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Energy frequencies, Energy vibrations
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"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts.

With our thoughts, we make the world."


"Reality can be beaten with enough imagination."


"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance."

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All creation originates from the same basic substance, which is created from the emanating vibrations of the ethers. The dimensional states beyond the seventh are the ethers, which vibrate faster than the speed of light. Thus, all life creates from the vibrational patterns and frequencies originated from the ether's. The ethers emit the energy that create matter that exists in this dimension of time and space. On this third-dimensional Earth plane the energy of the ether's shape into form, manifesting as color, sound, density, and thought. This emanation of energy is what connects all beings with all existence. This interweaving of energy creates the state of Oneness. Spirit is this state of oneness.

On this Earth plane the nature of creation is constrained by the laws of time and space. These principles of physics govern the nature of how physical matter becomes manifested. Matter is shaped, formed and bound together into density though the exertion and motion of two forces of energy, which are--positive and negative. These forces cannot be judged as good or evil. Because Spirit in its true unified form contains both energies, which makes it the neutral state of oneness.

Through the constraints of the physical reality, the vibration frequencies have become separated from the neutral state, creating the state of duality or polarity. Furthermore, since there are only two polarities of energy, accordingly there are only two emotions — Love and Fear. That which is not Love is Fear. Spirit in a totally unified state contains both positive and negative energy. These energies reflect one another within the wholeness of Source, which is the state of oneness. Separation comes about through resistance, which results in the division of energy into polarities. This culminates in the experience of duality.

The act of judging, disregarding, and invalidating an emotion, thought, or experience creates resistance and separation into the polarities. This fixation to judge tends to split the whole into a state of polarity. According to the law of attraction whatever we fixate on we manifest. Therefore whatever we invalidate has to be manifested for us to learn the lesson of the experience, as well as the value of its existence. As a result, whatever we fear, we attract to be manifested, because emotions are only currents of energy with different frequencies containing different experiences and lessons.

Light is pure Spirit. Through the refraction of light various vibrational frequencies are created. Vibrational frequency shapes the etheric, which is the vibrational emanations of all life and matter on earth. This emanating energy is produced from the connection of all beings with all existence. This weaving of energy forms a web that interconnects the state of Oneness..

Each being within this connection has its own etheric body. Each etheric body generates wave patterns, which are influenced by thought, movement, magnetism, and electricity. Wave forms come into resonance by attracting and bonding to similar substances that are harmonious to their frequency, while repulsing that which is not of the same frequency. For example, when you are in a calm and loving state, you will attract those high-frequency types of experiences, and people compatible to this frequency will come into your life. Accordingly, when you are in a negative, manipulative, fear-based state, your life will experience a downward spiraling effect into density. This often produces the "why me" or "what did I do to deserve this" attitude, which sustains not being aware or responsible for using the power of your mind for its highest good

The constant dwelling on fear engages the law of attraction, magnetizes those experiences to surround you. This energy forms a dense magnetic cloud attracting equivalent vibrations such as --- worry, fear, anger, guilt, depression and the list goes on and on. Thought forms, attitudes and behavioral patterns created by the mass consciousness influences an individual to feel they are unable to direct, affect, and change their life. This eventually becomes detrimental to self-image.

In addition, the law of cohesion greatly influences this state by creating a dense level of vibration teeming with negative thought forms. These are the energies produced by fear motivated consciousness --- A state easily achieved because density is more prevalent than light on the planet at this time. All this is changing through the wide-scale awakening happening on the Planet Now. Correspondingly, the Ethers are instrumental in channeling more light into a person bonded to the positive because they contain less resistance and are more open to receiving Love.

It is easier for a positive person to achieve the state of wholeness because there is less resistance. However, as a result of increased light, those holding a negative state will feel uncomfortable and be unable to remain long in your vibrational space. Another factor to be aware of is that those maintaining a negative reality will have a tendency to begin provoking conflicts with you, as their unconsciousness is being stimulated by the laws of repulsion and attraction.

All thoughts are a form of energy stimulating the vibrational patterns, thus creating manifestation. Since it is easier to fear than to love we continually cycle through fear patterns. The fear patterns stimulate a reaction of aversion so we naturally judge it as unwanted. To restore Spirit into wholeness, all fear energy must be embraced into love without judgment. Once the energy is embraced there is no resistance or separation thus returning to the state of wholeness. Therefore, allowing the energy to pass through an individual’s energy field, which allows for spirit to sustain and not be distorted from its true form. The Soul loves without judgment; it is only the personality that makes judgments. Therefore, embracing all experiences with Love teaches "Divine Allowance" for all things, which increases the capacity to feel compassion for the choices and lessons of others and self. This leads to a state of non-judgment.

Having preferences or inclinations towards a particular feeling or choice of experience does not invalidate its worthiness, but allows for making choices harmonious to energy. Balancing the polarities occurs by ultimately surrendering judgment into acceptance and allowance. What occurs when we stop rejecting aspects, thoughts, emotions, etc. is that those particular experiences will no longer need to manifest. Therefore raising one's consciousness is to consciously make choices as opposed to simply reacting. It is also necessary to be aware of the motivation for making those choices and taking responsibility for the actions they produce.

The polluting effect of negative thoughts is an encumbering burden carried in a person's life and energy field. This is a significant factor in creating and maintaining etheric density. This density is not usually perceived on a conscious level and often feels quite natural. Therefore, when an individual experiences a taste of spiritual purpose, dense energy starts to feel very suffocating. Negative thought patterns molded by fear, which is all that is not Love, become a major factor for causing ill health in the body, mind, and emotions and weakens the spirit. When the Spirit is impoverished this opens an opportunity for disease to manifest, which always begins on the etheric level before it affects the physical.

Becoming aware of the your mind chatter becomes a very insightful tool for truthfully perceiving yourself and that which you are attracting into your life. These realizations become instrumental in beginning to attract more harmonious love based thought forms. Coming to an understanding of how beliefs and thoughts are instrumental in developing unhealthy patterns leads to the realization of how much of an influential role they play in creating disease. This also corresponds to how important it is surface, acknowledge, and embrace repressed emotions to initiate the healing process of a disease or the potential.

Thereby, it is crucial to be aware of what you are feeling and discover the true cause of fearful emotions. Consequently, by discovering the need to experience disease or how it serves you is another key to initiate the self-healing process. The body has a template or blueprint encoded with the knowledge of perfect health for the physical. Resolving the resistance that distorts this information opens the template to begin restoring the physical by healing dis/ease in the body.

Spirit is a totally unified state that contains both positive and negative energies. These energies reflect one another in the wholeness of Source. The true state of Spirit contains both polarities in order to create the whole. Separation comes by dividing the energy into polarities thus creating the experience of duality.

However, the greatest separation comes from our belief in the necessity of experiencing duality. This has become the established reality due to the existence of judgment such as: good and evil, right and wrong, male and female, etc. These identifications separate us from All That Is --- Source! Separation occurs by invalidating or judging one type of energy to be more important than the other. When this occurs, limitation and fear become empowered. There is only one emotion and that is Love; whereas all else is the absence of Love. Thus, what is not Love is separation or fear, which invents and supports the state of duality. In addition, judging, disregarding, and invalidating an emotion, thought, or experience produces the resistance that enables the state of separation to exist. This inclination splits the energy of the whole into conceiving energy as polarities, therefore establishing the paradigm for the experience of duality.

Universal law ordains that whatever we focus on manifests through the law of attraction. So, by invalidating something as not of an equal or valid worth creates the need to experience the energy as a lesson to learn its worth and purpose. The same is true about whatever it is we fear which creates a need to manifest, further entrenching us into the reality of separation. Also any potential experience we reject through non-acceptance or by judging it to be something we do not want to experience, we automatically attract the need to experience it. Every judgment, thought, or desire creates an energy pulsation that makes a future possibility of experience. Imagine seeing all these possibilities as radiated threads of energy coming off the body, inter-connecting through all time and space to All That Is. Remember that whatever we focus on becomes manifested by pulling in that thread of possibility to become our chosen reality.

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