Picture Gallery Two

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ITEM 2-1
This is one of my found art sculptures. The hat lifts up and a tea candle fits in the head area. It is one of my favorite pieces. The sculptures is a co-creative effort of Louie and me. I do all of the collecting of pieces of metal, objects, etc and most of the design configurations but not all, Louie has the job of figuring it out how to make them all attach together. I am learning how to use power tools and have done some of the pieces. I do leave the tricky intricate parts for Louie to do because he is a genius at that.

ITEM 2-2
This is another of our favorite candle scultptures. The cracked crystal glass chimney beautifly reflects the light upwards and on the side light projects heart shapes from the cut-outs on the side.

ITEM 2-3
This was a very unusual piece that had nordic energy and Southwest American Indian energy. Now who would have thought to put those to energy and styles together. I had a home it was going to and already found its owner. The picture doesn't do it justice. The bottom is a retro pottery piece with lines of design of the southwest Indians, the blue color and the frosted crystal globe give it a cool wintery feel and with its' clean lines contribute to the nordic feel, as well as the retro hammered aluminum cup. What you don't see is the sunflower ring around the brass candle holder. The sunflower is very native and I wanted to represent the corn. As all of my pieces there is a lot of symbolism and energetic woven into the piece and each one has its own story.

Vibrational healing, Transformational Therapy
ITEM 2-4
A fun night at the hacienda... In Texas this kind of party is known as a pickin and grinin. Friends, Spirits, Food and Music...

Ascension and energy shifts, unseen realm
ITEM 2-5
Gathering of the tribe.
This was a party at our house. People gather around and play music. This was about 100 folks scattered around the grounds. Some out back around the fire.

Akashic records and past life karma
ITEM 2-6
Past Life as an Indian?
This is Louie and I in the TeePee at randevous. Which is re-anactment of trade camp gatherings in the 1800's with the Mountain Men and Indians. It's fun! I made my buckskins and got to relive a past life.