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Past life readings, clairvoyant guidance

Soul Reading Time lines Cleared

Past Life /Akashic Records Reading For:...

Experience Transformational Healing Soul Re patterning

Insights a Past Life / Akashic Record reading will reveal to heal karmic issues and overcome patterns.

Are You anxious and fearful about life???

Are You constantly struggling???

Is it Your Job to suffer and sacrifice???

Are You obligated to respond how others Do???

Is it Your Job to emotionally fulfill everyone?

Are You carrying the weight of the world?

Are You absorbing other peoples discordant energy???

Are You making unhealthy choices?

Are You afraid of things coming easily?

Are You life dreams being sabotaged?

Are You being tested by repetitive dramas ???

Do You feel doomed to having the same outcome???

Have You tried everything ... Yet things don't change?

The list can go on…

Soul reading, past life, karmic connections readings

Often these are clues that an issue, pattern or belief is rooted in a past life experience that is influencing and directing your present life.

These contracts, vows, agreements, promises, or oaths are all bonds limiting your potential. They no longer serve you but are so strongly imprinted that you can't imagine life without them.

Sometimes they aren't even your programs! You could be living the agenda of another Soul that is hitch hiking a ride. It is so familiar that you don't even notice. This energy is a parasite draining your life force. Often it is the subconscious voice within sabotaging and derailing your life choices. Over time it can fill your aura with toxic emotions and erode your faith, enthusiasm and will to live fully and presently.

Getting free of this energy can be done by researching the Akashic Records to find the root cause or origins of the Soul patterns, agreements or vows made that are continuously being played out in different life themes. These bonds are NOT in your Soul's best interest. The karmic debt was paid off long ago. It is just an ancient broken record / program that has never been fully removed or updated.

The process requires retrieving your missing, damaged Soul fragments and returning fragments that are not your own. Clearing the energy and re-educating the Soul of its present life purpose.

Research Soul Blueprints /Akashic Records

Soul reading, past life, karmic connections readings

A past life reading is not about whether you were some historical figure but about the experiences that are influencing and directing your life... Now!

A Past Life / Soul Mate or Karmic relationship reading illuminates why you are attracted to: specific people, places or experiences in your life.

  • Why something feels so familiar.
  • Why similar experiences keep happening in your life?
  • Why you might attract people who hurt you the same way over and over?
  • Clarifying what the experience was in the original past life connection reveals
  • The basic karmic nature influencing the present relationship.
  • Helping you to gain greater understanding of your reactions.

Soul reading, past life, karmic connections readings

Understanding your past history can reveal secret forces directing your present relationships. These insights can give you the tools to transform the relationship or complete it with grace and love.

A Soul reading can help you heal the wounded Soul. Clearing the distortions in the directives --- liberates you from the old bonds to move on to a new lesson.

Healing your Spiritual connection awakens intuitive / psychic gifts and talents for fulfilling your Soul's purpose.

The layers and depths that have been distorted by the energy must be cleared and re-aligned to a new blueprint, directive or Divine plan that will be for the highest good of the Soul's journey.

Soul reading, past life, karmic connections readings

You will be amazed to feel the energy frequencies channeled via phone in this TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALING PROCESS..

Resolving Past Life Issues Releases an Energetic Anchor...

Insights To Live More Fully In The Present!

Allows Choices Instead Of Reactions.

Stop Paying and Start Reaping Karma Rewards!!!

Deborah's clairvoyant, empathic, and intuitive healing gifts...provides enlightening insights for you to discover the root-causes of issues, beliefs, experiences and karmic patterns that originate from past, present and parallel life situations...HINDERING YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH!!!

"I have spent many summer vacations (times between lives) working as a librarian in the Hall of Records. I know the filling system to find where antiquated records are stacked. I am very persistent and diligent in following the energy to the core root cause."

Soul reading, past life readings



Blessings On Your Journey!

Soul reading, past life readings

The greatest battles of your life are fought within the private chambers of your own soul.