If you do not know where you are going, any road will take you there."

Sterling Holloway,
voice of Chesire Cat,
"Alice in Wonderland"

"Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul."

Wayne Dyer

To ignore evil is to become an accomplice to it.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.

Most people seek after what they do not possess and are enslaved by the very things they want to acquire.

Anwar El-Sadat


No exits Till Highway Ends!

Some might feel it as the light and dark in battle, maybe bringing us to the death or/ brink of civilization as we know it now, or to the possibility that there really is a way off this merry-go-round and polarity's relentless game of tug-a-war or we just continue doing the same old thing and expecting a different outcome. That is how crazy a species we really are. We think we are the only ones that have intelligence, just ask any Dog if that is true. Of course Dyslexic God will say "Yes, Yes you are the Man" while snickering under its breath; you know Dog is saying to itself, "Give me a bone man because you choose to be slave". Ask Cat who just grins that Cheshire smile and says to self "Silly slave, I decide whether to I talk to you, or not!" That kinda sums it up --- We are an enslaved delusional race addicted to limitation. It's either / or, black / white, good / bad it's all the same. Much too gullible to see what is going on under its nose? So caught up in the story, believing the need for a Savior to come riding up on it's white steed to rescue us from ….hum? (Oh yeah, fear of ourselves! We just haven't figured that out yet!)

As a whole the species known as thinking man or upright monkey boy are waiting for someone to do it for them. That is the way its been and why do it any different? They just want get back to floating down the De-Nile and take that handful of Happy Campers. That is their truth! All they want is for someone to be nailed up on the cross, instead of going through the crosswalk. Instead of making a choice and being responsible to take care of themselves, they want to be "right" with adamant indignity that serves by giving reason to their insanity, to lament for eternity as a martyr. To earn the privilege to lead the light brigade with that worn out edict "Let the games begin": To be king of the hill, My God is better than your God, or My God has an army, what-cha-gona-do? The other side retorting, because there is always another side, --- "I am going to annihilate you! Because you are Evil!" A judgment from a dyslexic God ---End to "Live" because it is "Evil", can't "Live because it's Evil!" It's a game of ping pong, and its all for Love / nothing. Do we wonder how we got here?

Through the Looking Glass --- into the hall of mirrors!

There always comes a point in life / game that you grow out of like "Dress Up" in mom's clothes, changing hats, trying on other's shoes, sleeping in other people's beds, you know. You can keep pretending to play the "Goldilocks" game, but remember as the story goes the Bears return home at some point, only to find an intruder had been and is in one of their beds. What do you think is going to be Bear's reaction, ---is it a mean bear or a nice forgiving Bear? Didn't look to see what the price was for that bed, other words you chose to played first, pay later plan. That is an established plan the status quo ticket, so why look any further. The ad states it's the best deal and lowest price and you know "it's got to be true if it is in print!" It's so much easier to play it safe than shop around for another deal, or look else where. So easily parted from their money! Not even taking the time to read the fine print, because what trips you up are the terms and conditions! Then there are the people that only play by the rules because it is all they know how to do. Not for me, the interests those sharks charge is called usury and that sums it up in a nut shell.

Maybe you haven't considered what the fine print will cost you in the long run, but whatever you do "DON'T Eat The Porridge!" You might end up down a gopher hole, instead of rabbit hole! Ending up in nightmare that will be far more terrifying than "Alice in Wonder land" my luck it would be "Gopher in Bummer Land". Once there I would wish that it was "off with your head" (because that allows you to get in your heart) but in Gopher's realm the shadows are dark beings that feed off energy and dump karma into the records of unsuspecting Souls. That's right we have been there before!

Ooops! Took it out of the box and get it back in the box!

There is a point on the spiritual journey that demands total commitment and attention. It becomes a way of life because you have tasted your authentic self and there are no substitutions on that menu. Anything else would be made with artificial ingredients, lacking in nutritional value. This is the level on the journey where desire, emotional hunger, intention, focus and awareness demands greater consciousness from you. Gaining higher consciousness means to: pay attention, observe and question what is trying to lull you back to sleep. No more accepting what others say is the truth! It becomes the act of discovering and discerning what is YOUR TRUTH.

Get use to feeling like your standing on quicksand because truth (which are beliefs in this case) is like quicksilver: it can make you mad as a mad-hatter. It is upmost to be very vigilant of the tapes, voices, memories that can play havoc on your emotional body stirring up mental resistance causing you to get ridged and worn out, to the extent that you just give in to the suggestions without knowing you are doing so--- feel that your eyes are getting heavier, you feel them wanting to close, just let them close, feel how relaxing it is to have them close, just close them and allow yourself to fall asleep. That's how easy it is to be lulled back into the realm of unconsciousness. Staying awake is at times excruciating, exasperating, demanding and taxing. It requires an act of will yours and nobody else's. Achieving higher consciousness "Enlightenment" / "Nirvana" is Knowing / attainment and requires re-spons-i-bility. What that means is having the ability to respond, and to know how to respond requires awareness to what you are responding too. That is the problem most of the time we are responding to something that had happened from the past or from our expectations instead of what is really happening in the moment.

There is no way to fake it till you make it in this realm. Because you are playing with fire! That's Kundalini, raw essence of Spiritual light / energy and it can have the power of 100,000,000 harnessed horses. You have the reins what are going to do now? You have to be attuned to feel the flow and disciplined and focused to direct it or it will spew all over the place and burn you and other innocent bystanders.

That gets us into that whole other issue. Unconscious harm! By the time you have the reigns in your hands you've probably have used up all of your get out of jail free cards, and all your chances to pass go and collect are also gone. Now, its time to pay the fiddler and the thing about chance is it's inevitable for you to land on Boardwalk, you didn't buy it when you had the chance. Now, Look what they have done with the real estate! It's a crap shoot! You are now playing with the big boys and the consequences are more serious. It's rare that you would be in this situation unprepared, but it does happen from time to time. At this level of conscious you have been engaged in the process of purifying you thoughts and ego because this club has strict rules and standards--- no "Ego Will" allowed! A slip of consciousness or lapse of compassion can set you back to eternity on the wheel of karma --- going round and round in the endless circle of no beginning or ending. Once again saddled down with the karmic burden of all those you have harmed, falling back asleep and waking up in diapers again. Starting back at square one again. How many times have you done that? This is much more serious than 2 steps forward and 5 steps backwards.

Learn to dance with the fire not play with it!

When you play with fire there is always a possibility to get burned. The fire of this experience could mark and scar the Soul and severely distort, fracture and shatter so much of your Soul that it becomes unrecognizable and lost. Don't want to do that! Or maybe you do? It's your choice, your path, your soul journey who am I to say what it is that is best for you. Unfortunately some souls require electro shock therapy. I just know with certainty that is not the road I want to take. Stay awake is my mantra, look, see, perceive, feel, sense, taste, hear with greater clarity and understanding for re-spond-sa-bility of the energy I am a Steward of, I must learn to use the power with true reverence- which means to feel the love and have the respect for all that is sacred. To honor, to Co-create, to re-spec (the root meaning is "to look at", observe, see with out judgment, awareness) the sacred spark inherent in all life essence.

In the words of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche --- "Sacred relationships are not only defined in terms of how we relate to what is outside of us. Relating to the sacred also brings us to the deepest sense of ourselves, to what is sacred in us. Shamans connected to earth find in themselves the connection to all life, to the powers and forces that control the world. Tantric practitioners find that devotion to the deities leads to the recognition that their deeper selves are the deities. In guru yoga, the student must find the mind of the master within. Sacred relationship finds something sacred outside, but that which recognizes the sacred is the sacred inside."