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The goal of life is living in agreement with nature.
Zeno, Greek philosopher

I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority.

E. B. White (1899 - 1985)

You will find something more in woods than in books. Trees and stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters.

Saint Bernard, Epistle

Vibrational Aromatherapy, essential oils for healing


"Revealing The Essence Of Nature

Through Aroma therapy's Use

Of Essential Oils"

By Deborah Eidson

This is a sample of information

in the A-Z Guide To Essential Oils


Growth and healing issues:

Energetic influence on the body and chakras:

Energetics of the Oil:

Using the oil for transformation:


Here is a sample of two essential oils

Piper nigrum – Piperaceae


Key: Overcoming worry and anxieties. Black Pepper helps the mental, emotional and physical bodies become more receptive of spiritual guidance. Developing discernment and increasing Spiritual acceptance overcomes repression, misplaced responsibility, and burdens that cause suffering and pain. New beliefs are aligned as old realities change, allowing greater love and understanding to be felt. We are then able to focused and direct our intent to manifest our spiritual and physical needs.

Growth and healing issues:

Black Pepper creates a stronger bond with spirit that diminishes feelings of imprisonment caused from worry, lack, anxiety, and despair over challenging life experiences that make us feel powerless. These overwhelming feelings lessen when greater self-worth, resourcefulness, and discernment are realized. Black Pepper helps us recognize denial, allowing burdens to resolve through self-acceptance and compassion.

Energetic influence on the body and chakras:

Black Pepper aids etheric digestion and eases the frustration and anger caused by the conflict of old and new beliefs, which lessens resistance to change. Physical stamina increases when the subtle bodies align. Energetically it reduces the overwhelming anxiety of third dimensional density by stimulating the courage to address fears pertaining to low self-worth. Black Pepper also assimilates a greater amount of Spirit into the physical, expanding the light body energy and physically grounding it.

Energetics of the Oil:

Black Pepper’s scent is sharp and penetrating. Black Pepper oil’s energy is similar to the sudden awareness of holding one’s breath. The energy of Black Pepper oil helps overcome feelings of constraint and reduce overwhelming anxieties. This is a good oil to use when focusing on what you want to manifest. Often despair over the inability to pay bills, the lack of fulfilling employment, and other such experiences contribute to this stress. Focusing on anxieties about the future will magnetize that reality and make it occur. Focusing your energy on what you desire releases the need to be a victim. The key to fulfilling your needs is to confront insidious unconscious beliefs—not being good enough, or not deserving what you want, unable to or incapable of supporting yourself, money is evil—that hinder your needs being met. Black Pepper helps you acknowledge these beliefs and learn the lesson behind them so you may change them. It encourages a healthy self-value and resourcefulness and develops the discernment that prevents installing or maintaining destructive beliefs.

Energetically, Black Pepper works on the spiritual level to digest the feelings of frustration and anger about yourself. It opens the etheric digestive tract, enabling easy alignment of new realities with old beliefs. It is a very motivating energy and can stimulate the mind, physical body, and emotions to attune with Spiritual guidance. Increased energy through each of the bodies helps overcome denial. Meditating with Black Pepper oil helps you to be more alert when requesting guidance from Spirit, allowing you to achieve deeper concentration and clearly focus your intention.

Repressed emotions and memories become unconscious patterns of behavior. Black Pepper will strengthen the physical body’s alignment to the subtle bodies, releasing stagnated energy caused by denial of emotions. Through this alignment, the light body is expanded, allowing a greater amount of light to assimilate and be used by the physical body. Black Pepper opens up the sinus passages, allowing tears to flow, cleansing and releasing these burdens. Feelings of freedom come from this release, enabling you to experience greater compassion and acceptance of yourself.

Using the oil for transformation:

Black Pepper rubbed into the soft tissue area above the breast and shoulder joint (clavicle) helps to release hurt feelings. This point feels very tender when feelings of hurt and ridicule become suppressed in the body. Using the oil on the bladder meridian helps you to stop holding onto painful feelings. Using Black Pepper on the large intestine meridian along the arms helps energy, let go and move on from depression and hopelessness. Use Black Pepper to clear the crown chakras and brow chakras. Use when experiencing frontal headaches as this often signals colon distress caused by not letting go. Rubbing the oil on the brow and webbing of the thumb and index finger helps relieve headaches. Massaging Black Pepper oil into the small intestine meridian helps to lessen feelings of being trapped into limiting life situations. Using Black Pepper on the kidney meridian will help you live in the moment and reduce anxiety of the future, promoting feelings of self-trust. To conquer excessive worry, use the oil on the stomach and spleen meridians. Use on the liver meridian to help develop the ability to make responsible decisions and carrying them to fruition. Rubbing Black Pepper oil on the soles of the feet will give you a boost of physical energy.


Do not use this oil on children or infants. This oil can be slightly irritating to the skin and potentially sensitizing. Dilute 15-20 drops of oil in 2 ounces of base oil and check for a reaction.

how to interpret the language of nature

FIR, SIBERIAN Essential Oil

Abies alba – Pinaceae


Key: Nurtured by the Spiritual Family. Memories of your Spiritual family awaken and their presence and love are felt. Bonding with Nature enables a better understanding for interpreting the language of life. Attuning to Nature Spirits stimulates a heightened awareness with all existence. Heightening our conscious awareness of our environment generates greater inner-peace and harmony. Opening to Nature inspires taking on a co-creative role in service to all life forms. Detaching from the need to fill other people’s expectations begins the process of healing the Earth family dynamics. Embracing self and life increases our self-love and promotes Spiritual growth.

Growth and healing issues:

Gaining insights into childhood behaviors releases insecurity and anger. Fears that hinder Spiritual growth are addressed by introspection into the Earth family dynamics and social conditioning. Spiritual faith is generated by recognizing and welcoming the nurturing energy of the Spiritual family.

Energetic influences on the bodies and chakras

Acknowledging stagnant unconscious fears helps release toxins from the emotional body. A bond with Nature grounds Spiritual energy into the physical and expands the root and heart chakras. This also opens the thymus chakras permitting it to release issues that maintain our disconnection from Nature’s sacredness.

Energetics of the oil:

Siberian Fir’s energy feels similar to being wrapped in a soft furry security blanket. The oil awakens the memory of belonging to a spiritual family and the realization that we are never alone. Energetically Fir generates Spiritual faith by releasing feelings of insecurity and loneliness. Intuition heightens with increased Spiritual faith. Remembrance of the warmth and security of the family unit brings a renewed sense of balance to the heart.

Fir is another great oil to use when we revert to childhood behaviors, as frequently occurs when we interact with our family because of the tendency to continue in roles and habits developed in past interaction. Use Fir oil to overcome the bond holding these patterns in place. Fir oil will lead to insights into the root cause and purpose of these behaviors, helping you to live life according to your truth and strengthening the bond with your Higher Self. Often we fall into old roles around our families because we believe they love who we have been and not who we are now. Accepting ourselves allows others to see our growth. Self-acceptance increases self-love and influences those around us to feel our love for them. Love attracts love and generates greater harmony and healing. Overcoming the need to play roles for other people allows them to learn responsibility for living their lives and heals family dynamics and relationships.

Fir helps in transforming feelings of self denial into self-worth and promotes the liver to release stagnant emotional toxins. It raises awareness of fears that impede you from taking the next step in your spiritual evolution and allows which will allow you to feel greater joy.

Experiencing the joy of Nature provides allows increases Spiritual energy to expands into the physical. Fir opens the thymus chakra above the heart and cleanses the issues created from many lifetimes of disconnecting from the Earth’s sacredness. Resolving these issues restores inner-peace and harmony and establishes a greater will to live.

Fir helps a person attune to Nature Spirits. Meditating with the oil and maintaining a focused intention to experience Nature Spirits initiates communication with the Elves, Gnomes, and Pan energy. An understanding of the messages coming from trees, flowers, birds, and animals grows daily and expands the heart chakra. A feeling of bliss and love grows strong in a person’s entire being and creates a deep bond of respect for the essence of Mother Nature. Fir promotes a desire to participate in more outdoor activities which will stimulate more environmental consciousness. Co-creation is humanity’s responsibility and Fir helps you understand your role in the service to Nature. This divine right order will enable the restoration of harmony and love on the planet.

Using the oil for transformation:

Siberian Fir massaged on the liver meridian releases anger. Rubbing into the heels opens and grounds the Earth connection. Using Fir oil on the stomach meridian helps to bring balance to the Earth element within you. Using Fir oil on the kidney meridian helps align the energy for living in the present and heightens the ability to communicate with Nature.

Massaging Fir into the heart and pericardium meridians promotes a feeling of nourishment and establishing greater intimacy in relationships. Rub into the thymus while gently tapping the area to stimulate the immune system. This also generates greater memory of multi dimensionality and parallel lives simultaneously existing on the Earth plane. Siberian Fir encourages Self-discovery of true magnificence. Fir on the triple warmer meridian energy warms feelings generated by social and family ties. Opening this energy also stimulates the desire for developing new relationship patterns.


Fir oil can be slightly irritating to the skin and potentially sensitizing; check for a reaction. Dilute 15-20 drops of oil in 2 ounces of base oil.

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