religion, healing, science, music etc. But most of all remember to wear your decoder ring and know how to use it. Having a honed skill to observe and notice threads that don't match or are part of the original design. Finding the loose end or should I say "the proverbial needle in the hay stack", makes it easier to unravel the corrupted, missing, erroneous, obsolete, or / and manipulated data. When you unravel the mending of the distortion can be made that leaves the tiniest blemish where as cutting out leaves a scar of some sort.

I found a key to unlock the box of unlimited possibility and have learned to dance to the beat of my own drum. Maybe I can inspire you to start consciously creating the life you want to live!

You can read about the various heart centered techniques I have developed and use to illuminate the path through my Sage offerings of mentoring, guiding and healing.

Past lives, karmic clearing, soul purpose

I share some of very intimate experiences that transformed me through heartache and struggle. Along the way I discovered my sense of humor, and I remembered how to laugh at myself which disarmed my resistance often by being over come with hysterical laughter. It is an infectious laughter and before you know it you too can be laughing at your self and loving it!

Some place on my journey I began to learn how to write from the Heart about the things I mused and pondered upon. I share these stories of my personal experiences that have had a profound effect in transforming me. I also share techniques I've used to help me expand my conscious awareness and connection with spirit. Some of my musings are slices of life about encounters I've had with the unseen world. I try to clarify vague metaphysical concepts about vibrational energy and its relationship or effects in the unseen / Spirit world and mundane / physical world to be written in a grounded manner that others may gain a better understanding of alternative realities and the unknown.

So come on in and let me amuse you, have a laugh or cry but most important savor the moment. Remember to be careful because it could lead to transformation willing or not.

transformational shifts, awakening multi-dimensional awareness and higher consciousness

Tools for the Journey! This is my Amazon bookstore collection of books and tapes from kindred travelers and their amazing stories and teachings that might benefit you on the journey.

You will find a Bonus for Buying My Vibrational Healing Book There are books to heighten intuition and how to communicate with other realms and learn the language of nature, help for personal transformation, deepen healing abilities, learn about vibrational essences, and herbal remedies and other energy techniques as well as fiction books that amuse and relax with a metaphysical theme.

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