"Some men see things as they are
and ask,

I dream things that never were
and ask,
' why not?'"

-Robert Francis Kennedy

"Ideas pull the trigger,
but instinct loads the gun."

-Don Marquis,

"One thing you can't recycle is wasted time."


Challenges can be stepping stones or stumbling blocks,
It's just a matter of how you view them.


multi-dimensions, past lives, SRT
This is not my channeled writings, but a synthesis of other peoples work and my own thoughts. I would give credit but I compiled this so long ago that I don't remember where or who wrote what.

multi-dimensions, past lives, SRT multi-dimensions, past lives, SRT

Hyper-space is defined as the spatial dimensions beyond time and the reality known as the 3RD dimensional world, defined by height, width, and depth of space. It is also referred to as subspace or multi dimensionality. The third dimension, which humans experience, exists within hyper-space as a subset or one of many dimensions.

This reality, according to theoretical physicists, may also be one of many parallel universes. In Michio Kaku book "HYPERSPACE" he demonstrates that the existence of higher dimensions and hyper-space is well grounded in scientific principles.

Today's theoretical physicists have clearly defined hyper-space, by introducing the existence of "wormholes" or tunnels between dimensions, alternate universes and, again theoretically, have accepted access to both the past and the future. Advances in scientific models that transcend the space-time are being researched, but most of these physicists are searching for ways to access hyper-space by a mechanical, third dimensional means.

Much evidence exists that supports the concept that the human mind is not confined to 3RD dimension realities. There is much evidence through history that the human psyche can transcended this barrier, and the new scientific models seem to duplicate this phenomena.

Throughout history there have been an abundance of people who through their minds have had the ability to access higher dimensions. These people have been called prophets, mystics, seers, diviners of oracles and psychics. Even science fiction writers, such as H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, have shown uncanny knowledge of the future in both their inventions and their writings.

These types multidimensional seers can "travel" between dimensions and this is validated by them consciously remembering visions, perceptions and interaction with the Unseen Realm of Beings. The most incredible journeys ever taken have been undergone within the realm of the human mind. These journeys might be in the form of day dreams, visions or wishful fantasy that the mental body conjures as an escape or hope for a better future. Often these mental journeys are derived from earth bound concerns.

But there are people who can mentally access other space/time continuums, these people are "multidimensional," their journeys consist of far more than just imaginings. Albert Einstein is perhaps the most renowned multidimensional of this century. His apparent ability to access regions beyond the 3RD dimension brought in a new physics and opened the door to the development of much of today's technology.

People who have multidimensional perceptions universally have a strong sense of intuitive knowing that they are seeing, feeling and experiencing something different from their every-day 3RD dimensional world. These people with multidimensional abilities see hyper-space filled with other beings, intelligence and worlds that are different from Earth - as well as seeing symbols, equations, machines, colors, and hearing sounds. These multidimensional people can channel light frequencies that contain advanced concepts and new paradigms. There seems to be a universal communication system, seen as visions, symbols, colors, numbers, or heard through unusual and not yet understood sound mechanisms.

Due to the highly strangeness of hyper-space, each person’s conscious filtration system will interpret what they see in terms of their own past experiences and knowledge. Often the information is shown visually and explained in a linear fashion in order for the mind to integrate the information to be utilized on this 3RD dimension. The dimensions are teeming with a myriad of life forms that are described as balls of light to very concrete civilizations.

People being on this frontier often experience great pitfalls. Because their experiences are so difficult to verbalize and are contrary to 3RD dimensional reality they are often dismissed as frauds or worse yet deemed as unstable. The translation of these experiences is one of the most difficult challenges encountered. Yet, those great multidimensional persons that have interpreted their findings, such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla, were considered geniuses who changed the world.

The implications of multidimensional experiences may truly represent a new evolutionary development of the human species, and are forerunners on the evolutionary path. These mind journeys will allow for advanced technological information to be brought into our 3RD reality.

Research has shown that a multidimensional minds can actually travel into hyper-space and have conscious visualization and perceptions of other time/space dimensions, including accessing information through their own DNA. Often they speak of formulas, mathematical equations and atomic structure in ways quite different from current scientific thought. Therefore a technology is possible regarding transmission and access of this hyper-space information. This technology could restructure human focus and activity.

Once properly understood, nurtured and cultivated, multidimensional abilities have much to offer humanity. The people who develop this ability will be the forerunners of a new world. Once a person begins to acknowledge they are, indeed, accessing information which exists outside known reality, the second, and perhaps largest, challenge comes in mastering their abilities.

multi-dimensions, past lives, SRT multi-dimensions, past lives, SRT



Carl Jung’s work on interpretation of dreams identified the symbolic archetypes of the collective unconscious, which frequently appear in the dream world. Time-space has not yet had this type of study. While the mind can comprehend known objects and familiar landscapes, it cannot easily comprehend something that is totally unknown.

When a multidimensional person sees something that is previously unknown to them, they must expand their concepts to integrate the new information and then be able to correlate this new knowledge into the 3RD dimension. These people must learn how to locate themselves in hyper-space and to interpret what they are experiencing, and then integrate these aspects with their 3RD dimensional selves.

Often people with multidimensional abilities are born extremely advanced. There lives are usually normal and ordinary in their early years, until one or more events activate the doorway. Once activated they enter into the next step in their ability to access hyper-space. People who are born with the awareness of their hyper-space capabilities have a much easier time integrating their experience than those who come into awareness later in life.

Activation of multidimensional abilities often results from outside stimuli that has the ability to rapidly change the mental focus between dimensions. This trigger that can rapidly change focus is known as a harmonic resonance. It may come in many forms or from a number of things (a sound, a word, a flash of light, a sentence, or an event, etc.) which acts as a key to open specific knowledge in hyper-space.

At first the triggers causing a shifting mental focus between dimension can be random and terrifying. Quite often these activating triggers will come at any time and anywhere from what might seem to be unidentified words, phrases, emotions, written material, TV, other people, etc. Though the shift of focus might seem random the trigger determines the destination in hyper-space.

Large amounts of information will be revealed when a multidimensional is directed in a definite way to a given area. The activating harmonic resonance serves the same function as a computer query into a database Although there may be unlimited data available, the query sets the parameters for specific information concerning a given topic.

Tones are one of the most common mechanisms for causing or enabling a person to switch dimensions. The brain will respond or resonate by producing similar electrical signals when certain types of sound frequencies are heard. Therefore, special states of awareness - sleep, tranquillity, etc. - can be produced by hearing a certain sound pattern. A tone is heard with which the brain will resonate, and a corresponding state will ensue.

r> multi-dimensions, past lives, SRT multi-dimensions, past lives, SRT

Everything Has An Energy Aura

All existence has an energy frequency
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