Reality is nothing but a collective hunch.

Jane Wagner, Lily Tomlin

in "The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe"

We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.

--Ambrose Bierce

We must abandon the prevalent belief in the superior wisdom of the ignorant.

Daniel Boorstin

I am not afraid of tomorrow, for i have seen yesterday and i love today!"

(William Allen White)

This is the first age that's paid much attention to the future, which is a little ironic since we may not have one."

(Arthur C. Clarke)

Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.

--Hector Berlioz

Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.

Pablo Picasso

The Time to wake up,

It's The Dawn Of A New Day!

We are experiencing a most unique energetic conscious evolution on the planet in this moment. We are at the brink of something… What that is and what will be the finished creation, will be determined, formed, and shaped by the energy thought forms and resonating frequency of the mass consciousness. A most interesting time we are in. We are at a cross road of opportunity to blaze a trail into a new frontier of consciousness. Therefore it is of utmost importance to disengage from the old paradigms of disempowerment, lack, slavery, and polarity and envision a reality to emerge with such luminosity of hope and reverence for radiating that all is possible, this vision of what might be makes my heart expand with joy, and I want to crow from the roof tops --- Mourning is breaking!

But in the present reality there is a greater fracturing of Soul occurring because of the polarity that exists on the planet in the moment. In this realm of polarity until we learn to come into unity there will always be direct opposing polarities occurring. As in you can not see the light without the dark, to acknowledge the purpose it serves to hold the pathways for the light to flow. There is the dark before the light, and if you are falling down into the dark abyss I recommend to just keep falling, because eventually you have to break through to the other side, which will bring you back into the light. Unfortunately most people who are making the fall become so fearful, as they are plunging down into the depths of their black holes of fear and depression that they become overwhelmed to believing that there is no hope or way through the vast void and grasp for something along the way to prevent them from going any further, which only serves to get them hung up and tangled back into the energy. Don't try and grab something to stop the fall you need the velocity to break through to see the other side. The moral of the story is don't fear the dark; give it reverence and the utmost attention, because the boogie man hangs out there, just waiting to scare the ever loving bijous out of you! He can only do that if you are fearful to look him in the eye and invite him to tea. You know fear / anxiety never comes where it is invited.

One of the factors contributing to the state of separation has been from the concentration of the mundane world's distractions perceived as sole importance, thus serving only to keeping the physical form from being nourished with Soul light/energy. It has also been a primary catch 22 that has caused the Self to limit its awareness and perception of the unseen realm and become desensitize to that realm due to the agreements made by the consensual reality. Not having this awareness or perception awakened has crippled us into accepting and believing that denial and distractions are crutchs we need for living our lives.

Duality, polarity of thought--- good vs. evil, black or white, love / hate, one or the other, has been a factor contributing to splinter and shatter the soul and disconnect the physical and non-physical realms. In spirit both dark and light reside and have purpose and value in balance, one no greater than the other. As we say in "Unity".

Those pesky "no see'ms"!

So as we polarize we create unconscious harm through our thoughts. Unconscious harm is the judgment, resentment we generate each time we do something we don't want to do but think that is what we are obliged to do, when we are silent and allow that which we know to harm, when we don't honor or recognize the value of something or someone, when we judge in quantitative terms of right and wrong / good and bad, that which we abandon allowing the seed of discontent to grow, when we hold back our love and hearts, when we know what is better for another and better than they know themselves, when we interfere with the choices of another, when we are blinded by the light or fascinated with the dark to point of rejection of the other, by excluding, going to war in the name of god, think it is our duty to persecute that which is different from us, thinking that there is a difference, being filled with piety and prone to gossip and cast stones at others before they throw them at us. You get the idea! Each of those thoughts creates an energy that is like an arrow piercing our energy field

Unconscious harm is the thoughts and feelings people repress or don't acknowledge about another, place, thing and/or situation but dwell on it obsessively with feeling thoughts. When we repress how we really feel about someone that emotional energy is still vibrating energy, and it is in e-motion. Where do you think it goes? I'll give you a hint--- where it is directed! Think about that for a moment! (I discuss the importance of e-motion in the manifesting essay)

Get out of the cosmic squirrel cage!

Think about how many times in a day you have passing thoughts about someone or something you are angry or sad about for example. That energy has been created and has to go someplace. How far it travels depends on the degree / intensity of emotion you have attached to it. If there is not allot it might just hang around your aura or space. That is why it is so important to clear and cleanse your house, work, vehicle, and energy bodies along with your physical. We have been taught in basic science that you don't destroy energy it just changes states. (Please excuse me if I am putting this in too simplistic of an explanation.) The states can be dense, slow moving and solidifying or like a mist, fog as in the gaseous state that is fast moving / vibrating, always shape shifting form. If we just keep regurgitating the negative things happening in our lives over and over is the root cause that is responsible in creating a dense energy that permeates our energy field, as well as our physical surroundings. The reason depression is so heavy and painful is because our physical and energy bodies have to move through this dense sticky mud in our subtle energy field. We might not be able to see it, but it is being felt on some level.

Have you ever been in such a negative space that friends can't get away from you fast enough? Have you ever sat on a chair or bed that belonged to and/ or was occupied for a length of time by a depressed, sick, drunk or angry person? Next time noticed how quickly you change seats. If you stay take note to how you begin to feel ---- annoyed, sad, dizzy or ill? Well that is an example of a type of unconscious harm. I am not saying that the person in the original sate wanted you to be harmed by that energy or that they can do anything about it, at least not where they are at that moment. I call that residual energy unconscious harm. Most unconscious harm has no malicious intent directing it but some is and that falls in the category of manipulation. (I am leaving that for another discussion

There is a vast amount of unconscious harm generated on the planet just from residue. Becoming aware of energy opens you to be bombarded with this unconscious harm, which stimulates a reactionary hyper alert adrenaline state of, flight or fight. Maintaining this state for long will fry the nervous system, and validates the mass consciousness belief that the Spiritual realm is non-existent because it can not be seen by sane folk, only the crazy.

How much bigger do you need it?

First off what I want to expand upon is how prevalent this unconscious harm is and how it is influencing you on a deep level aware or not. We are so unaware of how much information we really do receive through telepathic communication. We might not acknowledge it but it is still influencing us in a big way. What do you think first impressions are all about? This errant energy influencing us has contributed to closing down our ability to deeply feel because of the associated pain. Imagine what would happen if you had these circuits fully functioning and plugged in to your system? You would probably feel like you are on an emotional rollercoaster or caught in a wringer that leaves you emotionally, physically, mentally wrung out. Caught up in the constant bombardment of emotional or electrical charges would short circuit or fry your nervous system. In order to deal with this on a daily basis our senses have become some what de-sensitized.

Constantly being tripped up by this energy that causes such sudden mood, thought or physical reactions would naturally lead to un-plugging those sensory circuits. If they are not unplugged or desensitized to an extent, can you imagine what could happen if you were being tripped off by this energy all the time? It would make it hard to get through a day without killing yourself or doing drugs (I am being dramatic to an extent). This is possibly one of the greatest underlining factors contributing to the wide-spread use of recreational drugs.

The more "civilized" we have become as humans we have learned and developed countless ways to escape from our higher consciousness / awareness. De Nile is a big river and we have adeptly created many escapism programs for floating down the river in a seemly effortless manner believing we are doing it without ramifications. Often we are so unaware of our own addiction and/or dependency on these escapism programs and behaviors. It has become so natural to tune out to what is really going on around us, what is really being said, what we are really feeling, or how something is affecting us. Escapism comes in so many packages! The obvious are: TV/ movies computers, games, reading, busy projects, work, rushing around, obligations, the ability to hear only what you want, not thinking about things, accepting without questioning, resistance, righteousness, tradition, customs, religion, prejudice, stubbornness, oh yes, drama and other peoples dramas. So it is not just the things you do, these programs also come in the form of how you think, feel, see, hear or react to something. Often it comes in by what is new or perceived as alien/ foreign to what you know, or willingness to know. Like I said De-Nile is a big river in Egypt!

Then again if we were to open and take down the walls of amour and protection around us then we would have to become aware of the ugliness we truly live in and are contributing too. We can see the ugliness but not judge it and dwell upon it but set out to transform it into beauty. This is why it is crucial for us to be aware of unconscious harm and take responsibility and not add anymore residue.

If I give them an inch they will take a mile!

I would like to expand a little bit more upon various effects of unconscious harm. Because it is so crucial to understand what unconscious harm means.

How we have handled this energy in the past is by desensitizing and denial of the unseen realm, but as you know things are changing. The veils that have been woven around you are getting thinner, being pierced or you might be tearing then off. Not having a foundation in place to handle this energy can cause serious harm to the physical, mental and emotional bodies. It is a factor that has limited our consciousness. The de-sensitizing mode blocks awareness and the activation of our inherent abilities which we term as "psychic" gifts. Each of us has "psychic" abilities, it is just some people have theirs more activated and refined than others.

The path to develop "psychic" abilities has been a hook for a lot of people to become interested in metaphysical concepts and spirituality. Many people are solely focused on opening and expanding these abilities. Which is good but if it is out of timing for their development it can be harmful on many levels. Often by blocking their progress for realizing things beyond what is possible to be known, because they get so fascinated on a certain plane of existence it serves as a detour from adding more to the known. Some paths discourage the activation of "psychic" abilities because they can become just another program for escapism or fascination deterring them from their destination. I think as consciousness grows these abilities / gifts open and expand on their own. This can happen in such a manner there is no sudden realization that you have these abilities, they are just operating as if they have always been. (I have previously written techniques to opening these abilities and more will be in the future.)

What to do with the leftovers?

Why unconscious harm blocks these abilities, is as I said earlier, the process of de-sensitizing from the ability to perceive all of the energy currents around you. If you don't have a system in place to convert or transmute this energetic charge it will just spew through your system. Not having built a foundation that can anchor / ground you from being swept up and around by the energy, and being open to this energy will have some very adverse effects on you. Let me illuminate what some of the energy affects are so you can better understand. (As I sit here pondering on how to articulate this I realize that I have just opened a large can of worms.) Let me give you mild to more serious examples, but that isn't a correct way of putting it either. Please pardon how I present this because the degree / intensity that you experience the affects will depend upon how de-sensitized each of you has become over time.

So simple unconscious harm can be perceive in what I call "residual energies" of someone or something in the space before you arrived. They have discarded their pain or imprinted their worries into a something, i.e. --- chair, crystal, book, house, etc. You come along and feel it as a passing feeling, or get caught up and overwhelmed by it. This means you take on those feelings as if they were your own, forgetting what your feelings were before coming upon the thing or thought. It can act to trigger a memory of having that similar emotional experience at some point in this life or another. You have landed "right back dab in the middle of it"! Sometimes you can shake it off and other times it can open up a black hole. That depends on the degree of identification you have with the energy, or maybe the source of it, or whether you have programs running in your unconscious that require some sort of action to the energy. (I discuss VACPOC's in another essay)

The action can range from resistance to acceptance as what to do with the energy. (How you deal with the energy will also make a great difference and we will get into that in another discussion.) Taking on this energy is sticky in more ways than one! An example of a mild form would be; the identifying with what is being said or felt from another and it not being congruent with your truth or authentic self. In essence you are lying to your self. We are taught this behavior to be a way to comfort another. We think that it is a form of love to sympathize /identify into an agreement as to what they are feeling, thinking, or experiencing. That is a form of love but a conditional form at best.

As we get into more severe forms of acting upon unconscious harm is when we go beyond identification and transfer over our energy, chi, molecules, life force, chakras or any of our energy systems to them and swap it out for theirs at the detriment of our own well being. This can bring the person sacraficing there energy for anothers, health to a much improvised state rather quickly. (I am writing a very personal experience of doing this very thing and what I learned by doing it.) Many healer's do this and their clients feel rejuvenated but often it is only a temporary fix. Empathic people often find it hard to stop themselves from automaticaly picking up other's feelings, illiness, and thoughts and be compulsed to act them out. Why everyone in an office might come down with the same cold or flu is an example of this. It is important to learn how to handle Empathic abilities with Divine Right Use. In the future will have more in depth details about this.

There is so much unconscious harm affecting in so many ways. By choosing to be unaware of what is happening to you only serves to perpetuate the energy. Yes, life is easier not knowing, but is it worth living? We often don't acknowledge things /problems, until the situation reaches a critical point where it is no longer un-deniable; therefore something has to be done because we cannot continue in that manner any longer. We are approaching that point of consciousness on the planet now!

The effects of the continuous bombardment of harm can tare holes in our auric field so we leak energy. In addition it opens up the opportunity to allow foreign energy to enter and attach into our field, draining us of energy. Unfortunately we are often the source generating this continuous bombardment of unconscious harm that we so readily experience, keeping us on the treadmill of life. We don't have the discipline of vigilance to know what to examine so we can discern what is ours and what is not. There is no incentive to be responsible for our energy thoughts, actions and deeds on the unconscious level because we have existed in this perceived get out of jail free zone. Not learning how to manage much less control and direct the unconscious has created a dimension of tortured anxiety from the fear projections of the mass consciousness, who are controlled into submission by fear. Which turns us into docile slaves maintaining the status quo of the misguided bullies that we advocate our power to in exchange for their O' wise and caring leadership. No wonder we are so malnourished and far from our true authentic selves.

This tortured zone of anxiety is better than any man made wall to keep alien thought from taking root. It is the lower astral planes of horror and hate. The astral plane is the mirror plane of this dimension, with many levels of twists and turns leading through a chaotic maze. Above so below! This often is the only place many have to connect with their Soul, and it is not a restful and rejuvenating place. But for the Dimensional Beings that reside in those place it is an ever flowing river of energy for them to feed off. Terror generates a dense high octane gas for them. Where as, joy and love is too light and airy, not as tasty. Don't lose too much sleep over whom those Beings might be and what they can do to us because what we do to each other is far worse. Our unconscious harm is by far more damaging.

Why the dark seems so much more sinister and "ba-a-ad to the bone"! Is its ability to attract like vibrations congealing and uniting them so to speak, it is not bad it is what it is. If we didn't deny its existence to be and abandon it to survive by its own devices in our refusal to value and recognize that spark of essence that all life has. Its bad and it will taint us, and lead us into temptation. It is the gross, forsaken, unloved and hideous part of each of us that does not give permission for it to exist in time and space. Its existence is in constant resistance which is the force that fills it with life and energy. The VACPOC that is so imprinted in our DNA to annihilate evil which is only live backwards, the polar opposite. Now that is malnourishment more like downright starvation. Haven't you ever wondered why so many of our righteous religious leaders have fallen so low? Being caught with their pants down, hands in the till, while talking out the side of their mouths. What goes up must come down, as I said before just crash on through to the other side, don't try and grab a tree on the way down.

Knowing that this is a factor going on around you can maybe help you to look at the unconscious harm you are personally creating. I can see the look of incredulousness disbelief that you have any part in perpetuating harm on another. No you are blinded by the light and all is love and light. Oh yeah! No darkness in you just pure light stuck on this plane of limitation and have been given the mission to lead the masses into the light. It has made a believer out of you, you are in no way shape or form responsible or harming another being, you couldn't hurt a fly. You never say rude or nasty things, always agreeable; you sacrifice yourself for the good of others. You don't make waves or speak up you just go along with the status quo. Those people are the truly scary ones, perpetuating copious quantities of near radioactive energy emanations. Ok toxic at least. Such polarization on the physical having a total attunement to the light and love creates an opposite polarization in the non-physical of hateful spite and bitterness that as equally if not stronger than the frequency of love emitting on this plane. The quality and purity of love radiating from one deluded by the light needs some calibration to put it nicely.

The bottom line is that we can not get mad at others for the unconscious harm that is projected from them because we live in a glass house too. It does no good to be angry over something that is unconscious and predominately without malicious intent. It is far better to become aware of the energy and learn not to get swept up in it to lose your balance and get out of resonance with your soul. Learn how to transform it and stay true to your own Soul's directives and your life will become the one you truly dream of living!

Everything has value and purpose and with effort to see / perceive the divine spark and sacred that runs through all existence will bring us closer to "Enlightenment" / "Nirvana" with a greater consciousness that is responsible to evolve uniting the fractured alienated unloved aspects into a cohesive whole that actively is aligned to actuate a spiritual purpose and mission that we came to do! Now wouldn't that be grand. I always ask to do my spiritual purpose not that I see the whole picture or know what it is, but I can gauge my progress by the synchronistic that I attract. Holding my intention to transmute the energy that my field passes through to be for the "greater good of all and in Harmlessness," has begun to wash my windows so that I have a clearer view. As I walk, crawl and sometimes limp to keep on climbing up the stairs, I look out the windows around me and have begun to have a greater range of visibility so I am able to distinguish more of what lies on the horizon.

perception of portals to alternate realities
power spots of ancient civilizations