A slice of my life.

I guess it is about time that I posted pictures of me.

For years clients have asked to see what I look like other than my computer generated collages that are sprinkled throughout the site.

So here are some pictures of my life, partner, family and home.

Picture Gallery One

Click picture for close up view

ITEM 1-1
This is a picture of me and hanging in the background is one of my art pieces. A piece of art made during my hand made paper stage. I first had a cast made of my face and then I casted it with the paper I made. It is a collage of found objects with a Native American theme.

ITEM 1-2
Love Struck!
This was taken at one of Louie's gigs. I am all a twiter (hence my goofy expression) listening to Louie make such beautiful music.

ITEM 1-3
Make it pretty Louie!
His rendition of "Ruby" can melt the coldest heart. He serenaded his way into my heart! His sweet nature and tremendous talent was catnip. People were always consoling me after Rex's passing by saying I was luck to have one great Love because most don't have that. I tell you what I am doubly blessed to have 2 great Loves! The angels brought us together and have overseen the healing of our hearts!

ITEM 1-4
Robert, Louie and Me.
Robert is the fiddle player with Louie who sings, plays mandolin and guitar for his band the Texas Rhythm Rangers.

ITEM 1-5
Cosmo the Great!
My faithful companion who traveled the country with me entertaining people coast to coast with his rock (or should I say boulder) diving and fetch feats.

ITEM 1-6
Dear Sunny boy...
He was my "Yodi" (Remember the Star Wars teacher of Luc Skywalker) He taught all of the pack the Obe-Wan-Can-Nobe technique and they do it rather effective. They have me wrapped around their paws!

ITEM 1-7
Lucy and Cosmos!
Dear Lucy was the love of Louie's life till I came. I remeber that first day she came to the house, she was terrified of the cats and Cosmos but more so of the intensity between Louie and me. I don't know what the Cats said to her but she crawled into a dark corner where we found her trembling uncontrollably. She was so sensitive and those cats were so mean they hurt her feelings. "Why do they stick their tails in my face to sniff and then turn around and pounce on me?" It didn't take long for the group to fall in love with Princess Lucy and she was trilled to be apart of such a loving family and the cherry was having someone cook for her.

ITEM 1-8
Lightsey Sage House
One side of the duplex. You can see how it is nestled in the trees and the second floor feels like a tree house.

ITEM 1-9
Bohemian Artist Crossing!
I had a vision of sitting under the passion vine creating art so We started hauling rocks up from the creek to make the space but it turned into an out door kitchen and a river rock patio for sitting under the shade cloth. We call it our cabana. A perfect place for a siesta or star gazing. You can see the back end of the turtle mosaic made with creek rocks. Coming out of the turtle's back is a found art sculpture work in progress. I want it to represent the tree of life coming out of the turtle.

ITEM 1-10
Blue Turtle Moon
We are members of the turtle herd, a tribe of land and sea turtle people.
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.
James Bryant Conant

ITEM 1-11
Sacred Spring Waters!
Music is the heart and Barton Springs is the Soul of Austin!

This is on the Barton Creek Greenbelt close to my house. This greenbelt runs through South Austin and is a popular place for swimming, hiking, biking, and hanging out. Austin is surrounded with lakes, rivers, and many spring fed creeks. It is on the edge of the hill country, sitting on the balcones fault line with many limestone caverns that are water recharge zones. .

ITEM 1-12
View from back bedroom balcony
The duplex is nestled in the trees and the creek winds around the back.
Wooded oasis in the midst of urban convenience!