Deborah Eidson traveling through Peru
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The reason that people don’t see things in the right perspective is that they are always looking for an angle.


"The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn."

-David Russell

perception of portals to alternate realities
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sacred soul journey

Traversing Through The Universe...

Traveling the path of Spirit has lead my to many places in the physical, into my inner-self and mind, regressions along my Time line, and in my dreams roaming the labyrinths of the astral plane. There are many vehicles to drive on a trip. The physical has planes, trains, and automobiles that take you to exotic places on the Earth. Interacting with other cultures develops acceptance of life.

Fear of the unknown contributes to non-acceptance, prejudice and intolerance. Visualization and imagination carry you into the recesses of self. The mind has wondrous worlds to explore. It generates great visions that can become implemented through some form of expression. Traversing along your Time line can propel you into the future or take you into the past. This is a very powerful tool to check on what you are creating in the future and to overcome burdens from the past. The dreaming body can momentarily free us from the density of the physical. Offering the opportunity to easily resolve issues so that they become unnecessary to experience in the physical. The labyrinths of the astral plane can reproduce your unconscious fears or lead you to the feet of a Master. During the Dream time we receive instruction in the inner-plane schools. This instruction prepares us to implement our Soul-Purpose. We also obtain guidance and nurturing from our Soul group in the dream time.

Traveling is a great teacher of flexibility and adaptability. Travel and Change are the same because they are forms of movement. Loving to travel helps to accept change more readily. It also demonstrates that change can be fun, which reduces resistance to it. Life is a wave of energy and change is the surfboard. We have the choice to swim or surf, be pulled down by the undertow or ride upon the wave. Maintaining balance in life prevents us from being swallowed by the wave. A wave can take the form of an emotional storm or drama, natural disaster, a physical injury, losing your job, or some other calamity that forces change. So often people do not change unless the pain is greater than the change!

My desire to travel was instigated early in life and continues today. I have been very fortunate to experience a variety of cultures and countries. I find it very thrilling to strap on a backpack and go to a foreign country that I have never been. Not knowing the language forces me to rely on my intuition and faith to be at the right place, and meet the right person or experience that always promotes my growth.

I will post pictures and accounts of my travels on this page in the future. Please share your adventures with me too!

Doorways Of Peru

Cuzco Peru doorway

Blue-door of Peru

Machu Pichu ruins

perception of portals to alternate realities
power spots of ancient civilizations