One's first step in wisdom is to question everything and one's last is to come to terms with everything.

George Christoph Lichtenberg

"The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross and which to burn."

(David Russell)

The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Wisdom begins in wonder."


The only way to learn is by changing your mind.

Orson Scott Card

Surfs Up!!!

For me surfing is a metaphor of life and I would like to use it as an analogy to describe and illuminate what my path of ascension has been or felt like. We are all learning how to flow or dance to a new rhythm of energy and maybe this will help you learn how to get into your personal rhythm or flow. So I think of how surfing feels to me and how it feels when I am able to be in resonance with Soul / Source energy. Or what I know and define as Soul / Source energy at this point of my evolution.

Life is the ocean of energy. Waves are the currents created by our thoughts, programs, imprints, etc. The beach is the physical and the horizon is the non-physical. We find ourselves on the beach longing to out on the horizon were the waves form. The wave is the energy or current of water, it is the flow of energy and to ride that flow is exhilarating because you are deifying gravity, another way to look at it is like walking on water. They say Jesus did it, why can't we? To get to that point where we can catch a ride on the wave we have to overcome the points where the waves break and reform. The trials and tribulations of life! A cycle of waves is called a set this would be similar to lifetimes, years, hours etc. Theses cycles of sets have a tone or rhythm, much like our thoughts or emanating feelings or life themes.

To ride the wave we need to get to that point where we feel the pulse of energy begin to rise. We are searching for that rise of energy to carry us upon the wave. We wouldn't find the breaking point of the wave through our thought process, but by our feeling heart and energy system. Observing the patterns or cycles helps to begin to comprehend a sense of divine timing.

In our eagerness, impatience or whatever, we jump into the ocean and begin paddling towards the horizon and general direction to where it appears that the waves are forming. At first it seems easy to move or walk through the shallow break points till we get to that juncture where there is nothing to anchor us from getting caught up in the current. Like when we are over our head. The current is strong, it can push you down to the ocean floor and dragging you across the bottom. If the bottom is a coral reef it can slice and dice you which can serve as a good reminder to recast. This place is known as the impact zone. Think of how the consensual consciousness has impacted you and knocked you to the ground. Unfortunately in life we haven't mastered this ability but in surfing you quickly learn that struggling against the current depletes your energy and can over power you. It's the edge of life and death especially if you get into a state of fear or panic. It's what I call scary-cite (scary but exciting all at once) much like the path of ascension. Walking through new territory of thoughts and paradigms.

If you don't know how to maneuver the current it can overpower you and take you down along the bottom. The impact zone is a force that demands respect and its' not a place to be without will or fortitude. If you go through life without intent it's easy to become overpowered by the current and schisms to elude you from true function. The universal law of attraction is obvious in this zone ---if you lose sovereignty in your energy field you become swept up in the currents of physical life / mundane life and the whims of others.

If you struggle it will drain you. Struggling is like over-involvement in lives of others, knowing what is best for someone other than self, but not taking care of your own business. If it is of a denser vibration it will sink or drown you like karma that goes unreleased. Learning how to get through the impact zone requires feeling the energy and flowing with it to a point were you can cross over it with out being pounded by it, is to develop communication for visionary knowledge. The top of the wave is the swell or kundalini chi energy and were the force is at its greatest. Feeling the rhythm of the waves you begin to recognize the tones of light language that signal the pattern cycle or timing rhythm. To make it across the impact zone with enough strength to catch a wave you learn to sense which action to make ---going over or under a wave is much like re weaving your grid work. If you have enough dissonance /distance you dive over the wave or swim under to clear past the top.

So you made it past the impact zone and you are in the space between break points. If you listen you can hear the rhythm of wave sets play the tone of gratitude in true symphony. The impact zone could be likened to rectifying our ancestral tapestry to play in true orchestration. Once past the zone it enables realignment and making an interconnection that honors and respects nature. The distance between sets cultivates how much time you have to sit on your board, gently bobbing up and down, like being in the temple of ascension tests and assessment to examine through your council minutes and check to see if new orders are issued for you to begin a new purpose. Surfing inherently cultivates true law to feel and sense the subtle, and sexual energy currents.

Patience enhances the ability to be in true timing, grounded and present in the moment. With practice and active listening /feeling you soon began to recognize feel of energy swelling up into forming the crest of the wave. Rigidity maintains the struggle where as surrendering develops the flexibility to surf the energy flow. Allowing the wave to uplift you and paddling as hard and fast to stay in rhythm with the energy movement is catching the wave. As you are catching the wave you begin rising to stand up on your board. Your distribution of weight and stance will determine your direction and able to make an angle to slide into the curl of the wave. The exhilaration of sliding on top of the water with just you and your board, nestled in the tube of the wave, is …. Intending ascension is much like surfing! The exhilaration of being close to oneness as each wave carries you forth.

I hope to have inspired some excitement for the gift we received by doing the work, having the discipline, desire, clear defined intention, alignment and flexibility to follow your heart and discover your purpose. I believe it is truly worth the admission ticket for the journey!!!