There are two kinds of light--the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures.

James Thurber (1894 - 1961)

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star."

Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.

John Lennon

Gratitude is the heart's memory.

-- French Proverb

Spiritual Mission

The Light Core...Service!

Spiritual Lightworker, Akashic records
Spiritual Lightworker, Akashic records

Training To Be A Lightworker

My calling is to be a lightworker of the New Millennium. I have been attuned to subtle energy vibrations and trained to channel a range of multi-dimensional energy frequencies that enact healing in Humanity, the Plant and Animal Kingdoms as well as stabilizing energy in the earth’s light grids.

Through the years I have been undergoing training in what I call the Night Schools of the Unseen Realm. My Soul has been in various schools of healing on many dimensions. Along with consciously yearning to actualize my Spirit through the personality, I have opened a direct line of communication with my Spirit and other Dimensional Beings.

At first conscious contact was with Spirit guides and Angels which helped to develop my intuition to receive guidance from different orders of the Brotherhood of light. My vibration was accelerated in order to receive the teachings from various Ascended Masters and Dimensional Beings. As my vibration increased my consciousness expanded and many truths held dear to me had to be released and replaced with truths contrary to the consensual reality.

Undergoing this journey rocked the foundations of my Being and all that I considered as reality. I have had an easier time than most undergoing this journey of self-discovery because I was awake coming into this incarnation. What that means is that I made agreements that my Soul’s purpose is to be an emissary of light.

Spiritual Lightworker, Akashic records
Spiritual Lightworker, Akashic records

Developing The Transformational Healing Process

The Transformational Healing Process developed from my heightened multi-sensory abilities to perceive more than the physical realm. As my consciousness expanded to include other dimensions I began overcoming the limitations of the physical world. The biggest obstacle is living in mechanical time to jumping into the time / space continuum which is all time is Now.

This leap brought about the ability to transcend some of the boundaries of time and space which allows for distant healing and vibrational healing. When we see time past, present and future as Now we can go to the root cause of old baggage originating from beliefs, decisions, experiences, etc. and heal the energy blockages they create. When we are able to totally transcend the time / space boundary we will be able teleport our whole bodies into other locales and dimensions.

Spiritual Lightworker, Akashic records
Spiritual Lightworker, Akashic records

How The Process Works

How the process works is through a connection with my higher-self that interfaces with my Light Body so that I can enter into the Hall of Akashic Records and into the healing chambers. To began with I must have permission from the client’s Soul to come into their energy field or open their Akashic records. Initial contact with a potential client this is always asked of their spirit, often by passing their conscious mind. With permission an energetic connection is made.

This is a vertical alignment that my light body connects with the client’s spiritual body in a figure eight loop for information transference. The figure eight is important so not to become enmeshed in the clients energy but be connected to gather information and to stimulate energy frequencies that will start discharging the energy blockages.

Most psychic’s work in a circle which makes it easy to interpret the mundane world. The psychic is also interpreting from their life experiences and can easily instill beliefs that might not be in the interest of your highest Soul growth. It is kind of like being in the forest and not seeing the trees. Where as a vertical alignment pulls your frequency up and you see from your Soul’s viewpoint.

Soul calling to be a Lightworker
Deborah Edson mission and spiritual purpose

What Happens During The Process

As the connection is made I begin reading the energy field from the Aura into the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Issues that the client is concerned about can be seen here and then I follow the energy lines to its root-cause.

For example if you as a client might have a relationship challenge the root could be a karmic connection that is wanting closure or it could be a pattern that begins early in this life with a parent or genealogically inherited and goes through several generations and lifetimes.

Insight is channeled explaining the connection and you will feel within the resonance to the truth. As you begin to resonate with the truth a vibrational frequency starts to stimulate healing. Then I guide you through a visualization that connects the energy block in the physical and you discharge it by embracing it with love.

Once you start to feel the resonance you have entered into the chamber of healing. Many Light Beings are working on you at that point. Things are going on beyond the physical realm but you are still conscious of your physical. Many people see, feel, hear or sense the presence of these Beings around them and some of the work they are doing on them.

Often a client will feel the healing as energy sensations of tingling, heat, cold, nauseous, dizziness, coughing or visuals etc. Every person has a unique experience to the process. The general consensus is that they feel lighter. Some people have a very profound experience and others it might not be as intense.

The process continues for three days and can bring up lots of old emotions or stimulate a healing crisis that mimics the flu or a cold. This is caused by the emotional, mental and etheric bodies detoxifying faster than the physical body can eliminate. Essential oils can be suggested to help the process and bring you to a new level of understanding for developing new beliefs that fill the void of the old belief.

Spiritual Lightworker, Akashic records
Spiritual service to nature

Lightworker Service Duties.

As our consciousness expands we take on more responsibility in the form of service work. This work is how I pay for rent on Gaia and it is accomplished through my work with weather and earth changes.

This is an agreement that I made to be a co-creator and steward of the garden. I work within a group of Light Beings that are helping Gaia evolve. This group includes the Brotherhood of Light, Ascended Masters, Greater Building Elementals: Air / fire / earth / water, and Devas of the mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms. It also includes a multitude of Angels, Terrestrial and Serephain Angels ( which are the Ones helping to birth new Souls from other dimensions) and other lightworkers like my self.

We all have agreed to be in service to a specialized part of the grand plan. I have never seen the whole plan but glimpsed a probable direction we are headed towards.

My specific work entails feeling the energy shifts through my whole being and anchoring light into the earth changes. What usually occurs during these immense energy shifts is my body becomes sort of a seismograph feeling the energy and signaling to my conscious that an earth change is happening.

For example: volcanoes can feel very hot in my stomach, earthquakes are felt as spasms in my colon, tornadoes, cyclones and hurricanes produce a spinning sensation. I have been tracking these sensations for years and now am familiar and able to distinguish what is going on.

Another aspect of this is that I seem to sleep during the changes. My phone will be ringing by my ear and I will not hear it. What is really going on is that I go into my light body and move to the area in distress.

I am the whisper on the wind or intuitive flash that tells people and animals to leave a building or take another direction. Those are the Souls who’s time is not up.

I help to open the portals of light for the one’s who are leaving this plane. Sometimes I feel their joyous reunion with spirit. Other times I feel the incredible grief of the Animal kingdom’s demise due to humanities interference and ignorance. Many animals have been lost because they were locked away and unable to escape. They have an innate sense that warns them of coming changes through their ability to perceive subtle energy.

Spiritual Lightworker, Akashic records
Spiritual Lightworker, Akashic records

Discovering Your Service

Many of you are doing this work but might not have agreed to consciously know what your service is or have begun it yet. As we expand our consciousness it increases intuition. The mental body often has a great resistance to things not of this world.

It is the one that automatically directs the physical body to continue on the Earth plane. It sends messages through the nervous systems to function. It has a way of thinking it is the master and doesn’t listen to the other bodies until they are screaming which is what pain is about. The mental body has to feel safe to give up control for acting upon intuition and Spiritual directives. It is doing its job and quite well.

Lessening the resistance comes by validation. Each time you have an intuitive impression just acknowledge it, and over time the mental body will begin to trust and rely upon the information.

Another issue is learning to identify and recognize subtle energies. Once again the mental body blocks that world because it doesn’t know what is friend or foe. As you begin to work with your guides and the energies ask that they signal you in a special way: it could be a sound, color, scent, physical sensation or a symbol. Listen to how your whole Being resonates with the energy. This resonance is what knowing is all about.

Different energies have different frequencies and you will start to be more aware of the myriad of life forms beyond the usual physical senses. This knowing or resonance heightens all your senses and you become what is known as multi-sensory. This activates multi-dimensional sensory and tasking which is the perception of different realms and the ability to split your focus and hold your intent on the different dimensions at once.

You begin to be the creator of your reality and become responsible for manifesting what you need to become a vehicle to actualize your Spirit into the physical realm. You set out your intention on what you want to manifest and know that it will be realized if it is aligned with Spirit and move onward to the next step for what it takes to maintain and use that which you manifest.

actualization of soul in the physical plane
energetic alignment to highest virtue LOVE

Vision Of My Spirit

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