Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not;
a sense of humor to console him for what he is.---

Sir Francis Bacon

He deserves Paradise who makes his companions laugh.

The Koran

The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win
you're still a rat.

--Lilly Tomlin

The Seriousness of Humor,

or should I say the Humor of Seriousness???

Life is good, oh yes it is! We sometimes just forget to take a breath and smile at how amusing it really is. It is all for your amusement, so what are you going to do next to amuse yourself? Did you ditch Humor off someplace on the road? Ooops! Remember how good it is when Humor hangs out with you. I am glad that Humor doesn't take life so personally that it forgets to be. It's sad when we forget that Humor is our best friend and hang out with Seriousness. You know that Serious loves to rain on a parade and can be a wet blanket. So why do we like Serious more than Humor? Wondering why that possibility might be? Just think about how many times you left Humor hitchhiking on the road so you could ride with Serious? Have you noticed when Serious is the driver Worry and Big Mole Hill always comes along, so there is no room for Humor? Now if Serious was a real friend or should I say secure of itself, it wouldn't need to have the peanut gallery along for the ride, and you wouldn't be put in the position of having to choose between Serious and Humor. No if it was a true friend it would encourage you to bring Humor along for the ride, and what a ride it will be with Humor as the ring master in your circus. It could than become Seriously Humorous!

Just remember that friends can help make your world a better place to be. Isn't that what we are really trying to do? Make the world a better place? Well I know I am, not that I am doing it in a way that is influencing the masses at large. It seems that all I am impacting these days are those who enter into my sector of reality. Not a place for fear or ugliness to be comfortable. They seemed to have lost their ticket in to my reality zone. I've been so caught up with creating a place for Beauty there's no room for Ugliness to play. There comes a time when you have to let go of old companions to move along the road. That's the thing about some of our friends is that they keep us stuck by wanting us to play the same role again and again in the production of their movie. Sometimes you just outgrow a role. How many times can you make a come back before you become a has been?

Another thing I've pondered on is why is it that nobody really wants to take the lead in their own play? Why do they need another production company to direct their life story? I really have wondered about why that is. One thing I've observed is that others look out side of themselves to be filled. I just don't know why anyone would want to be filled with anything less then themselves. Like whom do you want to be filled with if not you? I just don't think anyone can do it better than me as me. Anything less than I can only be fraction of me and that just keeps the game of Separation going on into new innings! It's crazy to think that playing the same game will be any different. When can we throw in the towel or is that sudden death? That of course would just start another round of tug-a-war. What to do? What can I do? I wonder..... What would happen if I just stopped and let go of the rope? Wait a minute let me consider the ramifications? Let me see ---Well I might end up grounded in the dirt. Grounded, be grounded, what a concept!

Hey maybe being grounded isn't such a lonely thing? So what if I'm not allowed to play the game anymore! Truth be I am kind of tired of playing the same game with the same players and never really feeling good about the score. There always seems to be a technicality that leads to playing the game again in the play offs. Why do we need to have a winner and loser? Why can't it end in a tie? Of course that would be a no win, and we have grown to believe that it is either / or and not all! They tell us there is no room for all. Maybe not in that sport but ….

Hey Serious, Humor,...?

isn't that the new game on the block?


Wow, it's about time a new sport begun!

Don't you think so?