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"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength; loving someone deeply gives you courage."


He who would be serene and pure needs but one thing, detachment."

Meister Eckhart

"I used to look at [my dog] Smokey and think,
'If you were a little smarter you could tell me what you were thinking,
' and he'd look at me like he was saying,
'If you were a little smarter, I wouldn't have to.'"

- Fred Jung claus

Me and Cosmos
in 2004.

Cosmos and me

An older and wiser Cosmos in his favorite element!

My beloved Cosmos

Cosmos' Big Adventure...

It had only been four days since I returned home from traveling two months in Peru, and a three day intensive workshop I had experienced before arriving home. I was really looking forward to my first weekend of rest and relaxation, which I quickly realized was not to be!

On Thursday the love and joy of my life was dognapped. He was removed from his leash in front of a grocery store that I was in. Not knowing it but at the same time he was being taken my basket of groceries disappeared. I spent thirty minutes looking for it! Once I found it and checked out, MY bill came to a total of 106.66. This immediately struck me as odd, --- till I got out of the store and found my dog's leash without him on it.

I BECAME PANIC STRICKEN! I questioned everyone, and fortunately an employee gave me a description of a guy seen taking him off the leash and playing with him. The employee questioned him and the guy said that the dog belonged to a friend, and that the dog and him always play together. The employee turned his back and the two of them had slipped away.

His description described a friend of mine, but I could not imagine him taking my dog. I frantically called my friend--- and of course he was not home. I went home hoping he had Cos and would be there when I arrived. As I arrived my friend returned my call. He did not have Cos. --- I felt sick!

But he did know the guy. He described him as a Wild Spirit that went by the name of "Y" or "Spirit." His parting remark was that "Y" could charm wild animals. Now I understood why Cosmos went with him. Fortunately my friend remembered a neighborhood he had once seen him riding his bike around.

My second lead! We -my husband Rex and I quickly drove to that neighborhood and begin asking people about the guy. Luck was with me! I immediately found out that this guy had charmed other people's animals. A little more inquiring lead us to a duplex where a friend of his lived.

I went up to the house, and "Y's" friend and his neighbor told me that he had been there with the dog. They also had questioned "Y" and he said that it was a friends dog. "He was going to train him to become a wild dog, and in a couple of weeks turn him loose in the country." Like Cosmos wasn't wild enough!

Lucky for me --- this guy "Y" was very noticeable. He believes that cars are evil, and he only rides a bicycle pulling a basket/cart behind holding his collection of salvaged recyclables. A small crowd had formed of all the people we had questioned and others from the neighborhood. Most of these people had some type of contact with "Y" and the consensus was --- he did not live in this reality! Which is not a bad thing.

So I assumed that he thought the country was the greenbelt within the city, and that he had no sense of time. The friend said that he always shows up around 8:30 each morning. He was basically a transient, camping out on the greenbelt. He did not have a car so how far could he go on his bike. This gave me a sense of hope!

We headed to the closest greenbelt and I walked about 4 miles that night --- calling for Cosmos. I could feel that he had been there. I also knew that Cosmos was on a grand adventure. I questioned every person I saw about this guy. To my delight many people knew him or had seen him in the past.

This ordeal started around 4:30 in the afternoon, and a tremendous cold front was coming in over the weekend, which I knew that this guy was unaware of because he didn't believe in tv's either. People said that "Y" had many camping areas around the woods in town. Austin is blessed with many parks and wooded areas as well as creeks, and lakes. I also talked to many police officers and they also knew him, which was no surprise to me.

We finally called off the search around midnight and went home. Our two cats Bob and Sunny knew we were very upset, and they stayed close that night to comfort us in the way animals do best. Believing this guy would show up in the morning --- as he always does, we spent a restless night. Well he didn't!

The next morning I begin putting pressure on the friend. So that he realized that "Y" took the wrong dog from the wrong person. I would not let any rock be unturned to find him! He was quite taken back by me. As anyone would be confronting a Mother Panther looking for her kit.

So Friday morning I searched in the freezing rain, walking the creeks, I could feel his energy and knew that he had been there. I returned home that afternoon and called his friend to get a better understanding of "Y"s reality. As well as, putting the fear of Deborah in him, hoping to motivate him to find his friend, and get me off his back. I was also loosing my humor about now. That could have become a fatal mistake for me. We all hoped "Y" would show up once the rain let up.

Rex came home early and we went out again searching late into the night. We were both devastated because we had discovered this guy has a 50 mile radius around town --- on his bicycle! We also learned this was a pattern of his. He took dogs from yards, believing that he was liberating them back to the wild.

I could feel that Cosmos was confused about the situation and was beginning to tire of the adventure. His little cat brothers were also getting agitated, and doing there best to comfort us. I was too emotionally meshed to clearly feel exactly where he was.

I called upon Cosmos' oversoul, Nature Spirits and my friend Pan to help lead me to him. But no true clarity as to his whereabouts came to me, though I knew he would return at some point. All our friends were upset and crying. Cosmos Dog is an ambassador of joy to many. I knew that situation was set up by Spirit for some purpose. This purpose was greater than just affecting Rex and my life, because it was bringing up many issues in others. As with all things it was serving a purpose!

Saturday morning I made 500 flyers and we began distributing them, enlarging our circle, just like a retriever does. I had talked to about 200 or more people by then, and had tracked his movements for the last three weeks. I begin getting really angry, and If I had found "Y" then I probably would have gotten violent, which is not my nature but I allowed it to fuel me. I knew that I was close to Cosmos, I could feel him.

That night it was going to be cold, which heightened my determination and drive. I called upon Pan's energy to help me find Cosmos Dog. All his friends and ours where looking --- as well as many others. We knew that "Y" was an organic gardener so we called into the Organic Gardening Show on the radio and explained our dilemma. The host also knew who we were describing, and this popular show enlisted many other's in the search.

Rex begin to get very ill Saturday evening so we called the search off when it got dark. We were emotionally drained and worried about the weather --- It was really cold! I knew that "Y" was undercover at that time. I could feel he was staying someplace and out of the cold.

I also realized that Cos was in that night, he was inside someone's house and not with "Y" anymore. I then knew that Cosmos had found someone to take him in, --- and now it was left up to us to find him. I also knew that my worst fear was true --- he did not have his collar or tags to identify him and where he lived.

Well as luck would have it, when we got home there was a call on our recorder from a guy that had seen "Y" --- without the dog, way out in the country heading into a subdivision. When he stopped to called us he lost him. That was very heartening because it was in the exact area we were looking, and where I felt the strongest sense he had been recently.

This helped me to calm my emotions and get away from the confusion that the fear was producing in me. So that night I called upon the forces to bring me understanding and a message as to his whereabouts. As I got in bed I got something in my eye and had to go to the bathroom to wash it out. As I entered the bathroom I noticed a blue light were Cosmos usually lays. I knew that was his astral body.

This is a dog that astrally projected to Bolivia to check up on me. He has journey throughout America with Rex and me, he can teleport onto other dimensions, an adapt astral traveler, and is a very evolved Nature Spirit/Teacher.

Getting in bed I reaffirmed to have clarity and quieted my mind and emotions. When I achieved that state I immediately received a vision. A picture of a black and white goat that had his hoof on a black puppy. The archetype symbol of Pan is a goat. The black and white was the balance of negative and positive, which is true Spirit. The black puppy represented a negative force that was ignorant and untrained in his abilities. I knew this was "Y" and that Pan was helping me transmute my anger clouding my ability to find Cosmos.

I envisioned loving "Y" as a misdirected Nature Spirit, which he is. He has a great gift to communicate with animals but he is impeding on domestic animals evolution to work with people. Animals have a Spiritual purpose to help humanity to experience unconditional love.

Since the bill for the groceries was $106.66 a major key for interpreting the vision's message and the lesson I needed to learn in order to resolve this situation and get Cos home. 10 is the number of transformation, and 666 represents negativity to most but to me it is look at the forest above the trees. It was clear that my purpose was to transform negativity.

Having the ability to communicate with animals, I was being called into service for the Animal Kingdom. I then know in my heart that this was why this incident had occurred as it did. Pan was calling me to service to be defender of pets of the Animal Kingdom. "Y" has a great gift with animals but he had overstepped his jurisdiction, which does not include pets, only wild animals. That was why I was called into service for bring balance back to the order of our brother's evolution in this town.

So I tried to call in "Y"s higher-self but to my dismay I discovered he is full of entities, which is the reason he always talks in the we pronoun. Often people believe that they are possessed by entities. Usually it is only a fragment part of their self that has taken over control, often because they are not willing to accept responsibility for their own power.

This was my first true experience of entity possession coupled with a highly fragmented self, and the only way in which to work with him was on another dimensional plane. This had the potential to be a very interesting, --- as well as humorous experience if Cosmos Dog was not gone.

It was excruciatingly painful for me to let go of Cosmos and detach my emotions, accepting the fact that he could choose to stay lost. Though I had acknowledged from the beginning that Cosmos had chosen to go on this adventure on his own. The hardest part was for me to transmute my anger and will into allowance and love for "Y". Somehow during the night that transpired.

The strange part was that I booked an appointment for early Sunday morning, something I never do. I was in no rush to finish, as a fact I spent an extra hour on this client, and it felt perfectly fine. I kept dawdling around the house as Rex became more and more anxious to look for Cosmos.

I had a totally different attitude about the situation, it appeared as if I had lost hope, but that was not it. I was waiting for something! As we were driving out to the area were "Y" was last reported to have been seen, a sense of peace began to permeate through me. I kept telling Rex to slow down --- I was feeling something. He was frustrated and anxious to get there, but I knew that we had all the time we needed.

So Rex stopped the car, I got my bearings. He could not stay slow for long. I decided not to make an issue because I understood his frustration. Also I had been told that I would find Cosmos in that area, Today. Though it would not be because we found "Y". Which was a little puzzling. Admittedly I did have a little doubt that I was hearing what I wanted the solution to be. I never lost the vision of seeing Cosmos jumping up in joy, hugging and kissing me --- like only he does.

As Rex was speeding along I spied a sign --- FOUND GOLDEN RETRIEVER. I knew it was Cosmos! We turned around, almost getting in a wreck in our rush to get the number. We rushed to a phone. A lady answered and I asked her if she had Cosmos. She said he responded to the name, and I said to say "squirrel", --as predicted he reacted.

We rushed over to her house, and he was ecstatic to see us, and promptly ran to the car to get in. We recounted our story to Beth the Angel. She said that he was following her while out Christmas caroling. She knew that he belong to someone because he was such a sweet dog. She took him in because it was so cold that night, and he got along so well with her dog.

She woke in the middle of the night with him in bed with her. A true Angel she was! Because he had been hit by a skunk, and only an Angel would allow a strange stinky dog in her bed! That morning she got up and Cosmos expected her to take him for a ride in the car, --- he knew she would get him home, some how. She did, by posting a sign. He was 20 miles away from home. She did not want a reward, so we had to go and buy her some roses as a token of our gratitude for finding the Cosmos Dog.

Upon arriving home the cats sniffed at him with disgust, putting him in his place --- as you know only a dog is dumb enough to get skunked. Cats have enough respect for skunks, knowing not to get in their way. I'm sure in Cos's training to be a wild dog he thought a skunk was like a cat, and that would run in terror of his large presence. He believes its great fun to terrorize cats, not that he would intentionally kill one. Hopefully he has learned a little respect for both cats and skunks, or at least can identify the difference between them.

The cats swiped him a few times to chastise his behavior and for upsetting us all, --- going on his adventure. The truth was they were secretly happy he was home at last, and showed it by being indifferent, --- as only cats can do so well. The next day I did see each one curl up to him, showing and expressing their true affection they have for their big brother.

I asked Cosmos why he went with "Y" because he would not go up to the other people who tried to read his tags. His reply was that ""Y" wanted to play for awhile and then he would take him home where he belonged." Cosmos was confused because he thought "Y" meant his house not the country as being home. He did have big adventure but he truly missed home and his family and friends. I have tried to stress the importance of his collar and I hope he has learned not to allow anyone to take his collar off again. Cosmos also said it was part of his duty to the Animal Kingdom to bring attention to this person, and the injustice he is doing to domesticated pets, adding "When discovering how confused I was, I knew you would find me mom!"

At this point all we can do is visualize loving the wounded part of "Y". I know that eventually it will become realized in that part of him that believes that he is doing the right thing. Actually I guess he really did take the right dog from the right person. I will continually send loving energy to heal his wounded little boy. I got the impression that he lost a pet when he was young. Someone said to him "that's what happens to pets that live in the city". Its only his ignorance that keeps him from true harm and my vigilance over our connection that will prevent this from happening again. Pan is giving him this chance through me, to bring him back on the path. If he continues the behavior it will only invoke Pan's wrath down on him, causing great physical pain. Hopefully I can fulfill this destiny and transmute the karmic ramifications.

So today is Tuesday my first day that feels like home is a peaceful refuge. All my plants are happily in the house and it feels like a cozy jungle and the little one's are out frolicking with each other. Now, I can sit at my computer and gather my thoughts.

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