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The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.

William James

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

Leo Tolstoy

Only barbarians are not curious about where they come from, how they came to be where they are, where they appear to be going, whether they wish to go there, and if so, why, and if not, why not.

Isaiah Berlin

"The expression of beauty is in direct ratio to the power of conception the artist has acquired."

Gustave Courbet

Soul Mate Karmic Relationships
Akashic records of Past Life karmic phone readings
Akashic Records readings, Past Life relationship connection readings

Past Life Akashic Record Readings

Soul Re patterning Ascension Codes Activated

Energy Frequencies to Activate Light body, DNA, Ascension Codes...Stimulating Multi-Dimensional Healing Response!!! An Amazing Process To Instigate Profound Life Changes!!!

Soul Reading, Past Life, Karmic Connections Relationship Dynamics Reveled

A past life reading is not about whether you were some historical figure but about the experiences that are influencing and directing your life... Now!

A Past Life / Soul Mate or Karmic relationship reading illuminates why you are attracted to: specific people, places or experiences in your life.

  • Why something feels so familiar.
  • Why similar experiences keep happening in your life?
  • Why you might attract people who hurt you the same way over and over?
  • Clarifying what the experience was in the original past life connection reveals
  • The basic karmic nature influencing the present relationship.
  • Helping you to gain greater understanding of your reactions.

Soul reading, past life, karmic connections readings

Understanding your past history can reveal secret forces directing your present relationships. These insights can give you the tools to transform the relationship or complete it with grace and love.

A Soul reading can help you heal the wounded Soul. Clearing the distortions in the directives --- liberates you from the old bonds to move on to a new lesson.

Healing your Spiritual connection awakens intuitive / psychic gifts and talents for fulfilling your Soul's purpose.

The layers and depths that have been distorted by the energy must be cleared and re-aligned to a new blueprint, directive or Divine plan that will be for the highest good of the Soul's journey.

Resolving, Healing Energy Blocks
In Akashic Records / Soul Blueprint Templates

Reveal Unconscious Patterns Beliefs

Healing Karmic / Emotional / Soul Scars

Re-educate Soul To Source

Alignment To Higher Vibrational Energy

Akashic,Past Life, Soul readings
This technique addresses conscious and unconscious programs and blocks that are distorting your energy field and causing you to feel stuck and in a rut.
Through this clearing process an alignment develops with the Higher Self for accessing clearer intuitive communication that can accelerate Spiritual consciousness. Opening and clearing your energy fields can deepen your bond with guides and helpers in the Spiritual realms.

Releasing our negative baggage of beliefs, self-incrimination's, emotional scars, dogma, victim programming, past and present life trauma to name a few can all be instrumental in freeing us from the constant cycling of behavioral patterns that keep us stuck in reaction instead of choice. Discharging and disconnecting from the negative baggage allows us to take conscious responsibility to chose a life that is more aware for living in the moment. Making conscious choices leads to living a life that is rich with wondrous adventures from a script you write and direct.

The process is very simple but incredibly effective. I get in my clear neutral working state and aligned with my team of Spiritual Lightworkers. Before I do any work I always ask permission from your Higher Self to vertically align in order to receive the information that needs to be addressed.

I am just a facilitator in your process. I work with a pendulum and a notebook of charts that lead me to various energy levels where the energy is blocked or distorted. We begin to instruct the Higher Self to clear and release these distortions and re-educate the Soul to stay clear of this baggage. Sometimes research is needed to be done to discover the origin of the block and the cast of players triggering the energy. Often I am granted permission to you Akashic records which gives me the story of the connection which is the what, where, how and why it is replaying in your life today. Then the issue can be cleared, completed and released from its karmic cycle. Trust me you have repeated the pattern in enough lifetimes to have gotten the lesson and repaid the debt!

Any energies that are attached to the experience are also released and any portals that allow for those energies to stimulate the pattern are cleared, released and sealed. This is very relative to relationship issues because people from our past show up in our lives all the time and contribute to much of our dysfunctional actions. Great insight is gleamed as to why we react and act in uncharacteristic ways. The transformation from the clearing helps to create a more harmonious relationship that is appropriate for this incarnation. Doing this clearing work can also contribute to discovering and deepening your life’s purpose.

Personally this work has made a major impact in my life freeing my inhibitions that have limited and kept me in states of separation and unhappiness. I now experience greater inner peace and joy that radiates from me. I am able to spend more time in the moment living the life that I create and manifest.

The common experience of my clients is a feeling of lightness and calmness. Often they gain the understanding of why they react to situations and people the way they do. It helps them to get free of dysfunctional relationships and to begin creating more appropriate relationships that will inspire and support them on their journey. They begin to transmute their hopelessness and clime out their complacency with increased faith and energy that all is possible. I am so blessed because I get to witness their transformation and emergence of their Spiritual Essence.

To get the most from a session come with the desire to change and grow! Be willing to suspend your logical mind to include the Unseen Realm. Most of my clients come to me when they are in great crisis and have tried many traditional therapies which has taken them only so far. Through this work they discover the answers that will lead them into the transformation they desire to ease their pain.

This technique effects more than the chakras, auric physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual bodies clearing into the highest levels of consciousness through all layers, depths and dimensions --- past, present, future and parallel lives. Releasing, clearing, transmuting and re-education the Soul to rescind, clear and complete all of the VACPOCS ( vows, agreements, contracts, promises, oaths, curses ) that have established and maintained a connection or pattern to continuously reoccur time and time again. Once free of them you can start a new chapter of lessons that are more directed towards achieving contentment and joy. Each moment can become a delightful day in the Garden!

Karmic Soul Relationships, Past life karma healing

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