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Dawn is upon us .... Time to wake !!! Time to wake!!! Mourning is breaking!!! Mourning Is Breaking!!!

Sung By Birds In The Hood
Lyrics Interpreted by Deborah Eidson

garden Deva, sprite
Garden Deva
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Nature does nothing uselessly.

Budda in the snow
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For Everything That Lives Is Holy . . . . Life Delights In Life.

William Blake

Purple Orb Light Being Photo Deborah Edison

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters, and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.
John Lubbock

Goddess of Light
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What is a weed? ... A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered

Ralph Waldo Emerson

light goddess Gaia Fairies
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Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
Marcel Proust

Deborah Eidson photo Alchemy of Spirit Beings
Co-creating with Nature Spirits
Heighten awareness to perceive inter-dimensional beings

Invite the Plant Devas into your life...

Delight In Their Joyous Essence!!!

Welcome Their Gift of Spiritual Essence!

Embrace Your Divine Role as A Co-creator!

Love, Honor, Respect Nature!

Immerse with Nature's Life Force!

Rejuvenate Heal Transform With Aroma!

Vibrational Aromatherapy

A smell would always get my attention. I started with flowers, grew into perfume and aged into essential oils. Many years ago, this was before they were so easily obtained, I discovered that the aroma from an essential oil would trigger an emotional response in me. That curios sensation began my quest to learn about the use of essential oils (and an obsession to buy them.) As my relationship deepen with them I began using them on clients. I began noticing that different oils worked on different issues. At that time there wasn't much written on the emotional, mental, subtle and spiritual effects. I was forced to depend upon my intuition which dramatically heighten the more I used them. Because of the profound effects that my clients were experiencing, many of them began to encourage me to teach and write about what I "knew."

OThe day an Ascended Master came to me in meditation to introduce me to the Overlighting Deva of the Plant Kingdom. Seven years before my Inner Master had asked me to become a vegetarian, which I was. In this particular encounter my agreement with the Plant Kingdom coming into this life was clarified as the reason it was so important for me to become a vegetarian. They explained that getting my system clear of animal products allowed me to have a greater sensitivity to my own plant essence. This explained my deep affinity with the oils.

They were so joyous that my consciousness had evolved allowing me to Co-create with them. It wasn't long after that I acquired a computer and maybe a month later I began to embark upon the mission. I began by just writing notes about what I experienced or observed about an oil. Of course, I had many clients, and oddly enough they seem to be drawn to me a very particular times. They seemed to have been scheduled by what issue they were working on. Thinking back on it, I really see the perfection of how the path of my Soul's purpose unfolded and the ease that comes when you "know" what you are doing. Don't think that my life was easy or I didn't have any issues. Quite the contrary --- I felt how deep and ancient my wounds were and how fractured I was from Source. Not a real comfortable place. I was driven to discover and learn various techniques for healing. I was my greatest guinea pig.

When I first began compiling my notes and shortly after realizing that I was writing a book. It never occurred to me once that it would not be published. That was unstill a week before I had to send the manuscript in to a publisher. Only then did the thought occur. I'll let you in on a secret ...when you "know" what it is you're suppose to be doing --- there is no doubt! You just "know" and you do it without question. It's much easier that way! When I say "Know" it doesn't mean someone said I have to do this or that but a sense so deep in my heart that directs my choices to be those that support the goal. there were many times I tried to shirk my responsibility...that when I would be hit by a spiritual 2x4. Quickly finding myself back on the path. There were places on the path that were quite rocky and seemingly unpassable but somehow I would find a way around, over or under. Then there were the times I was totally in the dark without a light and lost when some small ray of light would shine off into the distance for me to stubble towards. That only occurred after I had given up trying to think my way out and surrendered to Spirit. Than a possibility would present. I became conditioned for greater possibility and getting myself out of the way. The only way I could make the journey was with the help of Nature and the Unseen realms.

"Their evolution is furthered by serving humanity and ours is to tend and nurture their existence and transform their essence within us".

"An essential relationship for life to continue as we know it!"

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Revealing The Essence Of Your Nature

---Through Aromatherapy's Use Of Essential Oils

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If You feel an Affinity for the Plant Kingdom Experience A Vibrational Aromatherapy Session.

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I have incorporated this information into my healing practice. It is a tremendous tool for transformation.


You can use suggested oils to continue the healing process and as support to realign with the new energy adjustments that occur with readings healings.

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