Make your life a mission --
not an intermission.


It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yesterday is the hope of today and the reality of tomorrow.

-- Robert H. Goddard

Life is no brief candle to me. I is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment,
and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations.

George Bernard Shaw

Vision without action is a daydream.
Action with without vision is a nightmare.

Japanese Proverb

Love is the strongest force the world possesses, and yet it is the Greatness is a road leading towards the unknown.

Charles de Gaulle

Faith may be defined briefly as an illogical belief in the occurrence of the improbable.

H. L. Menckens


The Winds of Change Are HOWLING....


Have you been experiencing things that are out of normal? Do you know what I am talking about? Lights seem to go off or come on for no apparent reason but you driving or walking by. The phone rings and before you answer it you know who it is or you were just talking about that person. How many of you have had things disappear and reappear? Things seem to go missing but this is different than misplacing something, they seem to disappear right under your nose or should I say out of your hand. You had it in your hand a moment ago but it is nowhere near you now. Then there are the things that start appearing in places you would never put that thing, or you looked in the spot many times for something and it wasn't there but now it is.

Another common occurrence is glimpsing something out of the corner of your eye scurrying away. Or maybe you hear voices, footsteps or some type of sound and you turn around but there is no one or anything that would make that sound. It is easy to rationalize you saw a shadow, you are just hallucinating or you are having flashbacks from those hallucinogenic you took years ago. All those excuses are more plausible than the truth. These are all examples of reality shifts.

I've had things go missing for years and then reappear years later after thinking about that thing. One such example was a very special crystal of mine that got borrowed at an Expo in Phoenix. I would think about it from time to time because it had traveled with me for years. I was out visiting friends some point of the evening the conversation got on the topic of crystals and I told then about that particular one. As my friend and I walked in the door I happen to look down on the floor and there was that crystal. I was excited about its reappearance because it had been gone for over a year, Since we had been talking about it earlier I wasn't too surprised it came home then nor was my friend who just said "WoW" because she knew there was no way that it was there earlier. I just welcomed it home as if it was the most natural thing to happen, then again its not uncommon for unusual things to occur at my house.

Then there are those instances of things showing up out of the blue that I didn't remember owning but just happen to be thinking of wanting something like that. At first it is easy to explain these occurrences as forgetfulness or "senior moments" but after awhile it just isn't that easy to convince yourself anymore that is what's happening. Of course many your friends will probably think you've gone a little over the bend if you know what I mean. Then again maybe not! In my household it seems like friends will show up as I am looking for something and help me look for it, most of the time unable to find it, that is till we surrender to not finding it, and get around to laughing about the situation and "wa laa" it is right there in front of us! Yep that has happened so many times that I have lost count. Nor can I tell you how many friends have been apart of one of these treasure hunts and it is really humorous of the folks who adamantly in no certain terms can believe it wasn't there, or that you didn't just put it there a moment ago to play with there head. Don't argue with those people who have such a ridged grasp on reality. Let them have their reality because you know in your heart that it wasn't. They are just not ready to see yet.

Though for my partner Louie it was just one of those moments that he realized the truth. We were camping out at a Willie Nelson's 4th of July Picnic, and at the campsite getting ready to walk over to the concert. I think there were about five of us at the site at that time when someone made a pot of coffee, which seemed to be a good idea because the concert would be going on late in the night. Louie had taken his glasses off and laid them on the table because the coffee was steaming them up. About that time we heard a band start to play and someone in the group realize we had better get a move on because that was one of the bands we wanted to hear. We call ourselves the turtle herd for various reasons and true to form we began rushing around gathering chairs and such. It was about a quarter to half mile walk to the amphitheater and almost there when Louie realized he didn't have his glasses. We stopped and the rest of the group went on. I checked him over to make certain that the glassed were not with us, and we were just about to start back when Louie said he really didn't need them since it was getting dark and he just needed them for reading. So we went on and found this great place to set up our chairs to watch the concert.

The port-a-potty's were down at the bottom of the hill from us and since drinking the coffee we had made several trips back and forth to them. Well one trip back up Louie was having a little bit of a problem seeing and I remember thinking and wishing we had gone back to get his glasses. We had just reached our seats which were at an edge of a passageway where people streamed by. Well I was thinking about the glasses and for some reason reached down and picked them up and handed them to Louie. He put them on and then realized that those where his glasses. We were both shocked because we knew that the glasses were left on the table as did our camp mates. If they had somehow been with us all along there would have been no way that they would have survived the traffic without getting stomped on and they hadn't. To me this wasn't that big of a deal but it dumbfounded Louie. The rest of the night he kept questioning the appearance of the glasses and then the next moment was in utter amazement. Well it made a believer out of him that night. Which was a very timely thing to happen since we had just moved in together days before the concert. He needed to get use to those things happening if he was going to be living with me. Thankfully he got it so early on because there have been so many things since that if he hadn't witnessed it first hand without a shadow of doubt he would not have been able to stay sane. It is hard enough just being around me at times, and then having weird encounters of the 3rd kind happening so frequently would have made him question his sanity. This way he just questions mine! (I am joking.)

Things That Go Bump In The Dark!!!

There are so many people out there who are feeling and noticing things but are just afraid to speak up. They feel unsafe to speak such thoughts, maybe because they lived in another time (past life) and where they were put to death for such actions, thoughts or deeds. So in this life they are afraid to admit that they put their shoes in that spot before going to bed and they were not there when waking! Or maybe thinking "I just had the keys in my hand, where are they now?" "This is crazy!" "No, I must be sleep walking"

The veils are getting thinner and it is becoming undeniable that there is more to life than what is "known". Things are bleeding through dimensions. These energies can help you, mess with your head, amuse you, and / or harm you. How they can harm is when you become ridged and adamant to what can be and what can not be. This inflexibility can cause a mental break down and it has happened too many who cross through these veils unprepared. Talking to a Doctor about these experiences could get you diagnosed with a mental illness of some sort and / or on medication. I am not in any way wanting to prevent you from getting medical help if you feel you need it. I am just letting you know that others are also having these experiences that might be similar to yours. Then again who wants to wait in line for the loony bin!

I Am Not Crazy... Are You?

These energy shifts or shifts of / in reality are occurring so frequently if you are conscious enough to take note. Some of the things that do happen can be so unbelievable that talking about it would make you sound crazy. Many people experiencing these strange things but can't or don't talk about them because they are afraid something is wrong with them and that they might be going crazy or losing there mind. Believing that you might possibly be losing your marbles or in the early stages of Alzheimer's would produce immense internal fear and stress. That stress could cause you to feel paranoid and you would probably start acting that behavior out. Living in a state of fear is harmful to your health in many ways. Your body and mind does all sorts of things to cope with fear/stress. Then there is the little fact that what you believe, worry about happening, or focus on will put enough energy out there to make it happen, wanted or not. It is all about the emotion that is attached to a thought. (I've also have written about this subject of manifestation.)

You don't really want to think about it too much either. Because if you really did examine and question what happened you know that there is no true logical explanation, so you might feel it's best not to dwell on it. The mind is quite satisfied to dismiss the experience and forget about it about, and repress the incident.. It can do that for years because it is in control of keeping order in your world. It has control to filter out what is coming in through the senses and other energy systems, and only deciphers what it has codes for filing the information, and the rest is thrown into the impossible drawer stamped as false evidence. Someday when you need a good laugh take a look at your filing system and check how many beliefs you have that are falsely filed as truth

The mind doesn't really like possibility ---too many variables for it to entertain. It loves to say "I told you so!" It is the master of Self fulfilling prophecies because that's how it keeps the emotional, the physical, and mental body in line, so it can focus on filtering and blocking the channels receiving intuitive information. It thinks, feels, and chooses for you, and tells you what to do because it is the voice of reason. One of the reasons it has gained so much power is because you don't love yourself, forgive yourself or believe in yourself and are willing to accept without question how things are instead of asking--- is that really true or is that in the best interest for me?.

It is easier to rationalize what has occurred as a trick of the mind than really looking at what is happened or really listening to that inner voice and knowing that it wasn't a trick but a true paranormal event. Accepting or acknowledging a reality shift can be terrifying to many. It means that everything that has been taught about the world is basically false. How many are willing to go that far? Why I say false is because reality or as I call it "consensual reality" and is based on the agreement of "all we see is all that is." No it's not, and the fact is we choose not to see more than we want, or more than is sociably acceptable for the norms of the time. It requires inner strength and faith to acknowledge and accept with out making rationalizations why or how that something has happened and realize the gift we have been given. These shifts in reality are truly a blessing and not a curse as they are often misinterpreted as!

What's Happening With Time???

Have you noticed the change in time? This is another aspect of the energy shifts. Time has been speeding up especially for the last two years. What normally occurred in six months can come about in two months. It is very obvious but lay people don't understand the shift and the effects that mechanical time has on our systems and how compromised we can get when out of rhythm to Gaia. I notice numerous conversations from people who are not interested in the least bit to follow a spiritual path, comment on time irregularities. Personally I don't do time like most; actually I have only 2 clocks in the whole house. Of course those clocks never seem to be set on the same time, one is my computer and it is automatic and I often forget to look at. The other clock is my oven and it has the purpose to sound the buzzard, reminding me that the meal I am preparing needs to be checked. My most accurate clock is my own internal inner rhythm.

I really am amused with the whole concept of daylight savings time, this is an excellent example of time manipulation. One of the reasons for daylight savings time was so that kids could catch the school buss (enabling us to go to school were we learn to give our power away) in the light, because parents were missing or late to work because they were taking their children to school, oh can't have the worker bees late for the "Queen," now can we?

I want to share with you an occurrence that kept repeating in my life. It was months ago and I don't have a gauge other than it was spring when this started to occur: Every other Friday I would feel it was Saturday or Thursday and I was positive of that. To my surprise it would be Friday and I would have gained or lost a day. This kept happening over and over for months and not only to me but to other friends. It was strange but a true testament that like money, time is just another means man uses to order the universe into his shoebox.

This last year I think most have been impacted by the energy shifts personally or vicariously. The more awaken you are the greater the effect maybe. Not that it is negative it is just a different energy. At times it has been pleasant and others times rather intense to put it mildly. The degree of intensity might be dependent upon the attachment you have to maintaining your truth. That truth being what you believe to be. The need for all to be as it is. Well, that can lead to a world of resistance and pain. You might not recognize it as such but it will come down to that in the not to near future. The more energy that is put into maintaining a distorted and corrupt foundation the greater the fall will be needed to crumple the foundations.

The time shifts, disappearances, reappearances and another example is the quick processing through illnesses, wounds or diseases is quite remarkable too. I have known clients and friends go through diseases in weeks because they are really just energetic. Of course they never had it "verified" by a Dr. because they couldn't give them an answer what was going on. But they would know what it was. When in crisis or have no answers for what's going on they always seemed to think to call me. I go to work and have tracked down the origins in an ancestor of theirs and could clear the karma and imprint from their records and blood. I personally have had strange reoccurring bruises that have been the release of stored cellular memory of being abused, in battle, and experiences of torture that needed to be rectified so that I would not have to drag that experience back into my life. I like my drama on stage as oppose to being up front and engaging me to play that role again in my life. I am all for watching it instead of having to act it out. I think that might be like learning through other's mistakes, why do we all have to do it, and haven't we done it enough already?

What Was That? Where Is That Coming From?

Our five senses are receiving more data than what is perceived. It is funny but as man has become more civilized he has dulled his senses. They say we have evolved from apes and are part of the Animal kingdom, and we all know that animals have much keener senses than ours. I'll guarantee you even a hundred years ago our senses were keener than they are today. Many would not have made it through the ice age if his sensory faculties were at today's level of perception. Our sensory circuits are loaded with data but most is filtered out and only a fraction of what it perceives is recorded. The conscious mind has taken it upon itself to filter it out. You ask why, and it is because that extra information is not as necessary as it once was for survival. When was the last time a wild beast threatened to eat you? Do you think a caveman would be able to tolerate modern society? Think how much the world has changed? Think about how electricity has made it brighter longer, and noisier with all of the machinery, and cars, how pollution has clogged our sinuses and the use of perfumes to mask and stimulate pheromones. In other words we have evolved to being a wide awake (not consciously), agitated, and stuffed up sex fiends! (I am just kidding!) We have dulled our senses for protection to live in the modern world and not be overloaded by the bombardment of sensory pollution caused from modernization.

As your vibration rises most will prefer a simpler lifestyles and become more drawn to natural products. There is great peace to be found in the countryside away from the hustle and bustle, loud traffic, blinking neon lights, and smelly polluted smog. A country setting can allow us to become more sensitive and not be shorted out from the overload of input.

Your Inner Phone Line Is Ringing!

We are so unaware of how much information we really do receive through telepathic communication. We are all communicating on a telepathic level and it is influencing us in a big way. What do you think first impressions are all about? It doesn't matter if it is recognized or acknowledged it is going on and we are doing it. (I write about unconscious harm which goes into this in greater detail)

By not acknowledging this ability and denying its existence you subject yourself to manipulation. You are in essence giving away your power! You are allowing something to have a measure of control over you other than your own Soul and Source. If you are lucky it's just your Ego self in control and calling the shots. The Ego usually aligns with the status quo and has a prime directive to keep you alive. How dysfunctional a pattern might be or the quality of your life isn't a consideration of the Ego makes in order to fulfill its directives. It just keeps doing things in the same manner it knows how to for surviving. Of course that is so it can exist. It doesn't matter if you are enslaved to others and a pawn in the game of life. Nor if you are possessed and seen as a "lost soul" who flounders about torturing and crucifying yourself, you might have noticed in drug addicts that look as if no one is home, or the "walking dead" who have no respect for life. A lost soul I am describing is not the kind depicted as zombies in the movies but the kind of human who might kill and rape without thought, enjoy what they do. Not all killers or rapist are the "walking dead" most are compelled by some VACPOC that has triggered them to do what they do. I know that is hard to believe that they might have a reason for what they do, but they do have an unconscious one. The bottom line is they are not in line with Soul directives because that behavior is not in the nature of Soul actions or desires. Someday when we as a race evolve into Soul consciousness crime, killing and illness will no longer exist.

Who Are You Giving Your Power Too?

The point I am trying to make here is that choosing to deny, disregard, or reject your power to be directed by soul enslaves you. Being afraid of the unseen enslaves you. You become a slave to fashion, your job, money, people, things, what you own or don't own, what you make or say to define who you are, the beliefs you have about your relationship to self and others, your country, family, and to your religion and god to name a few obvious ways. It all boils down to filling yourself outside of yourself! Being only what you hear, see, do, feel, or taste. By not facing your fears and collapsing into the hopelessness and despair of the impossible. Not allowing all to be possible, Is the bottom line. You can have all the money in the world, power to command people, at the mercy of the dictation of your whims, a righteous religious zealot, and still be a slave because you are not being aware, responsible or respectful and honoring of Soul. All you are doing is maintaining separation and mortality.

I am rather surprised at myself for being so harsh but I feel that time has come to wake-up before we destroy ourselves and this planet! Then again that is just my timing and not your urging. I know it doesn't have to go that place of no return but I am not in control of this planet. Nor is it our government or the religious right, or a foreign power, it is the mass consciousness fear that has the reigns. Our well wishing interference has gotten us to this place. Instead of paying attention to our Soul Directives we have followed the Ego and its vie for power. So we end up in dead end jobs that produce some by product polluting the earth, we consume with no thought of the ramifications, we give back not what we take, we only think about what we want now, we live in the past and we escape truth through distraction. We think what we are told, and we do what we are told, no more or no less than slaves would do. Is that what we really want?

Flowing With The Energies!!!

All of the above signs you might be able to deny, but the synchronicities happening in your life now is another thing altogether. That is one of the greatest gauges to knowing that you are on the best path for your growth. If the synchronicities are caused by being in the wrong place at the wrong time you can bet your not headed in the best direction for your Soul's growth or maybe you are and that is how you want to do it!

We are at a cross road. There is a choice to enter upon the easy road or onto the bumpy steep twisting and turning road. As they say "all roads lead to one,": but no one is asking what the ride will be like on the road. Do we walk were "Angels fear to tread"? There impact that this will have on you will very much depend on how awaken you are, and your willingness to take responsibility for your power, thoughts, actions and deeds There will be even greater shifts in the near future that will be obvious even to the masses. There is always another level or (plane) beyond the one you are able to perceive. What is above is so below. You can easily perceive what is below you and find it more difficult to develop the awareness of what's above you. There are many beliefs that some people hold to be truth. Beliefs masquerade as truth but it is important to be aware that beliefs are not necessarily truth. There are varying beliefs of truth, and you what you believe as true is what fits with the level of awareness that you are experiencing at that moment. What we belief to be truth is ever changing, as new awareness and perceptions become possible than the old belief about truth falls away to allow for a new belief to come forth. That is the natural order of raising consciousness --- understanding / beliefs, but when rigidity resides that cycle of letting go and recreating becomes blocked.

Learn To Enjoy Riding The Flow!

So the next time: Look at that rose blooming in the middle of winter and in the snow? Wow what a blessing! I was just thinking about you! How did you know? How wonderful that happen? Good guess! I glad I know that? I dreamed about that. I wanted one just like that and here it is. Look all the lights are changing for me. Wow a parking space! You get the jest, be grateful of the blessing that you have been given! Allow the possibility to be and see what wondrous adventures it can open for you!

I really like when things appear for me. I am so lucky in that sense. We have this thing called big trash collection. I call it my free store! It is amazing what people throw away that is new or slightly used. I recycle it and make art from it, furnish my house, find things for other people that have expressed a need or want for, etc. Things I want will be sitting out on the curb waiting for me. I am truly blessed and so are you if you only recognized it to be!

The other day I had a Coleman lantern with the mantels broken. I had dug out new mantels and meant to fix it but didn't. A couple days later I notice it was fixed and I thanked my partner for doing it. He said to me "what are you talking about, it wasn't me". I don't know why this thought has never occurred to me before but why not have all my broken things on my list just repair themselves. Why do I need to have them broken? What a concept to have things working and flowing in my universe! I let you know how successful that comes out.

perception of portals to alternate realities
power spots of ancient civilizations