I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas.
I'm frightened of the old ones.
John Cage

"I have realized that the past and future are real illusions,
that they exist in the present,
which is what there is and all there is."

Alan Watts

A neurosis is a secret that you don't know you are keeping.
Kenneth Tynan

Who controls the past controls the future.
Who controls the present controls the past."
George Orwell

"People blame their environment. There is only one person to blame - and only one - themselves."
Robert Collier

We know what happens to people who stay in the middle of the road. They get run over.
--Ambrose Bierce

Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.

Roy Goodman

Been There Done That!

Are you frustrated about a recurring pattern in your life? You have done every step and program, read every book, tried visualizing it disappearing, commanding it to stop, all seeming to take 2 steps forward and 5 steps backwards. Before you know it you are back in this endless loop of thought, behavior, desire, choice, circumstances, it's like you have some invisible glue that sticks these things to you, and a sign that says "the buck stops here". You know what I mean? There is no rhyme or reason to why it happens and you really have tried almost everything.

Would you believe that the origin of this energetic maze might have its roots in a past life vow, oath, contract, promise, agreement, curse I call these things VACPOC's, and they have this tremendous tenacity and persistence that can make a deep rut in your life. Not only have you made this VACPOC but also have many back up programs, replicating and hidden programs to ensure your obedience. In addition you have numerous contracts made enlisting the help of many beings that are physically incarnate as well as those in Spirit to help you maintain your VACPOC's. Often the VACPOC is first made in the physical due to a traumatizing experience such as death and then re-affirmed in Spirit often in the transition state, but it can go the other way too.

The thing about Spirit is its immortal so when it agrees to a VACPOC it can be easily recorded to play for eternity. It knows no difference because mortality is only in the physical realm. Wonder why that matters? If a lifetime is mortal and only has a certain amount of time to carry out its agenda and you have a VACPOC that is stamped for eternity, think how many lifetimes you have done the same scenario? VACPOC's were never really meant to be for eternity but for specific lifetimes with specific players / energy. So the VACPOC becomes a catch 22 and never gets resolved. So it gets carried over into next incarnation as unfinished business. After a few life missions the original paper work for the work order gets lost in translation. The process of for unfinished work is copied over and over each time with less information --- just a note of the debt. After lifetimes it begins to be intertwined into the Soul Plan, blueprint and /or template as if it belonged. This replicating and replaying through lifetimes has an effect that distorts the original design in the blueprint, template, and Soul plan records. That distortion is referred to as a schism which has a karma debt attached to it. If it is a genetic or ancestral lineage schism it replicates with every generation. It becomes so familiar that we don't notice that the schism is woven with a different thread than the original.

How did I get stuck with the bill?

One very crucial aspect that ties the knot tighter is that it might not even be your karma to begin with! It could be displaced --- unknown from past, deferred ---- placed for future, transferred --- another's but put into your records, and or bartered --- karma sold, traded off as an agreement for something (sell your first new born type of thing). How can that be, you ask? The great culprits in this scenario are our ancestors, not always bloodline relatives but Soul lineage, Soul families, Star lineage, or archetypical lineage who might have sold our records or made contracts for future offspring to pay the debt, similar to the deficit in politics today! Some of the Karma debt we have been paying is not ours at all but our records have been manipulated and erroneously written this is termed com busted karma --- which is when the roots of deferred, transferred and bartered karma have been burnt so that many layers of information fuses together and appears to belong because there are no roots / original paper work to trace back to it true origin. This is why it is imperative to become more aware to question the ownership / pedigree papers of a distortion/ thought or pattern.

That is why it is crucial to heighten awareness and develop discernment to question and validate the truth instead of just accepting it as truth. To check validity is from analyzing information through your energetic systems ---of feeling, knowing, sensing and intuiting, instead of using your mental conscious thinking process. True discernment factors in intuitive responses that run through your energetic systems and aligned with the heart to make choices as oppose to judgments that the reasoning mind makes to qualify value. Running this energy through your energetic systems is a better way to qualify what it is and what it is not. Knowing this allows you to choose to whether you want to have it in your life. Developing discernment and becoming more fully conscious will lead to making choices that are healthier and aligned to your Soul as opposed to your ego, thus opting out of struggle, turmoil and drama. Then again some people just wouldn't know how to act if things were easy and joyful because it would lack drama. Drama is as addicting as any drug on the market!

Stop playing that song!

As we were discussing before about how VACPOCS can become rewritten into the records to appear as if they are part of the design. Programs can also be distorted in the same way. After awhile the program or VACPOC becomes so familiar the distortion is just skipped over or forgotten so we don't realize that we are evolving on an incomplete foundation. A schism is a distortion that has been woven in our energy bodies or in our records and programs that alter the overall foundation in some way often going unnoticed or by short circuiting our progress leading us into repetition. Schisms are deep grooved looping patterns that blind us to possibility. They often go undetected because often they are only affecting one area of your life, for example like: Career --- same station different channel, money have it but can't keep it or have it but not have love. Relationships might go like this: -- you attract married men / women, partners that are emotionally unavailable, abusive, always being left / rejected for another model, the lists can be endless. All you seem to do is attract the same energy but in a different package.

You know you have walked down this path time and again and some part of you knows that it is a lesson in futility. But you try and reason your way out of the box, often by accepting that there is a lesson in the experience. Well let me tell you a little secret, you already have learned the lesson and it is only a habit at this point, and a bad addictive one at that! It's just an endless looping program, playing like a broken record. So what do you do when a record sticks? You take it off and buy a new CD to replace that old 45. Upgrade to a new format. You can take the same old song and have it re-mastered through new technology available today.

Until the original instructions are rewritten you are bound to keep selecting the same tune. Believe it or not those instructions are obsolete you just never got the memo that told you so. That is what I do is help you discover the origin or root of your patterns and have those broken records be re-master to play a whole new sound with higher vibrations frequencies. It will be the same song but the frequencies that triggered you before into reaction have been disconnected, thus allowing for choice.

Stop the bus, I want off!

Why would we want to disconnect for an experience? If we are trying to be more connected why would we want to disconnect something? A common belief that many seekers especially in the metaphysical realm accept as truth is ---the experiences we have in life are the lessons that we are here to learn. If we have the same experience out come over and over it is because we must not have learned it yet. I have come to realize that the lesson is really the choice we make for how we are to experience life. It is always the same tune playing the difference is how we hear it and the choice we make for experiencing it. So holding onto the feelings of an experience for example that are painful will effect to short circuit our growth. How this occurs is we fixate on the pain and begin to believe that is the only outcome. We become afraid of the energy and not able to see the possible choices. When we lose our power to choose that is a cord that binds us. It is living in the moment that will progress us forward with each choice of experience but that is prevented by holding on and re-playing / re-visiting the past. You can't be in the past and living in the moment at the same time. That is why it is so important to disconnect from the emotional charge of an experience to be set free and be in the moment not dwelling on the past.

Tripping the triggers!

For-give-ness is a key that sets us free. I have talked and written about this many times in the past. The technique I use to disconnect from those feelings is the "Embracing in Love." The short of it is: When you embrace something in your heart it transforms, it doesn't say that you didn't have the experience or you forget /suppress the experience. Quite frankly there are times that forgiveness is just not an option for some experiences when there is a great emotional charge. Replaying an incident only serves to entrench it deeper and lodge it more intensely so that you wear it like a badge. It can be a form of alienation or separation. The "Embracing into Love" allows the memory to stay but the emotions that are short circuiting you are transformed giving peace and healing. Once the charge is disconnected you don't react you can view an experience as matter of fact. It is quite amazing and it frees up a lot of energy that can be redirected to new pursuits because you can be done with that experience. Onward and upward!

What role do I need to play?

I am like a glorified Spiritual forensic anthropologist, System Data Administrator, investigator and consultant brought on to a project (meaning your issue) to initiate and mediate contact with your Higher Self, Soul, and Source connection. (We all need to take on this role to examine our systems) Something might have broken your connection and assistance might be needed to translate and reconcile the programs. A team needs to be called forth to begin researching through your data banks: Cross checking data for - integrity, missing, corrupt, miswriten, misfiled, duplicated and triplicate files, and matching their authenticity of energy signatures of all the parts, programs and karma throughout all: Bodies and Minds, Divine Directives, Soul Records, Akashic Records, Ancestral Records, Karmic Records, Physical Blueprints /Templates, Energy Signatures, Incarnation Path Experiences, Soul Family Lineage, Root Lineage, Star Lineage, Past/ Present/ Future/ Parallel Lives, Time Codes, DNA, All memory caches, for rooting out what is corrupted, missing, erroneous, obsolete, and /or manipulated data. Then an instruction is given for your Soul to be re-educated with new information that is a higher vibrational frequency and new directives to evolve that comes from Your Source.

I link with your Soul / Source to trace the energy line back to its origin / root and have it recast: burned root, stem, and seed so that it doesn't re-grow. (When you are working on self ---make the connection with Higher-Self, Soul, OverSoul, Source that is your own.) The burning is different from combustion because it purifies leaving nothing possible to re-grow. (The burning is your kundalini energy coming up the spine and burning off the doss between the chakras. The doss being old thought forms and programs of limitation that are maintaining the distortion.) This process makes room for a new program or better stated a new set of choices to experience the energy. If a new program is necessary to replace the old than an intention needs to be declared that it comes directly from Your Higher Self - Soul -Source and be in resonance with your intention of having an expanded vibrational frequency in thought, action and deed.

attuned with greater clarity of consciousness

How to mop up the floors!

You also need to visit the temple of recasting which is a place that can be visited in the dream state. In this temple your records are reviewed to check for schisms that you might have caused a distortion that you are skipping or leaving incomplete. This recasting will also research what the original work orders were and stamp the karma in full so that any refund due you can be collected. Trust me often you have over paid and are due to be paid with beneficial karma. Going to the Recasting Temple is easy. All you have to do is before going to sleep at night set an intention that a guardian from your Source and lineage take you directly to the Temple that night so you can do a recasting. Now it is important to have a guardian lead you through the labyrinths of the astral plane because there are so many astral plane dimensions and most are very dense and it is easy to get lost caught up waylaid from your mission. The temple lies on a higher vibrational frequency and sometimes help is necessary to raise you dream body up to that frequency if it is accustomed to the lower frequencies.

Another part of the process requires setting up a review board from your Source and Light Lineage to review and rectify all your records / data. It will also be necessary that all parts, fragments, aspects, entities, discarnite, separates, DNA, as well as programs, beliefs, imprints, and karma that is not yours, and is of another's energy signature be transmuted and reconfigured. Only if it is necessary, be sent back to its owner. (This is a departure from the past for me, and an example of what I mean by paradigm shifts /change of truth. At a point in my development it was acceptable to send things back, but now I've come to a new level of responsibility and it changed my truth.) Sometimes sending something back to someone who doesn't want it or not ready to own, can cause a shattering in their energy field. Shattering them can cause more karma where as transmuting or reconfiguring the energy will change the baggage from being a weight to a gift or blessing. Reconfiguring will allow the assimilation of foreign energy to be done in a manner to eliminate the distorting effects.

Energy is energy that can be transformed from one state to another. When we send it back to it origin we are just rejecting and separating energy which just adds more unconscious harm energy in to the power grid of the human species. Projecting energy back to a non-specified source can allow it to bounce around striking and piercing the energy bodies of innocent bystanders. Lets face it you wouldn't' be sending the energy away if it didn't have some type of harmful effect and then letting it loose so that like energy magnetizes it to it creating a bigger mass of pulsing discharging energy. It has great potential harm to say the least if it ends up in the wrong hands. By being aware and responsible for our personal power will help to restore the power grid that we are as a species. In another pondering I will discuss what unconscious harm is and its effects.

So continuing the process you would want all of your parts, fragments, aspects, power and energy, etc. that has been taken, given, bartered, forgotten be returned to you from all dimensions past, present, future and parallel. With the return of the parts, all karma is to be completed, transmuted and resolved, then have the part washed and rewoven and reconfigured back into your energy field for greater sovereignty within your field and consciousness that resonates with Your Higher-Self - Soul - Source. The difference here is the conscious choice to be responsible for aspects that might have been rejected or are negative in nature through your own creation. By having the clear intent and desire to take that responsibility will assist in repairing or restoring that which has been fragmented and shattered within.

Collect the bits and reweave them in a new pattern!

As we work to collect the fragmented and shattered parts of self and reunite them by embracing them with love and understanding, and reconfiguring the absent parts to integrate with the greater whole, to be rewoven into a new tapestry, that will serve you by radiating and resonating with your Soul and Source. So that we can evolve into being spirit in action, and bridging the gap of separation by integrating the need to experience opposing polarities so that we can come into a place of greater unity. Lifetimes have been spent jumping from one polarity to another much like how a pendulum swings side to side. We have spent lifetimes moving horizontally caught on the wheel of karma going round and round, back and forth always ending up in a state of separation. We have done that long enough, at least I think so! What we are doing is just not working! If we keep maintaining the old paradigms that we have been taught, imprinted or experienced only locks us into the known, which only serves to make us crazier and crazier. You do have to admit there is a lot of craziness going on in the world at the moment! Do we want to perpetuate that old corrupted energy or see it for what it is and stop breathing life into it? Personally I want to make vertical movement.

Take me up, please!

One aspect for moving in ascent is to become more "Unified". To begin on this new "Quest" of "Unity" requires a center point that is balanced between two polarities. Not being blinded by the light and disgusted by the dark or the other way fascinated with the dark and rejecting of the light. What ever, it is just hopping from one polarity to the other! In Spirit both the light and dark reside. You can not see the light without the dark or another way to say it --- the dark holds the pathway for the light to flow through. As a dyslexic form we have tried to have the light hold the pathway for the dark to flow through and if you think about it, well come to your own conclusions of how that has played out in the drama of "Living as a human". Living and working through this process has helped to expand my consciousness and heighten my awareness and I truly believe it can assist you.

perception of portals to alternate realities
power spots of ancient civilizations