Ask questions from your heart and you will be answered from the heart.

--- Omaha Proverb

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens."

--- Jimi Hendrix

A seeker of truth is no stranger to controversy.

--- Eric Schaub


Simple exercises to communicate with Higher-Self...

Light language, channeling spirit Angels, spirit guieds, ascended masters


Intuition is an instrumental factor for making choices such as: determining which oils, quantity, where, and how to use them. If the idea of relying on intuition is new to you, this chapter describes various techniques to develop a method that enhances your ability to readily access guidance. Included are simple methods to self-test, as well as more advanced techniques to acquire information from other people. Practice the technique that you respond to the most. Experimentation with the different methods promotes versatility and enhances attention skills, which culminates in building greater self-confidence and trust in intuition faculties. Versatility is instrumental in developing a language containing a larger vocabulary to effectively communicate with the Higher-Self. In addition, intuition helps to overcome influences of the conscious mind because it by-passes the filter distortions of learned, inherited, or collective consciousness behavior. These methods are very valuable for sharpening your discernment abilities, which encourage creating your reality motivated by Love and Spiritual Purpose. Trust and practice quickly master each of these simple techniques.

Light language, channeling spirit Expanding consciousness accessing intuitive guidance from source


Learning to be more conscious of subtle energies is heightened by paying close attention to your environment, energy, and reactions occurring within and around you. This is training for heightening your intuitive awareness. Energy is a language that is understood on an intuitive level of awareness. Observation enhances your intuitive ability for interpreting messages from Spirit. All forms of life produce an energy frequency that can speak to us if only we would be still and listen… we would hear the answers we are seeking.

how to perceive subtle energy shifts highten awareness and coscious responsibility for actions, thoughts deeds


  • Arrange your body in a comfortable position, which can be either sitting or standing. Be conscious not to cross any limbs over the body, which acts to short-circuit the body's polarity.

  • " Drink a glass of water before proceeding, because dehydration causes an imbalance within the electrical system of the body, thus making it difficult to receive a clear and accurate answer.

  • " Spend a few minutes doing meditative breathing, such as; allowing each inhale breath to calm the mind and each exhale breath to release tension held in the body or any technique you are familiar with.

  • " As with any technique, always begin by clearing the mind first and precisely articulating your intent. " The Invoking Guidance from Source Meditation" included in the book, * is a useful guideline to help train you to the concept of asking for assistance. It also establishes a greater bond with various energies that are willing resources. In addition, it helps to calm and focus the mind. Another option is to create your own invocation that is meaningful to you.

  • " Intuition requires a high degree of alertness, therefore being tired affects your ability to sense subtle vibrations. Prescience is a result of heightened awareness skills, so by training your perception to become more consciously aware increases your accuracy. As a result, an expanded state of awareness is achieved that perceives the subtle energy around you, which is normally overlooked or filtered out by the logical mind. Another outcome of a keen intuition is using the right-brain, thus encouraging one to discover possible latent creative talents.

learning how to expand awareness techniques and exercises to expand awareness


  • These guide lines introduce various techniques useful in establishing a direct link for receiving information from Source. In addition, they help by-pass filter distortion of information transmitted between the unconscious and the conscious. Intuition is a language with which to receive and communicate messages from the unconscious, physical, emotional, and Spiritual bodies.

  • " A person with a competent degree of trust in their intuition can easily choose the oils needed --- just by noticing the ones that attract their attention and trusting the information. Intuition flashes can be perceived through all the senses, such as hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, or possibly tasting. This information becomes known by noticing the changes and differences of sensations such as energy pulsing in vibrational frequencies or as hot and cold feelings. The important thing to stress is to pay close attention in distinguishing the subtle differences.

  • " Another method to choose an oil is using the list provided in the appendix of the book. When reading the names, consider the one that jumps out at you. Experiment by running your finger down the list. The oil it stops at is a candidate. Possibly you will feel a hot, cold, tingling hair "standing on end," or the body will feel some type of vibrational sensation.

  • " Try closing your eyes and slowly move your finger down the list, and when a color becomes perceived by the inner-eye, this indicates the possibility of needing the oil. It is also feasible to see either the yes or no word spelled. Through dialoguing with the unconscious mind chose specific colors to represent and define which is a yes or no.

  • " Hearing a yes or no, as well as becoming aware of a buzzing, thumping, or some other distinctive sound is another appropriate method in which to communicate with the unconscious.

  • " Dialogue with the unconscious and request it to emit a consistent symbol, particular color, particular sensation, or sound that identifies a yes and no. You can consciously develop this language by defining symbolic representation and affirming its meaning. It is necessary to do repetitive practice so that it becomes an established pattern that will easily enact unconsciously. Begin by using the sense that is easiest for you to access: for example-hearing, visualizing, or feeling. Once mastered, try heightening another sense.

  • " Another easy method is to ask the unconscious mind to address an issue by opening a book to a meaningful page and reading it. This often leads to relevant information for the issue. Then close your eyes and flip through the pages, stopping at the one that feels right.

Light language, channeling spirit Angels, spirit guieds, ascended masters