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If you make friends with yourself, you'll never have to be alone

---Maxwell Maltz

Asension freguencies for higher vibrational

Develop the attitude:

That life is for your amusement!

Ask those around you:

What are you going to do to amuse me?

Letting go of the need to judge, control or fix things opens space for joy. Allows other's the chance to learn from their experiences, that empowers them to take responsibility.
Cultivating greater compassion, allowance and acceptance that we are perfect just as we are, Now!

Releases the tension on the emotion cords wrapped around you --- they won't be able spin you out like a top ... into their trauma/ drama. It becomes allot easier to stay grounded, centered and aligned in resonance with your own Soul. You can hold a higher frequency of energy so that you can be of greater service to those around you.

Learning not to sweat the small stuff opens the door for miracles!


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Hello To All...

Clairvoyant, psychic readings and energy healings

My name is Deborah Eidson

(The short version of who I am.)

(Where I have been, who I met, what I learned, and what I do.)

(What a lightworker is, and The Calling of My Soul Purpose.)


(What my clients say about me.)

(changes in me and my life and what I do, on the path.)

How I do, What I do.

See what I look like in the physical.
my art, partner, animals and other things.

A collection of essays to share with you some transforming experiences, thoughts and leanings that I discovered on my journey.

Intuitive insights, Spiritual growth, awakening consciousness
Clairvoyant, psychic readings and energy healings

In 2006 We Opened the Lightsey Sage House

We Closed The Lightsey Sage House in 2014

It was a wonderful adventure and met absolutely incredible people from around the world. I thank all who blessed by staying with us. We are now onto another adventure so stay tuned!

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Clairvoyant, psychic readings and energy healings

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