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Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.

-Albert Einstein

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perception of portals to alternate realities


This is not my channeled writings, but a synthesis of other peoples work and my own thoughts.
I would give credit but I compiled this so long ago that I don't remember where, what or who wrote what.

akashic records, past life, soul mates

clairvoyant, dimensions, portals

akashic records, past life, soul mates clairvoyant, dimensions, portals


Conceptualizing dimensions we need to understand the various planes. There are 7 planes. What we term as our ordinary reality is spent on the physical plane which is the lowest and most dense. Any plane above will be invisible to us, therefore, unrealized which allows us to pass through it. The Beings on the planes above are aware of the life on the lower planes and can interact with them, if so desired. Each plane has 7 sub-planes or degrees of density in matter. There are 48 dimensions with the additional Logos or God plane which is usually thought as a separate dimension. The following is a brief description of each plane.

The Physical Plane:

This is the lowest of the seven planes, and where we spend our physical lives. We are only aware of the three lower sub-planes of physical "matter", which are molecular solids, liquids, and gasses. The "etheric plane" includes the four higher density levels of various subatomic particles. These planes and existence on them are not visible by the ordinary senses. This is the domain of the Fairies and Nature Spirits.

The Astral Plane:

This is the first higher non-physical plane. It is also called the emotional plane because "matter" on this plane is composed from a feeling, desire or emotion. The out-of-body and near death experiences occur on this plane. This is the plane that one is conscious on after death and before reincarnation.

Our Guardian Angels reside and positive emotions reside on the upper sub-planes above the residing hell-like "purgatory" realms and negative emotions. What we term as "evil" can only exist from the mid-astral on down. The higher astral Beings and objects can go through physical matter in the same space without adversely affecting either side and can do so avoiding the collision aspect that happens with physical matter. They can also interact in the same manner as the physical plane.

The Mental Plane:

Thought composes "matter" on this plane. Mental projection which is similar to astral projection is possible but much more difficult because it requires a high state of spiritual evolution. Only the purest and truest altruistic thoughts that are free of desire and selfishness can rise to this level, as may a person after death from the astral. Concrete thought composes the lower level sub-planes and the higher level is called the "causal plane" , from which abstract thought derives. Most Angels and other spiritual Beings reside here.

The Buddhic Plane:

This is where the soul energy resides, therefore the conception of the individualized personality can not be realized on this plane. Conscious rational conception is impossible here because this is the plane of true spiritual insight and intuition (which is different from ordinary psychic perceptions originating from the astral) and all encompassing love and oneness. The Akashic records containing all the detailed history of everything and everyone resides on this higher sub-plane.

The Atmic Plane:

This is the plane of pure spiritual life-substance used by consciousness. Ascended spiritual masters, and anyone else that has achieved the ultimate "nirvana" will reside.

The Monadic Plane:

Time, space and self is left behind this plane, as well as any type of matter, dimension, or evolution as we think to know. This plane consists of pure will and the one monad. This is the plane of the Soul. The divine spiritual spark found in all living things originates here and is the catalysis for expression to become evolved and created on the lower planes.

The Logoic Plane:

This is the plane of Divine also known as the "Logos". The potential of everything, but unknowable by definition, and free of any limiting conception. Think of the "Logos" as a vast deity that is the Creator and creates spiritual life from itself. These are great Beings who are main planets, stars, galaxies, and beyond.

akashic records, past life, soul mates clairvoyant, dimensions, portals

The physical plane is 3 dimensional, what that means is there are three spatial dimensions to the space. An example is space contains height, width and volume. The 4TH dimensional astral contains four unique spatial dimensions. Therefore, the extra dimension of space that the astral plane contains makes it inherently more expansive. The shock of limitation becomes experience when we return from the expansive astral planes and are forced into the 3RD dimension density of the physical body. Spending time in the astral awakens our desire to expand and grow towards the experience of the 5Th dimensional mental plane, the 6TH Buddhic, the 7TH Atomic, and the monadic and above are beyond conception.

"As above so below" refers to the principle of any object on any plane has a counterpart on a higher plane and lower plane. For example each person has a physical, astral and soul body. Remember that any higher frequency counterpart can perceive a lower part but it is not vice a versa. Also each higher level counter part is larger than the one below due to the additional expansion of space.

akashic records, past life, soul mates clairvoyant, dimensions, portals

Time-space is the third dimension reality of linear time which governs this dimensional reality. A time line is the linear sequencing that the brain uses for organizing its memories so that it knows the difference between a past and future memory. Time-space continuum organizes time so that "Now" becomes created from simultaneously being in time, past, present, and future.
Time is only a thought. We have amassed a reality based upon a subjective mechanical measurement that delineates time which is totally out of rhythm with our own innate cycles. It is rapidly leading to our destruction! Understanding the true essence of time enables harmony to be restored. Incorporating your life into the time continuum and away from linear time will enhance your ability for learning to step out of this dimension, diminishing the control that mechanical time has over our lives locking us into the 3RD dimension.

The 4TH dimension leaves the subject/object relationship of the 3RD , and begins to perceive time as a process. The time continuum overcomes the 3RD dimension’s linear time for perceiving into the 4Th dimension of inclusion of time being "NOW", which is like being in two different places at once but actually in neither.
The 4Th dimension consciousness functions outside of the 3RD dimension of space/time, therefore, no "physical distance" exists. Through clairvoyance the 4TH dimension can be perceived, because the mind is equally present in both dimensions. Awareness achieves through focus, and clairvoyance is conscious focus. The active force of intention transcends the subject/object 3RD dimensional state. Clairvoyance functions by "reading" (actually directly experiencing the process of energy flow that has replaced the subject/object relationship of the 3-D perspective). However, as observed earlier, there are no "edges," "lines," or "points."
There is only a slight differentiation in the mind between movements that are occurring both universally (manifold dimensions) and simultaneously (we are outside "time"). This effect *IS* transparency. Once the hard core physicists out there start looking at this, they will be pleased to see that their empiricism is not precluded, it simply has a new domain in which to discover expression. The "tool" for this research is clairvoyance. That's not an original observation.

akashic records, past life, soul mates clairvoyant, dimensions, portals

Hyper-space is so incredibly vast that there is no limit to the number of space/time continuums that can be accessed. A multidimensional person might access, say, the fifth or higher dimensions, or, they could travel inside the very atoms of the third-dimensional reality. The complexities of knowing their exact location within hyper-space are overcome with training and diligent effort. The position in hyper-space dictates both what will be encountered and how it should be interpreted.
To understand viewing the time continuum, compare it to seeing how every choice you make or contemplate sets up a probability to enact. This leads to comprehending what it means to be multi-dimensional. Consciously training the intention to accept unlimited possibility stimulates the ability to perceive different dimensions. Opening and expanding the third eye helps to become acquainted and be receptive to information received from other dimensions. An innate talent begins to develop that can understand and interpret the information communicated and encoded through various formats of symbolic representation.
To describe the time and space continuum, visualize it as a perspective view of seeing the realm of possibilities. For example -- imagine seeing lines of energy radiating out from the body connected to every probability that the energy could fathom. Each probability is a reality occurring simultaneously. Sometimes we have bleed-through from one of these realities.
An example of this is past-life recollections. We label them as past-life, based on our acceptance of linear time, but the reality is that they are occurring Now. Another example is the "false memory" label, which refers to surfacing memories for some past incident that might not have occurred. The unconscious mind sometimes believes a suggested incident as an actual experience because the attached emotions feel similar. It does not matter if it occurred or not; what matters if it is real to the individual. In actuality, it was a probable reality set in motion and has the potential to influence choices in the Now.
Understanding true time allows healing any probability by focusing on the root-cause that enacted that probability. Sometimes the root-cause creates from the current reality line or generates from other probabilities. Bleed-through occurs with the convergent of other probabilities that become stimulated by a similarity of their originating energy presently occurring now. This can be very confusing if we have an intense attachment to linear time. Expanding our awareness to include true time as our reality enables tracing root-causes of energy.
It is important to disconnect from incidents attached to charged emotions because the connection enables them to influence reactions or limit future possibilities. Disconnection allows for that energy probability to complete the lesson's purpose, which eliminates the need to experience that energy again. Expanding perception to include this altered reality enables making choices in greater alignment with your Spiritual purpose. Accepting that you have an infinite amount of choices for any situation heightens the ability to directly take responsibility for creating and living in your separate reality. Thus, it becomes unnecessary to play or experience the victim role. There are no victims, only those who choose not to direct their lives.
Not everyone experiences this phenomena the same way. Many people perceive these experiences through other senses such as hearing or feeling. This depends on what internal representation an individual predominately relies upon to experience reality, such as--visual, auditory, kinesthetically, olfactory, gustatory, or a combination of these representational systems. What is important is to realize that it is the acceptance of the possibility that develops the ability.

akashic records, past life, soul mates clairvoyant, dimensions, portals

Time can be collapsed in the 4TH dimension, because you leave the subject/object relationship of the 3RD , and begin to perceive time as a process. This 4Th dimensional process encompasses the full movement of an unfolding state of existence. In 4Th dimensional terms, you perceive to be in two places at the same time, yet in actuality you are neither. This understanding is the basis for ET propulsion and materialization/ de-materialization systems.
Involution and evolution are two important concepts that reveal the inherent nature of matter or existence. Involution is the process of limitation and separation, while evolution is the return journey into Spirit and unity. "Matter" continuously travels on the path of becoming more dense and individualized, and then turns and becomes more unified and spiritual. Going on a trip and then returning home is a metaphor of this process. We spend many life times on this cycle leaving the soul, incarnating in a body and then returning upon death. This also relates to the concept of the "logos" creating and experiencing the universe through its own creation and substance.
This new reality's possibility for healing becomes labeled as collapsing time. A way to conceptualize this idea of collapsing time is by imaging yourself to be simultaneously the actor and observer in your life. Seeing yourself as both observer and actor disconnects the emotional hooks with a situation.
Call this a dissociated state of action, which becomes a different energy from an associated state of staying hooked into emotions. This expanded view of things raises the vibrational frequency. So, feeling in this expanded awareness creates a different reality than the reality of being associated with the energy. From this stance, one can feel a similarity with the state of oneness, creating a deeper connection to all things. The essential oils enhances developing this affinity of being in the past, present, and the future all at once. Splitting time is the ability to focus on the past or future as "Now." This creates and facilitates a powerful process for healing emotions.
Perceiving time in this manner helps to expand the heart chakra. Another aspect of this expanded heart connection is that it stimulates the ability to feel emotions that are appropriate to the situation. Promoting balance to become felt, which leads to learning not to react but to discern the energy of the situation. Thus, it expands the heart by feeling everything in a true state of Grace. This encourages the ego to disconnect from the emotional reactive state into developing the peaceful state of Grace. Consequently, this new awareness allows an openness to feeling without judgment. In this way, overcoming judgment keeps the heart open during life's challenging encounters.
Learning to perceive time in this new manner helps to activate the thymus chakra. This chakras holds information of all past life otherwise known as the Akashic records of a Soul’s deeds and experiences through time and dimensions. Opening this chakra will provide many answers as to why you react to certain stimuli, and help to realize talents and gifts developed in other lives to manifest in the present. Stimulate the thymus chakra which is located above the heart chakra on the breast bone. Often this spot feels physically tender because the thymus controls the immune system, which works overtime protecting the body.
Many immune disorders or dis/easements on the planet at this time come from judgment of the Soul's journey. Learning to take responsibility for all actions develops and opens the thymus chakra. The importance of opening and developing this new chakra is that it influences the assimilation of new energy frequencies on a global level. The energetic purpose for learning acceptance for all actions in all life time probabilities expands the thymus chakra. Mastering the new energy frequencies and opening the ability to be multi-dimensional becomes an important future role for the thymus chakra.

akashic records, past life, soul mates clairvoyant, dimensions, portals

A portal is an inter-dimensional doorway opening into several realities, including the astral world; the far reaches of physical, interstellar space; and alternate, parallel universes. Opening a Portal is an exciting transformational experience and an ancient alchemical activity. Through intentional ritual we can open these inter-dimensional doorways in order to communicate and interact with spiritual, inter-dimensional and extraterrestrial beings. By opening these portal we can have greater access to the Unseen Realm.
We can astrally pass through the portals and visit other parts of the universe and other dimensions, thus enlightening our perspective and our understanding of the Great Plan. Elevation to the astral plane is part of passing through the portal, and it is from this platform of awareness that many experiences are possible. By doing this you can hope to accomplish an alchemy—a fusion—with beings of light. Their level of spiritual evolution is beyond our present understanding, but we have the power to join with them, and they have a desire to unite with us, and this is in keeping with Divine Law.
When ascension is a mass event it becomes planetary ascension and it brings Earth on-line with a network of planets. By uniting with inter-dimensional beings of light, we experience an increase in astral projection to the far reaches of the universe, we become telepathically gifted, and our personal power and overall happiness grows.
Because so much is unknown regarding the phenomena encountered in hyper-space, it is advisable, regardless of religious persuasion, for people to utilize an affirmation when accessing the higher realms. An affirmation is used as a means of protection for the individual, to attract the right vibrational frequencies and repel the wrong ones.
Setting up the right vibrational frequency is important. Ask for guidance from higher beings. Until much more is known about the inhabitants of hyper-space, it is not wise to be open to any and all energies which could be encountered. The energies might be more than the physical body can assimilate or more mental expanding than the mental body can allow. So be careful when working with portals.

akashic records, past life, soul mates clairvoyant, dimensions, portals

perception of portals to alternate realities
power spots of ancient civilizations