Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God.

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. - Cat's Cradle

The choice that you, as a Soul, have in relation to anything is always to be loving. Do you understand that this is the divine purpose that all of us as humans have been given

-- to love unconditionally?

John Morton

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"The difference between a boss and a leader: a boss says, 'Go!' - a leader says, 'Let's go!'"

-E. M. Kelly

Cleansing Past Life Karma

My trip to Peru was magical. I met incredible people and gained immense insight. Traveling alone and not speaking very good Spanish permitted me to heighten my ability to intuitively communicate. The love I received was amazing. I would walk around projecting my heart love and people would respond by coming up and hugging me or wanting to help me. Spirit sent me on a mission to vibrationally cleanse areas and activate energies. I had some very interesting Alien encounters, which made me a believer. I also was given the opportunity to resolve past life karma during my Peruvian adventure.


I had a very profound experience at Chincero, which is a small village in the mountains. Every Sunday there is a market that the Quechan Indians come to, it is their place to socialize. The following is a recount of that experience. I shared this adventure with a very dear friend I made in Cuzsco. His Name is Oskar and it was destiny that drew us together along with a little past life karma needing to be resolved.

The night before we were to go to Chancier Oskar and I went into an antique fabric store, which was no accident. Not knowing it at the time, it was the stimulus to activate what was to come. I held and touched antique fabrics. There was an antique horse bridle that especially caught my attention, It was a beautiful piece of work and I probably would have bought if I had money on me at the time. That was not necessary because it was a tool to helped me to activate unconscious memories of my past life in Peru. I suddenly became very ill later in the night. I realized later that getting sick was a result of my resistance and aversion to the karma that I had occurred in that incarnation.

The trip to Chincero was very difficult and I became increasingly nauseous as we drew closer to the town. Sitting in the market with the Quechan people I begin to shed tears. Those tears came from the immense love I was experiencing by realizing their beauty, courage and strength. It was not surroche ( which is altitude sickness) that I was experiencing at all, it was the realization of my actions as a conquistador. I had a vision of being a conquistador and massacring those people. This was a very graphic full technicolor vision and for a moment I felt as if I had transported back to that time and was amidst the battle on a horse. The remembrance of judging those wonderful beings of light and massacring them through the rationalization of my convictions of religious blindness made me feel completely nauseous and I thought for a moment that I was going to pass out. I laid down on an ancient rock shelf and the images of my actions came to me. This enabled me to transform that karma by looking at the experience without judgment or blame, which promoted that energy to release from my cellular memory and most importantly heal the area and myself. Seeing myself in that incarnation and watching my actions without judgment helped me to realize the karma that I incurred.

During this healing process White Buffalo Woman came to me and showed me that she is also known as PacchaMama, allowing that essence within me to become more deeply felt. I cried and begin to sing, which permitted the energy I carried within me of self-hatred to begin transforming. I then saw a portal open, and many entities bound to the area where able to enter into the light. This was my duty to re-balance the karma. It was very timely that Oskar showed up as I finished the process. I know that many people where watching me, and on some level they knew what I was energetically doing. My energy was very expanded at that point. We begin to leave the area and many of the Quechan’s came up to touched me, but before we could leave the area it was necessary for me to make a complete circle around the area. This was very difficult because I was weak and partly in another reality. Oskar helped me walk around or actually he half dragged me, we never spoke words we just knew to do this and when we made the circle it felt complete for me to leave.

We went to a friend of Oskar’s house, the wonderful people took me into their only room and laid me down on the bed, which I promptly passed out. This down time helped me to complete my task and solidify back into the physical. When I came back into my body, the first thing I noticed was some of Oskar’s artwork of UFO’s on the wall, which energetically helped me to feel more solidified. Oskar also returned at that moment. We went to visit another friend of Oskar’s and the three of us sat in a field sharing a coke. I was gifted by having three eagles fly overhead. Seeing them I knew to be an omen signaling some part of me had become completed. A full circle that was to lift me up the spiral to a new level.

That experience has also helped me integrate this lifetime’s journey of living in Spain and my connection to that culture. Provoking profound insights that have produced a greater understanding of what it was about and why it was necessary for me to experience in this lifetime. Living in Spain was a very formative time of my life that has deep roots in my personality’s development.


I was lucky to catch these spirits at Macchu Picchu on film. I remember taking the picture after I had walked a round a ridge where tourist usually don't go, and it over looks the river. It was a very powerful experience for me because I heard Beings singing to the river, and now I have a physical record of it.

Spirits in Peru

Peru and Bolivia's Link To Lemuria

Oskar sent me a copy of ancient map of Atlantis and Lemuria that was recorded in the records of a Tibetan monastery, it has sparked some incredible insights. The most important is that when first arriving at Macchu Picchu I had this sensation that this place was inhabited by the Druids, not the Inca's, or that they are inner-connected. I Draw a lot of my knowing from my Druid teachings, and have always know they came from Atlanta or Lemuria. I now suspect it is Lemuria. Match'u Pik'chu, Tiwanak'u, and the Bolivian Amayru's, are all Lemurian or Mu. I feel that I am deeply connected to Lemuria more so than Atlantis, that is because the Lemurian's went into becoming Nature Spirits. The PacchaMama that the Amayru people carve are the triple face goddess of the Druids. ( As a matter of fact I bought many of there rock amulets, you can't image how many kilo's of stuff I came home with!

I do feel in my heart I will return to Peru and especially Bolivia to renew my self and see all the wonderful people I met, as well as working with the Doctor to be of some service to the Quechan people. I am affirming that to manifest, but as to the time table it is left up to Spirit's direction.

A friend gave me this and said it was a 25,000 Year old map that came from the Monasteries Of Tibet.

Tibetian map of the world

Doorways of Peru Photos