A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes.
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

A seeker of truth is no stranger to controversy.

Eric Schaub

Since our inner experiences consist of reproductions and combinations of sensory impressions,

the concept of a soul without a body seems to me to be empty and devoid of meaning.

Albert Einstein

"People blame their environment. There is only one person to blame - and only one - themselves."

Robert Collier

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal."

Henry Ford

The journey is the reward.
--Tao saying

Madness takes its toll.
Please have exact change.


Opening the door to the abstract is fundamental for the path of ascension. What I mean by ascension is the expanded consciousness / enlightenment that will lead us back to whole-I-ness or one-ness. Our denial of the shadow and fixation on the light has served to maintain the state of polarities in this plane and contributed to the Soul fracturing.

Through our dance with separation we have lost so much of our knowledge, radiance, energy in order to exist in the limitations of the physical world. We have fashioned our lives around this false paradigm that we as humans are having a spiritual experience, but the truth is totally the opposite, we are spirit having a human experience. In that vein life takes on a different angle of perception that expands increasing the vibratory frequency but the problem is we are addicted to false paradigms.

Reality on this dimension is ordered and defined by the consensual consciousness. We have made agreements that we would be part of a collective consciousness to dance to the rhythms of lack and limitation. Dancing to the beat of separation has been a shattering experience that has caused fractures in our Soul's consciousness, distorting and corrupting our records because missing and erroneous information has been recorded making them unrecognizable from the original soul blueprint we were originaly formed with. Those rhythms of seperation have been copied over and over for so long that it is imprinted into our DNA and Soul Records ect, causing us to forget that we could break out of the box!

Dancing to the same tune for so long that the collective consciousness has managed to lose, give away / barter, ot forgeten how to use the key that will open the door to "All is possible".

We have been imprinted, programmed, cursed, seduced, manipulated, deluded and best of all consensually accepted reality to be defined as such ---?. We have become so fractured and polarized to the point of losing interest in opening the door to the abstract. Fearing if we do we will go crazy. We have forgotten or have been under such a veil of illusion that we do not realize we already are insane. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a new result is crazy. So the abstract helps to open up new territory for those pioneers of new paradigms and ascension, to rush in and start mapping (map carvers the pioneers of new ideas or understanding of reality.). Though map carvers are indiviuals who investigate and welcome new perspective but even they have a tendency to hold on to some of their own old paradigms. The familiar is such a comfort, and we do like to lazily float down that big ole river called "De-Nile".

I've pondered upon what to do with ancestral lineages (Ancestral lineages are not only our current family blood lines but also include: soul family lineage, star lineages, archtypal lineages, lineages from other root races previously on earth before the present one now.) There are a contributing factor for the origins of distortion ---because of their actions of what was or done in another time, has and can create karma which has an effect on us because of their actions we become responsible to maintain. This can be done in several ways: One is they might have deferred their karma to us --- which is by letting the future generation deal with it, (doesn't that sound familiar to what is going on today?), by curse --- lucky us, on the way into to this life we are handed a ticket to a fued, we don't even get to pick the bout we might want to see!, transfered karma --- is like getting in the mail ofone of those traffic tickets photographing our car, but we might not have lent the car to a friend and it wouldn't be us doing it but our car. bartering is the giving away --- this is like futures trading, we have been outright sold into slavery.
Do I need to judge that aspect of self and fulfill those vows, agreements, contracts, promises, oaths or curses,(VACPOC'S). Why do I need to keep validating and maintaining those orders? Why cann't I just disengage from the struggle and retrieve what I've lost and null and void those old edicts, in-order to stand in my own power and write new directives? It is so easy to fall back into that basic program to annihilate evil, which loops to the polarity of annihilating live (life). Have we not been playing this same game for long enough! My guess is that maintaining those worn out VACPOC'S only incurs more karma, which serves only to keep us engaged in the distraction.

This dimensional life we are apart is in such a wondrous moment! There is a shift happening in the collective consciousness causing the possibility for starting a new dance that will be to a new tune. Who's ready to get on that new ride, journey, breath, but really it's just a new way that the energy will flow. To have gotten here has required thinking outside of the box. Why has that been so hard? Maybe because so many of our lifetimes we have been punished, or put to death for thinking beyond what the popular belief was of the times. That fear is lodged in our DNA, records and memory banks possible for protection so we wouldn't get too far out of the box and / or attract attention and end up on hanging on a rope or maybe the bottom of a pile of stones.

Chasing my tail!

Another thought that I frequently wonder about is why I always have to perceive things as broken? Maybe it's just a rhythm that is in dissonance of my intention to resonate with source. Then I wonder what is source? Maybe it's the point of balance between the physical and non-physical. Wouldn't that be the elusive state of unity? What would happen if I waited for the wave to lift me instead of swimming against the current trying to catch the wave?

I truly think (my truth which is just my current belief at that moment because we think that truth is what we believe but it rarily is. ) Life is much simpler than we allow it to be. it is when we have that moment of being in resonance with source. How we navigate through the flow (life) is the trick. Embracing our dark and light aspects into unity again is a way home to the balance point of both physical and non-physical. Loving with out judgment releases our need to validate once again the opposite polarity. That's the trick, we have gotten into this loop of thinking that the result of an experience is the lesson, but is it not, the experience itself is the lesson. Meaning ---if the experience is the lesson than why is it we do not chose other ways to react to the energy so that we can have a multitude of experiences / lessons? I ask myself "have I not done it this way before and would it be nice to go on to another lesson plan?" "What is the unknown way?" "Why follow the herd?" "Why?"

This is why it is so important to travel in the dream state on the astral plane and visit the Recasting Temple, which is a place to learn the lesson or gain the understanding of what you might have overlooked or skipped over causing a distortion in your foundation --- thoughts, records of our relationship with spirit, DNA, etc. So maybe next time the same energy comes around in your life instead of thinking --"Oh I must not have learned that lesson yet" entertain the thought ---"Oh, I have done it this before and know what not to do, so let me try it another way!" I think that makes a lot more sense. Think about this what or who has the time to set up tests for us all the time, or who is it that is watching and grading us on how well we have learned to do it EXACTLY like the time before. Think how big a computer would be required to have every moment of your life recorded. It is not a "Simon Says game" we are playing but it might be more like a "Mother Mother May I game." I am incline to think it is really a gift of a blank canvass and a box a crayons. So whatcha gona do?

In the realm of spirit that we have direct access to is the astral plane which is the pattern body of this realm. We have a physical body and an astral / dreaming body which is our Spirit body double, and this is where all disease begins before it manifests into the physical. Now the astral plane which can be the polar opposite, so to speak, of this plane, or similiar --like a what we might think term as a parallel plane but the important point here is that it is the plane in which we manifest from. Thoughts or ideas form as a vision sent to the astral plane and then it is reflected back into the physical plane as a manifestation. It is a many faceted plane containing many levels or dimensions within it. The lower levels are fraught with chaos, fear, anxiety, and incomplete erroneous pictures defining reality to us. There is so many levels in this realm because of the severity of fracturing that has occured from our maintainance of seperation, the lower levels are often ones where tortured souls hang out on a level that we might term as "hell", then there are the levels where fantasizes and corrupted desires reside, other levels have are rejected dreams, but mostly the lower levels are created from the collected consciousness beliefs, fears, and desires based on disconnection from soul. They are chaotic, confusing, and can be fearful as well as informative.

The astral planes are a link that allows us to connect and communicate with soul and receive its directives this plane can allow us to be replenished by spirit and soul contact. This was a place / level that was original designed to work out karma from other lifetimes so that we don't have to carry it back or work it out again on the physical plane in this life, but that has failed miserably. It really isn't necessary to have that drama replayed but we have gotten addicted to the drama and want to watch it over and over like a broken record.

The lower levels have become so clogged with aspects ---- entities, discarnate, departed ancestors, soul family members and other beings that chose to live vicariously through our physical experience instead of having their own. We -- as those who are residing in the physical have been laboring under the assumption it is our duty to do it for them. What I mean is some of us have some how become responsible for the agendas of those in the non-physical's, as well as having to fulfill our own soul agenda in this lifetime. It is a wonder we ever get any sleep or rest.

Don't you some times wonder why you do things when you know that is not what you wanted to say or do. Or maybe you have the experience of feeling like you are being an observer of your own life? That might be a signal that you are doing the agenda of a non-physical being that has been inserted or attached into your energy / records so that it appears it is your job to do. this is why is is paramont that we Learn to question and discern what is truly in our best interest for our growth and evolution and will lead us away from that old pattern of enabling and interferring. Doing it for another is just plain meddling and interfering because they still have to do it and we have only made a carbon copy.

When I say "our best interest" that does not mean being "selfish" as it has meant in the past. To be filled with self is a good thing because more aspect are healing and consciously aligning and integrating healing the fractures of your Soul allowing for you to become more realize. It is not in the old miserly vein, or having to be in control of others due to lack, but responsible for self with clear intention to align with true soul directives in order to express spirit in action on the physical plane. Which comes about by being in vibrational resonance with Soul, being heart centered by hearing and doing soul directives and not the whims and desires of ego, unplugging from the ego's control that uses the head / mind to define by logic and reason to overrun Soul directives. The ego ignores the memos from Soul. If thinks it can do a better job and is doing its job! That directive is to survive at all costs and how dsyfunctional that might be is of no concern!

Spirit can extend itself through every possible experience more than just the human experience. The separation game came about as a experiment to try out different expressions of the different aspects of spirit through the human experience. Imaging standing in the middle of mirrors on either side of you, and looking in them can be described similiarly to what it would look like in a hall of fractured mirrors leading down what appears to be an endless corridor into the maze or is it the matrix? That is how the level of consciousness known as Wellspring, Spirit, and Luminus can be described. It is a higher level of consciousness with an extrodinary high possibility of the smallest distortion to be amplified through what might seem as infinity.. This is a very important level of consciousness that needs to be examined for cracks and erroneous programs that must be removed and reprogramed because if they are not they will loop into infinity. This is also a place to look if you are a looper which means that you would have a tendency to stop a bahavior so to say, but start it again, and / or you feel that your life is a broken record because you are just repeating things over and over. People who have tried everything but with little success that is temporary would most likely need to have this checked level of their consciousness cleared of blocks to stop the programs from replicating.

We have been doing separation for so long we have forgotten what we came to do or wanted to accomplish through the experience. So now is a time to move on into a new game / frequency to return to whole /I/ ness. Unity is part of that game to raise our consciousness. When we achieve a state of resonance with Soul / Source the need for questioning / judging what is right or wrong is no longer engaged in because Soul is in charge / control and the answer is known as what is the appropriate action to express. Without the quanitative need to judge things as good or bad fees up alot of energy and need to feel or sense any lack. Coming to that place moves beyond the need to have struggle pain and trauma to be teachers, but have true love and awe for the experience and desire to use the big box of crayons.

In the astral plane there are also higher levels / bands of frequency that are places for refreshing and rejuvenating. There are many healing temples in the astral plane available for us to heal, expand, assimilate greater consciousness and more clarity. The recasting temple is one, others are for healing of our: physical, subtle, karma, ancestor lineage, inner child, archtypes, light bodies, dreaming body grids, grounding cords, sexual/kundalini energy flow, severed connection with source, physical grid work, genetic grid work, ect.

There are other temples that examine authenticity and rectify the: records, directives, councils, guides, information that is missing or erroneous, karma payment and debts, past life and present life paths directives and purpose, Akashic records, VACPOC'S, Soul family tree, ancestral lineages, imprints, energy signatures, revealing where there are schisms, etc. Then there are temples for expanding learning such as: ascension, true law, true function, true honor, timing and rhythm, true symphony for music of the soul, true orchestration to dance with harmony, language of light, and there are many different night schools to study various masters and fields of knowledge that are bringing in new products or technologies, there are many Temples to make connection, communicate or download knowledge with Star lineage, Angels, Soul family, Nature Spirits, fairy realms, Hall of records, Hall of Deeds, you get the drift.

There are so many more temples than what I have listed. I call these places night school and we all attend at some point on the path and sometimes we are sent back for refresher courses, continuing ed classes or maybe to upgrade possibility potentials. So we really aren't sent here without a help line we just forget sometimes it is available to call or we have been dialing the wrong number. So before you go to sleep tonight maybe make a call to one of your guardians from source to come by and pick you up and lead you to the temple of your choice (that way you don't get lost or waylaid)to heal, replenish, reconnect, and / or enroll in the Academy of Ascension so that you can take on your role as a co-creator / Steward in the Garden of Gaia!

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