Our destiny changes with our thought;
we shall become what we wish to become,
do what we wish to do,
when our habitual thought corresponds with our desire.

Orison S. Marden

Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny.

--Kin Hubbard

Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice: It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.

William Jennings Bryan

To know the world one must construct it.

Cesare Paveses

You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant (excepting Alice).

- Arlo Guthrie (1947-)

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Why Am I Getting That...
Why Don't I Get What I Want???

The more I pay attention to things the more I realize the rules of the game had changed. I might say we are out of toilet paper and next time I head up the stairs I trip over a new package of toilet paper. I don't bother to ask how that got there any more, I just count my blessings. Logic doesn't rule this world so firmly as it has in the past nor does the validity of scientific proof define possibility. As new energy is opening up on the earth plane we as a species and the world as a living being is transforming and shifting out of the form as we have known as the truth in the past. These shifts can be really baffling depending on how attached you are to your truth. Or things being as you assume them to be. That is a good one! Things are usually never as I assume them to be, they are better or if I am projecting my worries they can be worst than I imagine. So I have adopted the attitude "All Is Possible But That Is Not My Probability!" This is a good retort to those nay sayer's in you life. It has helped me to keep them from raining on my parade and inserting doubt in my conscious when I am holding a thought form that I am bringing into manifestation.

I Want THAT..

I Desire THAT!!!

When I say holding the thought form I mean having an intention /desire that has an energetic alignment to an outcome. An energetic alignment is having more desire than resistance and having positive emotions about the object of your desire. I don't know what or how it will exactly manifest because I release the form and allow my Source to it create, which is always equal or better than I can imagine. Not properly letting go of the form is key factor to de-manifestation. Trying to mentally figure out how it will possibly can come into your life just sucks out all the emotional juice needed to be energy in motion E-MOTION! Holding on to it happening in a specific form or way is just limitation in sheep's clothing.

To manifest beneficial desires has become easier and easier with the energy shifts that have opened up on the planet these days. We manifest our world all the time. I know you are going to say: but I don't have this or that, and this and that is happening, and I didn't ask for that. Well you did just not in the way you thought! Nobody is to blame but your self, if you are not living the life you want. Often you attract the opposite of what you want because you are focused on what you don't want or there are unconscious thoughts, vows that are not congruent with what it is you want. Other words your feelings of resistance are stronger than your desire.

The issue that I see with people is that they don't believe that things can happen without working for it or struggling in some way to obtain it and you have to worry about your bills being met. I would say you are living in a drab world, painting with the same colors over and over again simply --- Go out and buy yourself the biggest box of crayons possible and start using new colors in your world.

Then their is the insidious squirrel cage that traps so many with worry of life, money, love, can only come about through some specific means because they don't figure in the magic factor of just letting it come in. They will deny with such passion that they are open to allowing it to come in, but in the next breath they have it all worked out that they will win the lottery because the truth is they can't allow it to magically appear nor do they believe it can happen that way. It has to be through the lottery or work it is not possible for a stranger to hand you the money, or you look down and there is the money, or your bank account has it somehow. That is way to far and off the edge of reality for most peoples to truly and honestly make the energetic alignment for it to happen!

It is easier to worry, be filled with anxiety about some future boulder on the road that hasn't appeared yet but they know it is out their and they have to be prepared for it rather than entertain the possibility that life takes care of itself. You are putting the boulders on the path and nobody else. I guarantee that there is ALWAYS a path through life! I mean ALWAYS! Think about this: If you are looking at a perspective drawing the foreground is covering the background, that is the vanishing point, so appropriately named, if you start worrying about things that could possibly happen because all is possible, what you are doing is throwing boulders covering the doorway you need to use as your escape hatch. Things always look bigger in the foreground and if hadn't thrown all those boulders into the background the doorway would have been obvious. The majority of the time by the time you arrive at the issue it has already taken care of itself and it is a non-issue, oops! So I will say it again "All Is Possible But That Is Not My Probability!" What ever we energetically align with will manifest!!!

Emotion is the E-(energy) Motion to attract and magnetize to us what we desire. Like things or like energy attracts going into what is known as resonance. Have you ever noticed at a sing-a-long how the voices eventually began to flow in harmony well, that is resonance. I don't understand why some people make it is so difficult for themselves by not opening up to receive good. We deserve good things, it is our heritage, and we have a surplus of karma chips that we can be redeem for the good! It is the negative stigma that is prevalent to believe karma is just a form of punishment. You don't have to believe everything sold, told, taught as the gospel truth... NO change your definition about KARMA, think of it like S&H Green stamps (Showing my age) you have been filling book after book, so now is the time to redeem them. Look through the catalogue, pick out what it is you really desire, (not a want because you need it,) go ahead put in your order!!! You can draw paychecks just from lifetimes of interest that has accumulated, sitting in the bank as unclaimed funds!!! ---But you have to fill out the paperwork to get the check!!!


NO, That's Only Possible For Others...

The beliefs people hold about money and good things happening to them is very amusing. One of these days I am going to do a stand up routine on that subject, it could be as funny as George Carlon's routine on stuff, in my mind at least it is! It is truly funny how serious people get about the illusionary thing called money. That is so imprinted and pressed so deeply within the subconscious mind and so many people have wrapped their identity around that little green piece of paper. How can that be? Why does it have so much value it is just a piece of paper! Oh and that piece of paper can be printed when ever the powers to be deem it necessary for some pet project like lets say "WAR"! Such a waste of energy that is used to create the illusion of value, if it was backed by gold or silver, maybe it was a gem stone I could wrap my mind around the concept, but in the form that it is, I just don't understand its allure. Sad but true.

The sad part is the waste that money breeds. With waste comes lack which feeds hoarding and that is a vicious circle jerk, but that is how it became so prominent in the consensual consciousness. There is enough and more than enough money to go around, just what is held in the Vatican could feed the billions of people in the world for over a life time, is that not sad... Believe it or not, the Vatican had been accumulating so long ago, during lifetimes when many of us took vows of poverty, ( we when we were in religious orders) Those VOWS of poverty many of us are still running in the unconscious.

People lost their sense of honor and respect along with a decline in craftsmanship, we live in a throw away world of mass production and crazed commercialism that will bury us in mounds of toxic waste. We need to learn not to rape the earth for our wasteful consumption needs. How much do we really need? Excess is just waste because it is not being used or enjoyed. I have new rules: (because I do come from pack rat stock genetics) One is if I haven't seen it in a year I don't need it than it becomes art fodder!

The bottom line is its hard to have a sense of gratitude when handed a little green piece of paper, the connection of joy and love creating it has been lost along with the gift to generate abundance. The truth is if the dense fearfully energy held about money could be transformed into a new paradigm of an abundant flow of wealth to stream into your life it would drastically change. Really comprehending the illusion of money can change all of your life. I know this to be true, because it has happened in my life, money just appears, I find it, my bank account will have what I need. I know and have experienced the fact of it's illusion, but I get swept away in the consensual reality of the mass conscious. It often happens when I have all of my balls in the air, I am really in the flow of juggling and one falls out of the flow and then they all fall to the ground, hitting me in the head distracting me enough to forget the truth!


Saving things for that special day or what ever, is another form of waste and hoarding because that day is today! Hording is just a way to close off your ability to receive, telling the universe that you are afraid to believe in abundance. Buying things because they are the newest and greatest toy is just another form of playing "King of the Hill". Commercialism is a form of seduction manipulating us into slavery. I can't go into a big department store with out getting dizzy and confused. The energetic impact is just intense and most people don't even notice what or if any thing is wrong with the picture. If I have a compulsion to shop I buy what I want take it home and look at it and return it after the rush is gone. I realize once my head clears that I didn't want or need the thing, and it goes back! I have no qualms to return stuff. If I don't respect what I have by using it then I am not taking care and honoring what I have. Gratitude and respect / reverence for the sacred in everything is important. Having that energy will attract more of the same into your life.


So you don't have what you want in life maybe you should look at what you do have. Is it aligned to your desires? Is it aligned to someone else's desires? Is it aligned to what you where fearing to have or happen? Are you truly open to receiving? Can you let go of the form and trust Source to bring in equal or better? Is your desire greater than your resistance? Do you dematerialize what you set out to materialize through your negative talk and fears. Do you allow other peoples dreams over run your own dreams? The list is endless but the most important thing I can share with you is to send out desires with the emotional juice not just mental energy. Feel it! Not just intellectualize it! Be aware of what you are saying to yourself and what root out your true hidden beliefs. Think about what you have been taught about money and love. Then there is the question what do others around you truly want for you, do they honestly support your desires or sabotaging them, maybe eroding your desires with doubt. Truly how much passion do you really have for something is it what you want or something you want because you need it? That is two different energies. Most important how invested are you in believing or daydreaming it will come in a certain way. Open up to entertain the many Possibilities that it could be without any skepticism or doubt. Suspend you're the need to have proof. Allow possibility and feel how good it is for all to be possible! Don't forget to play with those crayons!

ALL IS POSSIBLE... But Doesn't Have To BE My Probability!!!

Don't forget that all is possible. Don't worry about what you don't want, because that doesn't have to be your probability. Remember what ever you worry about becomes an intention. Worry is a powerful emotion that energetically aligns to the obsession you have and attracts that into your life like a big bad magnet. You can decide if that is your probability or not. Ask your self why would that come into your life? The answer will tell you if there is resistance lurking under the surface or if you truly desire it. Check your answer. Do yah kinda desire it, or do you really desire it or you need it? If you feel that you can take it or leave it that is a neutral response, and there is not enough emotion attached too your desire. With a neutral response you need to pump up your feelings of desire get the juice to flow. I do this by making a mental picture of having what I want. I image feeling what it will feel like when I have it. It is important to acknowledge that you have it. I imagine using what it in miraculous ways. How it makes me feel using it? I make those feelings so real I sometimes forget that I haven't received it yet. It is not a longing to have it, but the desire that it is. Wishing is like longing. Desire is a statement that it is!

I feel what it is like using it and how I will use it. It is important to honor what you create in your life and using it and sharing it with others is a way to honor and feel its possibility. I also imagine what other people say to me about having it or what I say to other people when I have it. I listen to what is being said for clues to check any latent / hidden beliefs of impossibility or wanting it for the wrong reasons. I make my visualization so real that I can feel touching it. How does it feel? Or maybe it is something that has a smell or taste then I imagine what that is or could be like. What are the odors and tastes that fill you with good feelings of satisfaction and delight? Associate them with the desire if they are not something that has an odors or taste.


Make your visualization and feelings so intense that it feels real! Than let go of how it will come into your life and/or if it is possible. Be congruent with the thoughts check for resistance or attachment to the details. Don't sweat the small stuff! Let it go out to Source and don't try and limit how it will be possible or the form it will come in as. The E-motion that you have for it is, that is the only important detail. It will BE in a manner that is equal or better than you could imagine. Trust that all is possible and be open to receive. Don't keep checking the pot to see if it is boiling. That is not trust, and resistance creeps in to say "I told you that wasn't possible!" Let it go and focus on what is in the moment, and have your heart open with gratitude for all the gifts around you and in your life! Let your life become better than you imagine!

If you are interested I have written a musing about how manifesting a long held dream.

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