distortions caused from shadow self
spiritual growth and healing fragmented aspects of self
tools to work with shadow self and fractures aspects
healing benefits working with shadow self
grace and forgiveness that results by heaing emotional, karmic, soul scars programed into shadow consciousness
Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

-Carl Gustav Jung

Every road has two directions.

Russian Proverb

There is no such thing as a problem without a gift for you in its hands. You seek problems because you need their gifts.

Richard Bach

"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars."

Charles A. Beard

Past life insights about relationship dynamics

Disengaging From Relationship Patterns...

Steps for developing greater compassion...

insights that result consciously working with inner-self



What is the lesson I need to learn regarding this person / experience?

Align with your H.S. and ask your and guides to help you see what the lesson is about.---Ask them to open your life blueprint.



What is the contract I made with this person? Or/ Why have I attracted this situation into my life?

Ask guides to show you the contracts / agreements you have made for learning this lesson. Often there are several contracts made with various people to learn the lesson. The more lifetimes you have been working on this lesson the more present lifetime contracts you have for drawing the opportunity to learn the lesson.
Remember the other person in your contract is there for a reason too! --- often to learn or experience being on the flip side of the lesson.



What is the role they are playing to fill their part of the contract?

Ask for a clearer view of your role, and the role the other person is playing. Ask for a different perspective in order to better understand each role. --- Stand in the other player's (shoes) / role for a moment.



What is the aspect of myself that this person is reflecting back to me?

Is it showing me something a part of myself I deny / or don't realize I am doing?

Is it validating a belief or self fulfilling prophecy I have.

Is it showing me a quality I want to develop.



What is the gift that this person is giving me by playing their role?

The gift is the lesson learned. Ask guides to help you understand from a higher perspective by getting beyond reaction and feelings of person or situation to realize truth.

The next 4 steps lead to disconnecting the energy.

This can be done in conjunction with the EMBRACING IN LOVE Technique which brings the energy up and through the heart chakra disconnecting and transforming the energy charge held in the physical body. This is compassion which stimulates hormones to release raising your vibration and gives you the ability to choose instead of just reacting.



Can I accept the role and actions the other person has played, helping me to learn this lesson?

Acceptance is a part of compassion and is unconditional love in action. This requires total acceptance of who the person is without judgment.



Can I allow myself to let go of any anger towards the other person playing the role that had helped me learn this lesson?

Allowance is also a part of compassion and unconditional love in action. This requires allowing the other person to be who they are, and allowing them to follow their chosen path, regardless of how you feel about that. Allowing them to discover on their own the consequences of their choices.

Learn to love them doing it their way, and really see the courage it takes to go through the challenges they have chosen to learn through.

This really requires learning to keep your heart open instead of closing it when you are annoyed.



Can I release this person from blame?

You realize that there are no victims just volunteers and everyone is playing the roles you have assigned to them through contracts / agreements.

Taking responsibility for your action releases the blame.

Embracing (not forgiveness because that indicates something being right or wrong) brings forth gratitude which disconnects and transmutes the emotional charge that would cause the reaction for repeating playing the same role.

Once You have learned the lesson frees you to move onto another lesson. This can break the pattern so you don't keep attracting the same type of experiences over and over.

By now You will have felt a great surge of love and compassion through your heart.



Now that I have released this person can I be kind, and how can I do that, and when can I do it?

You should feel the most gratitude for the people who have agreed to play the darkest roles in your life. They are the ones who really love us the most--- because they play the most difficult role of all.

Once you have truly embraced the lesson it frees you both to experience the best in each other. It changes the dynamics of the relationship.

Just because you understand the energetic's and have released it doesn't always mean they are ready to stop playing the role because they might not have gotten their lesson's meaning yet, or the role they want you to play for validating a negative aspect of themselves and are not able to see that then letting them leave your life is the greatest service of kindness you can do for them.

Learning to love them and letting them be where their at.

Debbie Ford's "Dark side of the light chasers" inspired me to work with this technique and I highly recommend getting the Book.

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