Deborah Eidson's compassionate approach to inspire and awaken self love in clients

Deborah Edson compassion and insights learned on journey to assist all to heal and thrive

"He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened."

-Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.

Joseph Campbell:

Great visions often start with small dreams.

The great secret of happiness is to be at ease with yourself.


A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step."

(Mao Tse-tung (Zedong)

"The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention."

Julia Margaret Cameron

Intention and Sacred manner she holds for each client


Want To Join Me?

I am pondering on how to introduce my self. I want to express the true essence of my heart. What could I write about myself that would provoke a deep and clear sense of knowing that you have finally found the operator that knows the number to dial a direct connection with your higher-self. You probably have been trying many different numbers on your journey. (Because obviously you are searching for something or you wouldn't be here now.) Maybe the numbers you have are no longer in service, or an automatic line for being put on hold --- to sit in limbo, hurrying up to wait.

(What frustration! Trust that this connection is a direct dial to the supervisor's desk. Can you hear the ringing on the line? Do you feel excitement, great relief or anxiety about making a connection with the supervisor in charge? Has your frustration of not making the connection eroding your the desire to make it?) Be comforted with the knowing that your call will be answered this time. So I ask myself again, what could I say that would spark your desire to dial a direct connection to source?

What people notice first about me is my smile and the joy I radiate that touches their hearts. A dear friend once said she never worried when she lost me in a store because all she had to do was stop and listen for my laughter. Learning to laugh at myself unlocked the courage to laugh at my fear of exposing my vulnerability. I allowed my uninhibited nature to be liberated. Trying to suppress the inner beast or tame my wild side was a full time job of constant self doubt and endless records of discouragement playing over and over in my head. Walking on eggshells, shy and what if-ing myself about everything.

One day it just escaped and it wasn't going back in the box. It took me to the brink of life and down the tunnel of light. There comes a time when you just have to pick up your toys and end the game because the only out was stalemate or death--- just to do it all over again. It scared me enough to try another tactic which was to stop fighting it and just accept it. I Didn't like that part of me at first, but then I began to discovered that it had a delightfully charming energy that could turn frowns up side down. That uninhibited side of me was quite delightful and it was a lot more amusing, often I just opened my mouth long enough to change feet. Humor has really taught my how to lighten up on my self and overcome a lot of limitation. Now I don't have much shame in my game.

The qualities that my clients experience is a feeling of being accepted and loved. They recognize that I am not judging there issues, which breaks through many barriers of resistance because, I give them permission to feel, what they feel, and they don't have to defend their experience. They feel a bond of trust, security, calmness and feel inspired to make changes in their life. I will walk with them trough trials and tribulations. I wear many hats such as: spiritual mentor, life coach, cruise director, archeological detective --- researching origins of patterns, digging up buried erroneous beliefs, and most importantly helping them search for their lost humor.

My intention is for the client to become empowered, I do not want to enslave them with dependency. My intention is to raise them above the trees when they are lost in the forest. So they can gleam the pearls of wisdom created from their life experiences. I see the beauty and magnificence in everyone's life dance. I give them permission to live life fully, present alternative possibilities if they so chose, but most importantly I point to the white elephant in the room--- just in case they have managed not to believe it exists. I let them know its only hiding under the lamp shade. They need to know that the lamp shade is a futile attempt for playing the ostrich game and only they are tricking themselves into believing it doesn't exist.

What I love most about myself is being able to honestly look at myself in the mirror and say "I love you!" Feeling, Seeing, hearing and knowing that is a truth! Owning that as a truth because I really live it --- I feel it, hear it, know it and see that love reflected back to me from the mirror of myself through the reflection of the people around me. My friends anticipate my needs before I know I have them, as I do for them.

Aligning with the power of an absolute truth activates a vibrational resonance with the energy of love. Expanding and holding this alignment is awaking a remembrance of what it means to be one with all! It is also helping me glimpse the magnitude of goodness of my true essence. It is activating me to own, live, embody and radiate the frequency of loving compassion towards myself, others and all life. Learning to maintain that resonance with compassionate love is a powerful alignment with truth and spirit. Keeping my intent on opening my heart wider with compassion is transforming my perception to detach from judgment allowing a greater acceptance of life generating a radiance of love to beam from me, expanding my connection with spirit which boosts the volume of spirit.

I feel my greatest personal strength is my undeniable faith and trust in the spiritual realm being a reality. That trust in my connection with spirit and co-operative alignment instills me with the confidence that all is possible. The person I was before that connection was realized and the Being I am now! are night and day! Finding that thread of faith and holding onto it through the torrential hail of challenge is a hard earned quality.

When I drew up the design for this incarnation I was laboring under the delusion that pain and suffering was the only way to learn, and failure would pay many of my karmic debts. The challenges that I set up to learn through had corrupted files that caused great erroneous distortions in my life programs, it made sure that a profound undeniable separation of spirit was felt and created an endurance course that looped, sabotaged, self punished and had a library of back up programs to be reinstalled just in case I might accidentally open the door to the truth. I created a maze of dead end paths to fully experience limitation, blind me from hope and possibility. The separation so great that only abandonment, loneliness and fear would enforce to validate my corrupted beliefs of damnation in order to fulfill my karmic debts.

I didn't come in this life with the programming of ease and comfort. It took a lot of spiritual 2x4s hitting me on the head to finally wake me up to stop playing the game. Thank spirit that the misery was greater than the change in order for me to throw in the towel. If you can't beat them join them. In this case it was appropriate to learn the art of surrender without defeat. Energy just creates more of the same energy. Realizing that surrendering the resistance to living life of the consensual reality locked me in the limitation and imprisoned my soul from entering into the physical.

I accepted being human having a spiritual experience the veil of illusion had enshrouded me to forget that I am spirit having a human experience. Piercing the veil has lead me to the awareness to include the realm of spirit without needing to prove its existence through tangible evidence that the consensual realty demands. If forced me to question what was truth and whether that was in my best or was I blindly following the herd. Leaving the herd was hard but the rewards are far greater than I ever imagined.

My life is filled with all of things I never possible and I am now the director of this movie. Life is for my amusement so what are you going to do to amuse me! And I have become the funniest person I know!

Desiring and focusing my intention to align with my spiritual purpose acts like a knob that boosts the volume of Spirit's voice. It's song soothes my fears of abandonment and separation and affirms that I am supported and surrounded with love. This knowing allows me to surrender my need to control and judge life I know and I am learning how to take full responsibility for creating my life and the experiences that I draw to me. I am really and truly becoming more conscious of the choices I make and how they affect my life. My faith and trust fuels my courage to honestly look at the root motivations creating situations and scenarios that don't support love and abundance. Developing and learning to be honest as to what I believe is my truth and learning how to recognize the distortions without judgment is a very challenging path to follow.

Denial is a big river to cross and has a strong current that can sweep you downstream very quickly if you are not determined and willing to stay focused on the other side. I understand how easily our fortitude can be drained and we surrender into the illusion of being powerless. We have come to believe the price of love and acceptance is bought by giving our power away. We do that by believing opinions and judgments from others to the truth because they know something we don't. Why do we do that? Why do we believe their choices and perceptions have more importance than our own. I guess its easier to abdicate responsibility than being accountable. That is a great illusion because responsibility sets you free. You can create what you want in your life. It doesn't have to be what has been. Why be a kid in a candy store when you can own the candy store.

The quality that I have worked the hardest to develop in myself is compassion. I paid dearly to learn the lesson of allowance and acceptance. Understanding that everyone is exactly were they need to be and have created the experiences they are drawing to them in order to learn from. Realizing that you don't have to fix any one just allow them to fall so they can learn to walk. Loving them so much you allow them to learn through their experiences.

So much of our existence has been aligned learning through trauma and drama that it is a habit and requires deprogramming to accept learning through lessons of love. I would love to help others to discover the perfection of life and see that within themselves ---healing the scars of self-judgment and self-punishment. So we can all live and be in resonance with our Soul purpose grounding the energy into the physical realm.

IS That Not What We Are Here For?