When you forgive, you in no way change the past --

but you sure do change the future.

-- Bernard Meltzer.

When you come to the end of all the light you know, and it's time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen:

Either you will be given something solid to stand on or you will be taught to fly.

-Edward Teller

"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance"

- Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)

Embracing All Experiences With Love

Discharges Emotional Triggers.

Use this technique to disengage from an emotionally charged reaction you feel about a person, situation or belief. When a situation has too much of a charge do this technique first to disconnect which will able you to get a different perspective for you to discover the lesson's truth. Doing this with the keys to compassion can transmute the dense energy held in your body or vibrational field. It will open the heart releasing compassion hormones. These hormones stimulate healing by raising your vibration and expanding your consciousness.

This is a very powerful technique that can free you from being unconsciously controlled by repressed buried emotions. It transforms the energy and heals the plug so that you don't get hooked back into the pattern or reaction which allows you to make conscious aware choices for reacting to what is truly going on in the present. This technique's greatest service is to teach you allowance and acceptance to fully Love and honor Self without judgment. Learning to Love Self actualizes Spirit to manifest on the Earth Plane. Thus it aligns us with our Divine purpose and fulfills our mission to live life in a loving compassionate manner.

Over Soul Breathing Technique:

This breathing opens up new energy pathways in the brain. Allowing greater flexibility for shifting into new thought patterns. This process calms the mind chatter and creates a greater feeling of peace. Increased use of over-soul breathing creates deeper states of relaxation and higher frequencies of energy into the body.
  • There are two breaths; the long breath and the fast rapid pant breath. Breath in and out through an open mouth.

  • The long breath is a slow and deep. It is used to pull and gather energy.

  • The fast breath is a quick and rapid pant. It is used to push and move the energy. Use it when stuck and when moving into and through the heart to be transformed.

  • If the breathing goes into its own breathing pattern don't be frighten the body's auto mechanism will not allow hyperventilating. Ignore the mouth drying and pain sensations in the body. Pains in the body are the density being transmuted.

Steps Activating Compassion Hormones:

  • Take a moment and align with your Higher Self. Ask that your etheric, emotional, mental, and physical body's come into alignment. Feel this connection being made.

  • Allow the physical body to become the voice for them all. Using your intent pull yourself totally into your body and anchor your energy into your feet.

  • Focus your awareness on the physical body. Allow it to relax and feel comfortable.

  • Breathe long, slow breaths through each part of your body to bring it into relaxation.

1. Once relaxed, bring to mind an unpleasant emotion, issue or situation.

2. Do the long breath while focusing on the issue and notice where the energy or feelings are lodged in your body. Places that feel dense, stuck, heavy or constricting.

3. As you move your awareness through your body start pulling together all the feelings or heavy energy attached to the issue. With your breath gather the energy into the pit of your stomach and visualize forming the energy into a ball.

  • Do long steady breaths while you are feeling the emotion and pulling it into a ball. Keep gathering the energy from head to toe, feeling the ball get bigger and sticker. Remember to stay focused on feeling the experience in your body and not in your thoughts. It is important to learn to accept your feelings about the experience ---instead of making excuses or denying your reaction.

  • If you can not allow yourself to feel than just acknowledge the existence of the density. Breathe deeply while you visualize loving yourself. Focusing your intent and with enough practice you will begin feeling safe to learn how to feel and secure again to allow feeling. Not feeling only creates pain! The experience of pain is the physical body communicating that it is not feeling Loved. So, truly feeling is much easier and joyful.

4. When you feel that all the energy is gathered into the ball than it is time to begin moving the energy up into the heart to be embraced with love and transformed. Direct your focus on moving the ball by doing the rapid pant breath. If the feeling becomes stuck or is too intense ---tone a sound, any tone will do.

5. Open your heart to love the energy. This is done by accepting and allowing yourself the right to how you feel and do it without judgment. Love whatever feelings the experience produces. Take responsibility for creating the situation.

6. Realizing that the experience was an opportunity to learn generates compassion for realizing the value or gift that the lesson provided. By fully loving the feeling / issue / situation / person or etc. activates compassion which releases and transmutes the energy. Opening your heart with compassion will expand your capacity to love and have more joy in your life.

  • If you need to know what the lesson was for the experience, just ask for clarity. If it is necessary to consciously acknowledge the lesson, do so. If it is not necessary to know consciously, just accept that you have learned the lesson and it is complete. Once the lesson is complete, it becomes unnecessary to experience it again unless you choose to do so. Therefore you can choose a reaction that is more appropriate to the current situation. Thus the choices become chosen by the experience generated in the Now, and not out of the past.

7. There will be a feeling of lightness or laughter that will bubble forth and you will definitely feel more at peace. If you don't feel the release repeat the process ---pulling all the density into a ball and bring it up into the heart.

  • Another technique is to drop the ball allowing it to shatter into hundreds of pink bubbles of Joy. These bubbles will expand filling your being with Love.

  • The next step is to visualize yourself as a child and truly love that child. Connect your heart chakra to the heart chakra of your Inner-child. Embrace that child into your heart without judgment. You will begin to feel that density move up into the Heart chakra so that it can be transmuted into love.

  • You will know that the density has transmuted because the belief is not necessary any longer. Your perspective changes about the issue. Many times there is a group of beliefs that will flood your consciousness. Just ask to feel the emotion and love each experience you had.