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"Revealing The Essence Of Nature
Through Aromatherapy's Use Of Essential Oils."

Published by North Atlantic Books; Frogs Ltd.

By Deborah Eidson

Book Cover

Aromatherapy for personal growth and spiritual transformation.

Have you ever wondered why smelling a flower stimulates an emotional response? Maybe a special aroma coming from the kitchen can immediately transport you into a warm meaningful memory. Think back or carefully observe the next time an aroma produces such a response, notice that split second when time slips into another dimension. Smells associated with an experience have this tremendous ability to suddenly return you to that moment of origin. That is a truly amazing quality. I find it utterly fascinating how scents can so readily stimulate memories and emotions. What is it about fragrances that have this ability to conjure up so much energy? It made me wonder if aromatherapy was a key to unlock the secrets buried in my unconscious. That is the premise launching my quest of self discover, and the answers I realized culminated in writing Vibrational Aromatherapy – Revealing The Essence Of Nature. The book serves to illuminate a path for consciously Co-creating with Nature through the essential oils. The intention inspiring this book came from a desire to share this knowledge about the oils, and the techniques that have been instrumental in my process to foster a more conscious and connected relationship with spirit.

The book is multifaceted because it defines the individual attributes of the essential oils and gives detailed instructions on how to use them as a tool for personal development. In addition it details various techniques that when used in conjunction with the oils enhances their effect. The information is compiled and organized into a framework that introduces and develops an approach or modality for facilitating energetic healing. The instructional content helps the reader develop and heighten their sensitivity to subtle energies. The book is a wealth of knowledge and tools that detail how to utilize this powerful stimulus to address emotional, mental, spiritual issues and to recognize the energies that are imposing limitation in one’s life. The energy that the oils generate can be very thought-provoking and fundamental for realizing important insights into the causes of one's suffering. This comes from recognizing the old patterns triggering inappropriate responses. Using the oils in the manner described can be helpful for developing new perceptions that are conducive for transformation.

Vibrational Healing, Vibrational Aromatherapy healing oils

The heart of the book is the specific information about each oil’s energetic influence and how to use the oil’s with intention for a profound healing experience. The essential oils are a plant’s condensed life force, therefore are Spiritual Essence manifested. The ethereal quality of smell can be a powerful stimulus effecting the human consciousness and energy field. This book provides new and different information that details what issues, beliefs, memories, patterns or knowledge that energetically becomes stimulated by using the oils. What is unique about this book is its specific suggestions on how to use the oils. For example: Using an oil on a certain area of the body, meridian, reflex point or chakra would help to address, release, or overcome issues -- in the energetic bodies being the mental, emotional, physical, etheric or spiritual. In order for the reader to fully understand this information and to be able to use it in a vibrational manner requires understanding and developing the perception needed to recognize and direct energy. The information builds a framework that explains, develops and implements a process for vibrational healing.

The structuring of the information is important for laying a solid foundation for the reader to understand what vibrational healing is and learns how to facilitate healing on a vibrational level. This is achieved by describing in simple terms how the laws of vibration create all existence. The next sequence of information demonstrates how to utilize these principles to actively become responsible for attracting and creating life experiences. The material is organized in a manner that details the steps in the process for consciously manifesting. Another powerful technique is described in a step by step outline that can be easily learned and used for clearing or resolving any energy that impedes the process to live with conscious intention. This process is called Embracing with Love, which is a method that can transform, issues, beliefs, and patterns that surface when using the oils. Working with this level of intention requires being in a heighten state of consciousness and the book presents directions on how to access intuitive information for developing this perception.

Instructions are given to learn how to use various methods for asking questions and receiving answers from the unconscious mind’s database or the higher self. These methods are important because they by pass the conscious mind's system for filtering, interpreting, rationalizing and processing of information. Mastering one of these methods of muscle testing or pendulum dowsing can open the door for the conscious mind to trust intuitive information without the need for it to be logically validated. The book explains how the mind operates and how to open other avenues of communication for developing a heighten perception of energy. The reader’s observation skills sharpen from the instructions that teach the principles of therapeutic touch. This includes how to facilitate healing by recognizing and interpreting the energetic communication that transmits between the energy fields of two people. Instruction is given for establishing and maintaining an energy connection. This is accomplished by alerting the reader to the signs of subtle energy shifts and the signals that energy is being appropriately facilitated.

The integral and special feature of this book is how to handle intense and often unpleasant emotions and memories that are unlocked in the process. The information prepares the reader for this eventuality and provides many techniques for healing these scars. A very fundamental element in this process is the Embracing technique that can produce immediate results. Combining the oil information with various teachings, techniques and the oriental art of medicine introduces the reader to a wealth of wisdom that can be used to enhance their journey of self discovery and transformation. These techniques are formatted in a step by step outline. An overview is provided that highlights the oriental energy system of meridians’ and the five elements’. It was important to include energetic influences and the impact that they have to stagnate, or over stimulate energy in the physical body. Charts structure the information for easy reference on the twelve meridians and five elements.

An aromatherapy book would not be complete without traditional applications for the oils. The oils can be toxic if misused so I address that concern in a chapter. I also added another twist, which is the therapeutic essential oil bath. One chapter covering the theory and another for the ingredients added into the bath for creating a synergistic effect.

I include illustrated meridian charts and reflexology charts because they are essential for the reader to quickly find the meridian channel on the body reflex points to check energy conditions. I have also organized the information in tables for easy reference. A short chapter on reflexology points and how they can be stimulate is included along with illustrated charts of the reflex points on the hands and feet. How to use a pendulum is in the accessing intuitive information chapter. Also a one page list of all the oils is provided. This list can be used for choosing an oil with a pendulum or with muscle testing. I have compiled a short reference guide that summaries each oil’s highlights and would like to see that in the back of the book along with the index, organizing the information to be user friendly. Additional resources and related books are for the reader to learn more about vibrational healing. A glossary is provided to explain unfamiliar terminology. An index is in the back so that the book can be a useful reference guide.

Table Of Contents

  • Foreword
  • Vibrational Healing and Aromatherapy
  • Using Essential Oils for Healing
  • The Chakras Systems
  • The Meridian System of Energy Flow
  • Hand and Foot Reflexology
  • Embracing into Love
  • The Aromatherapy Bath
  • Choosing Essential Oil Combinations Intuitively
  • Essential Oils A-Z
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography

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